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What will viewers get for their $35 on DirecTV now?  One analyst isn’t sure that viewers will get as much as some reports indicate.  In a story. On Fierce Online News Barclays analyst Amir Rozwadowski  says that he doesn’t think that the low price point will include all of the major players DirecTV has been in talks with.

A number of publications have been reporting a 100 channel offering for $35 without any details as to what would be included leaving people to speculate as to the content they will receive. To be fair DirecTV has not released this information, only announcing that the service will be available in November. The thinking behind the annalysis is tha  DirecTV Now is that DirecTV will not want to hurt its core business via a cheaper OTT offering. When it launches we will take a look at the service which will be on Apple TV and Fire TV  and let you know what you can find.

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 In what can only be described as a Halloween gift Roku has rolled out and  FilmOn channel for Roku in the streaming channels store. The channel FOTV mirrors what was found on the private FilmOn channe. The private channel stopped working very recently, apparently this was because the channel was being added to the official streaming channel store.

 The new channel  is ad supported and  gives users access to both live in on-demand content .  Each category in the live TV section (43 total) is broken up into an easy to navigate grid system this often includes both the title of each channel and a description of the content available on each of them. There are 16 on-demand channels which include categories like shorts, documentary, music and comedy.  Each section is laid out like many traditional Roku channels featuring cover art on a carousel styled selector.

“The FOTV Channel brings a rich library of on-demand and live content to Roku users,” said Alki David, Founder and CEO of FOTV Media Networks Inc. “By partnering with Roku, we’re able to extend the potential reach of our ad supported programming, which includes hundreds of channels across sports, news, movies, and music, as well as our patented hologram content to millions of Roku devices.”

 The channel also includes the ability of film on subscribers to sign in and access more content. This can be found by pressing the start button on the Roku remote which will also bring up a search menu.

The FOTV channel will be available on Roku streaming players, the Roku Streaming Stick and Roku TV models. The FOTV application is also available on iOS and Android devices, and is preloaded on every PC made by Lenovo. Pay-TV subscribers can access additional live Pay TV channels from this app when they are logged into the channel on Roku.

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NVIDIA continues to lead the charge for Android TV consoles adding new apps games and updating some of its features for media playback in Plex and Kodi. The updates allow the NVIDIA Shield to continue to grow options for its current and future users. The ABC app, which comes along with Disney related content as well adds a needed block of TV everywhere programming that has been missing since the launch of the product. Plex fans will no doubt be excited with Atmos audio pass-through support in Plex. If that doesn’t excite you as a user just know that Apps Atmos for Plex is a feature that has been sought after audiophiles for some time. Also in the audio category DTS X is touted to allow users to  “Experience immersive, lifelike audio with DTS:X pass-through in Plex, Kodi v17, and MX Player” 

The update also brings with it a new streaming service option. PlayStation Vue. This is a significant add for the Shield TV because many consider the Shield TV a gaming console. It appears that Sony does not see The Shield as a threat to its business otherwise it would be more likely to avoid including it. In fact the longer the NVIDIA Shield has been on the market the more it appears that the company is looking to market it as a media player that supports gaming as opposed to a gaming console that supports streaming apps. The update will also give users the latest Android security updates and adds support for Vulkan Conformance Test Suite.

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Apple TV Generation 4

For all the glitz and glamor and of course over the top brags that always accompany Apple announcements the TV app, which is still months away from actually launching will arrive not as an innovation but as a reminder of a loss on Apple’s part. Apple fans and industry watchers have not been waiting for Apple to introduce an app that suggested viewing options from iTunes and third-party sources for the last 3 years. They have been looking for an Apple product that would deliver live TV and local networks. The proposed service was the nonstory that wouldn’t die last year and replaced the actual Apple-branded television set as the top thing that Apple fans wanted and were not going to get. If Apple eventually finds a way to make the deals needed to deliver a fully integrated and one of a kind live TV solution it would be an important innovation.

The TV app is not going to change the way people watch TV. It might though help to mainstream TV everywhere apps. TV everywhere apps have failed to truly capture the attention of many because to most consumers they fall in a gap between “I already have this channel” and “I can’t use this app because I don’t have cable” The problem is the advantage of TV everywhere apps is that they allow viewers to save money on extra receivers from their provider. And by avoiding using extra receivers in a household that will cost the providers money. What provider is going to say “Hey do you love FX, ESPN and The History channel? would you like to watch programming from these networks on TV without paying 10 or more dollars extra a month for an HD box? Then go get and Apple TV or a Roku!” What Apple has done between the universal login and the development of the new app is give those who want to stream on demand titles a much simpler way to access the content they already have access to without popping in and out of apps.

Will iTunes dominate?
Along with all of the various app partners which include Hulu, HBO and TV everywhere apps is iTunes. Apple would never leave its own product out of the picture. But what we wonder is will there be an obvious bias towards the iTunes content over everything else. Amazon certainly makes it easy to find ways to get content from Amazon in its searches even with the new integration of search partners. Apple is unlikely to develop a new interface app that costs it money.

Should you spend time and money with this company?

In the era of streaming, there are a number of services offering viewers numerous legitimate options for their TV viewing. There are also numerous scams afoot trying to separate bargain hunters  from their money. Today we are taking a look at the new service marketing itself as CellonTV and asking is this a real service or a scam? CellonTV advertises as a service as well as a portable device that offers DVR, Premium channels and cloud technology. Is CellonTV A Scam? We are going to take a look at a few factors that you need to pay attention to. 

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Sling TV is on its way up and Sony PS Vue is still outside of the top 10 OTT services. Parks Associates released its 2016 top 10 service providers list showing a stable top 5 with indications that all 5 of the top services grew in 2016 along with some interesting indications for the NFL. The league which has been under scrutiny this season as its ratings have dipped from record highs once had the 8th most popular streaming service but now finds itself outside the top 10. Also dropping out was Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV.

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Do Not Call Direct TV Now A Cord-Cutting Service. Direct TV Now will be a streaming option for receiving Direct TV. It will not be a skinny bundle or cord-cutting service. Really nothing is a cord-cutting service. There are just services that people sign up for in place of their cable or satellite services. Call that cutting the cord if you like, but it is just replacing one set of pipes for another. It’s like saying “I am quitting on electricity” because you replace electric heating with natural gas. Some of those services are considerably cheaper than a traditional cable service, especially at the intro rates. But let’s get something clear. What is happening is that the delivery system for television is shifting from one thing to another. Or in the case of satellite services and cable services it is changing from two things to another.

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If you have been trying and failing to mirror your Windows laptop on a Fire TV box or stick and failed its not your fault. The Amazon Fire Stick Does Not Support Windows Mirroring. Amazon’s Fire TV products in general no longer support Windows mirroring using Miracast. Fire TV devices previously did support the functionality and, in fact, we have videos demonstrating this. Unfortunately when Windows updated from Windows 8 to Windows 10 problems began to occur. It became an issue on forums and discussion groups not only concerning Amazon products but the majority of  Miracast enabled devices. Essentially Microsoft broke the functionality. Amazon has apparently decided not to tape it back together. 

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Don't blow off the potential of Trump's possible plan B

Today Trump TV rolled out on Facebook, tomorrow it will be part of the Internet of things. The title of this story not just playing on Donald Trump’s normal hyperbolic language. If this idea is rolled out correctly it could be an almost overnight success. What is the number 1 Cable news channel? Fox News hands down. And it grew into a big success during the Clinton administration of the 1990’s.

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We had a chance take a look at the brand-new fire TV from Amazon. The new device performs faster than the original model  due to its new quad core processor and comes with a voice remote standard. See what you get in the box  as well as a video overview in our latest review.