XFINITY Channel Coming to Roku

XFINITY Channel Coming to Roku

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During a meeting with Roku representatives, The Streaming Advisor was informed that Roku’s products will be home to a new XFINITY channel. The channel should be a popular channel for Comcast customers who will finally get the benefit that Time Warner customers have had for years.

Channels like XFINITY and Time Warner along with multiple TV everywhere channels allow Roku’s many users who utilize pay TV services to access the content they are paying for from multiple places without the need for an actual cable box.  This can lead to some serious cost savings for customers who can be charged as much as 7-10 dollars for an extra TV box with HD etc.

We don’t have full details on what features the XFINITY channel for Roku will have, but can be sure that it will definitely expand the usage of the products in general.


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