CW Streaming App Could Change TV Streaming

CW Streaming App Could Change TV Streaming

There are a number of TV streaming sources these days, but no network has allowed users to view as much content as the upcoming CW app will with no strings attached. The app which will soon be available for Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, XBOX, Amazon Fire TV as well as Android and IOS devices (CW has long had apps for mobile devices) will usher in a new day for the young trending network and could constitute the perfect marriage between audience and provider. Here’s hoping that the add supported app proves popular going forward because right now none of the major broadcast networks offer such an option without requiring authentication or in the case of CBS (which owns the CW), a monthly fee. Though to be fair CBS All Access does include a live stream in many markets.

CW will be the first tv network app aimed directly at cord-nevers
CW has a younger audience on average than that of the other broadcast networks which is reflected in its teen-centered programming. While people of many age groups can appreciate post-apocalyptic stories like “The 100” or may enjoy zombie based melodramas there is no doubt that a younger demographic is the target. Study after study has shown that the biggest group of people without cable are the millennials who may well have bristled at the idea of having their favorite titles hidden behind the pay-TV wall.

Is it a big loss for Hulu?
Hulu had been the OTT next day home of CW’s programming up until now and it will be interesting to see if the loss of shows like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow will affect it going forward. I can say for sure on a personal level that Hulu was my primary way to catch up on the comic book based shows last season. Hulu is still a source for the majority of current Fox, NBC and ABC titles. The threat to the app is more down the line as viewers who would have otherwise continued to use the platform may drift away and leave the service behind or become accustomed to getting their content on set-top boxes without paying for it.

CW App Could Prevent Piracy
We would be quite surprised if piracy was not a concern of the folks at CW. Considering the popularity of Internet piracy with the tech-savvy millennial generation limiting options to view its content could have led to surge in illegal activity surrounding its programming. By making the content easy to acquire via convenient, legal and ethical means the network will likely head off a number of problems going forward. Netflix who signed a new deal for post season streaming rights with the CW has actually used statistics on heavily pirated shows to help it choose series to add to its library counting on the idea that the content would drive subscribers where it to be given a  home where it could be found simply and safely.

So for all who hope for a day where one can view more TV programming subscription free you should all be pulling for the CW app to succeed.  The CW Streaming App Could Change TV Streaming in great ways for cord cutters and help continue to tear away at the pay TV model.



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