Top 10 Streaming Services Ranked

Top 10 Streaming Services Ranked

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Sling TV is on its way up and Sony PS Vue is still outside of the top 10 OTT services. Parks Associates released its 2016 top 10 service providers list showing a stable top 5 with indications that all 5 of the top services grew in 2016 along with some interesting indications for the NFL. The league which has been under scrutiny this season as its ratings have dipped from record highs once had the 8th most popular streaming service but now finds itself outside the top 10. Also dropping out was Glenn Beck’s The Blaze TV.

2016 Top 10 OTT Services

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Video (Amazon Prime)
  3. Hulu
  4. MLB.TV
  5. WWE Network
  6. Sling TV (2015 rank 10)
  7. HBO Now (2015 rank 6)
  8. Crunchyroll (2015 Rank 7)
  9. Showtime (Not in top 10 in 2015)
  10. CBS All Access (Not in top 10 in 2015)* No longer in the top 10
    The Blaze (Formally No 9)
    NFL Game Pass (Formally No 8)

The top five provides some interesting insights. First of all, for all of the complaining people do about Netflix and its movie selection apparently, it has not affected its standing. According to the study, Netflix benefited from adoption by Hispanic households.  Not surprisingly next two slots are occupied by everything company Amazon and Hulu, the most widely known service for current TV content available. MLB.TV which provides users with a treasure trove of games from outside of market teams remains in the top 5 despite the perception fan interest in the MLB is a declining with young people. The most notable of the top 5 though might be the WWE Network. The network which centered totally around pro wrestling has seen regular growth and proven to be a success despite the challenges of its very particular content. The company has proven so far that delivering content that a rabid fan base cares passionately about can in fact, pay off.

The growth of Sling TV should please the folks behind the first major live OTT service. We have noted in the past that Sling TV has become the Xerox of live TV streaming, as reporters routinely refer to other rumored streaming services as “Sling TV Like Service” or a Sling TV Competitor”  The service has continued to add content partners, add-on packages and even out performance issues that pulled down customer rankings early on.  The biggest surprise on the list is not the two new entries CBS All Access and Showtime (congrats) as much as it is the drop of HBO Now. Long considered the jewel of premium services and home of series followed with almost religious-like fervor, it did not hold its position. It would be interesting to know if HBO Now’s numbers could be affected by the ability to add HBO to Sling TV for the same price as HBO Now.

According to the study, the majority of customers who are accessing these services are doing so with Internet connected TV’s as opposed to computers, phones and tablets.

To see the Parks Associates breakdown click here.


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