Why Would Amazon Ban Kodi?

Why Would Amazon Ban Kodi?

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The Streaming Advisor rarely spends much time on rumors but because of the big interest in Kodi on the Fire TV we decided to look into what has been said by Amazon and those who believe that third party programs will become impossible to load on the device.

Kodi Seems To Be a Reason For Fire TV Popularity
The media center is not an included feature on the Fire TV or the Fire TV stick. But the ability to add the program via a number of methods has made Amazon’s streaming products very popular for those looking to use Kodi. Unfortunately, there is no verifiable evidence as to how many people own Fire TV boxes and Fire TV sticks in order to use Kodi. Neither Kodi nor Amazon keeps track of this kind of information. The only thing we know is that there are definitely people who use the device in that manner. Why? Because they are sold via numerous online outlets. Amazon has no official stance on whether Kodi has anything to do with the popularity of the Fire TV family of products.

Amazon Vs Kodi
Amazon has sought to address issues concerning Kodi in the past. The company famously pulled Kodi out of the Amazon App Store. The XBMC foundation blamed the use of third-party add-ons for the negative attention on the product, which according to the team behind it was not originally intended to allow users to access copyrighted content. Pulling the app out of the store though did not prevent users from utilizing numerous methods to install the program.

Kodi Intended for use as a media center (Kodi Vs Third-party developers)
The XBMC foundation, the group of developers behind Kodi, has long said that the product is intended to be used as a way for users to access their digital media archives via network-connected computers and dedicated NAS devices. The program itself though is open source which means that developers can build applications for Kodi that can very much change the look and features of the program.

Why Would Amazon Want to Keep Kodi Off Their Devices
Amazon has numerous media partners who’s content can be compromised using third party applications on Kodi. It is possible that Amazon’s partners may want to avoid a product that is known as a pirating device. If people are purchasing the Fire TV and using it to access HBO content or Netflix content without paying for it then it is going to look poorly on Amazon for allowing it. Roku, one of Amazon’s biggest Amazon competitors, for instance, does not support Kodi, though there are a number of private channels that do similar things on the platform.

At this point, Amazon has said that it is not specifically targeting Kodi or attempting to block the program.


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