Comcast Fined For Stealing From Customers

Comcast Fined For Stealing From Customers

There is a reason people hate cable companies

Can you drop cable? Be sure you know for certain before you do.
Ryan Michael Downey The Streaming Advisor
Ryan Michael Downey
The Streaming Advisor

If you are wondering why people have begun to look into streaming services as a replacement for cable TV the latest bad press about Comcast is a great example of what is driving people to alternatives. The FCC this week handed out a 2.3 million dollar fine to the cable giant for charging customers for premium channels and equipment they did not order or ask for. 

Comcast Fined For Stealing From Customers
Looking at a cable bill should not yield any surprises outside of being stunned that the service’s cost continues to rise each year despite poor customer service and all of the other issues associated with it. My family was overcharged for our Internet by Time Warner two years ago. We were told that we would receive a credit on the next bill to make up for this “mistake” only to be billed the full amount the next go around. This actually happened 3 months in a row despite repeated calls, speaking to supervisors in a number of cordial conversations. In the end we, and when I say we I mean my wife, had to get nasty with them before we finally got a check for the trouble and an extra month of service for the drawn out problem. It took bringing up the Better Business  Bureau and other legal action to get the company to do what they should have done in the first place. I imagine this has happened to a number of other people. If a company overcharges 2 million people by $45.00 and the vast majority give up fighting it just think of how much money that makes. This is especially effective when the charge is for just a few dollars.

Complain and follow up
In the end, we did submit our complaint to the Better Busines Bureau. The “mistake” was too consistent and the excuses and empty promises to fix the issue were far too numerous to by a miscommunication considering that I had to verify my account each time, describe the problem in detail each time (because for some reason there were no notes on my situation even when I submitted an incident number). People ask me why myself or my wife will go to such lengths with companies over slights especially when they are seen as small change. The answer is this. Because what these companies do is wrong and they know it. If I wouldn’t spend money on a magazine subscription that I don’t want or donate to a cause I don’t agree with when approached outside of a shopping center why would I make a 5 dollar donation to a cable company or cell phone company? I don’t do these things and neither should anybody else. I have no problem with a service company making a billion dollars. But they better do it honestly. That’s all I ask.

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