New Amazon Channel For Roku Is Amazing

New Amazon Channel For Roku Is Amazing

Amazon is one of Roku’s oldest video partners. In, fact Roku was one of the first if not the first to offer Amazon Video as a service on televisions. The Channel has had a few facelifts over time but its

The New Amazon Video App for Roku looks like the fire TV interface.
The New Amazon Video App for Roku looks like the fire TV interface.

latest new refresh is a total departure from the look that had been in place before. The new app has basically lifted the look and feel of the Amazon Fire TV and put it into a self-contained app on the Roku. Its setup is nearly identical in that it uses a vertical menu based on the left side of the screen and presents a full screen of choices from its entire library on the right side of the screen.

The home screen displays movies and TV shows that are available via Amazon Prime as well as on-demand transactional titles. There are also a number of categories based on watching habits, (movies Like…..) (TV Shows Like….) as well as genre-based categories. There are a number of otheramazon-video-new-app-filters submenus within each movie and TV show categorys.

A great feature of the new app is a simple filter system that allows users to list the movies or TV shows that are available with Prime absent on demand titles. This helps users decide whether they want to rent a movie or utilize their Prime accounts for free streaming. The refresh is one of the most impressive new apps for the Roku platform I have ever seen.

What it does not include
Unlike the actual Fire TV the Amazon App does not include access to Amazon Music, Free Time, games or the Cloud drive. The app also does not allow for voice search or integrate Alexa. This is still a Roku after all, even if it looks like a Fire TV. With the heft Amazon has put behind a video app on a competitor’s device we can only wonder what new bells and whistles will be available when the company refreshes its signature Fire TV set-top box. See our video overview bellow.


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