The Amazon Fire Stick Does Not Support Windows Mirroring

The Amazon Fire Stick Does Not Support Windows Mirroring

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If you have been trying and failing to mirror your Windows laptop on a Fire TV box or stick and failed its not your fault. The Amazon Fire Stick Does Not Support Windows Mirroring. Amazon’s Fire TV products in general no longer support Windows mirroring using Miracast. Fire TV devices previously did support the functionality and, in fact, we have videos demonstrating this. Unfortunately when Windows updated from Windows 8 to Windows 10 problems began to occur. It became an issue on forums and discussion groups not only concerning Amazon products but the majority of  Miracast enabled devices. Essentially Microsoft broke the functionality. Amazon has apparently decided not to tape it back together. 

Essentially Microsoft broke the functionality somehow. Maybe supporting Miracast was so far down the list of priorities that it never made it on the list. The fixes for the issue were too complicated and risky for us to feel comfortable sharing with our readers because we didn’t want people to crash their computers following our instructions. For a list of supported devices see here.

While an Amazon rep was unable to give me a clear reason as to why the company no longer supports Windows mirroring other than that “the current Fire TV software does not do so” she was not able to share with me the decision-making process that led up to this. My guess is that if Microsoft was going to make it difficult for their customers to use the technology in that way, that Amazon had very little reason to spend time trying to help customers fix a situation that they did not cause especially since Windows mirroring is not one of the major selling points of Amazon’s products.  So stop trying to mirror on the Fire TV for now. Unless Amazon or Windows decides to devote some time to the issue I would recommend using another method to mirror your computer screen. Probably the easiest and cheapest way to do so would be the Chromecast. As for Miracast a Roku also supports the functionality (at this time).


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