Is CellonTV A Scam?

Is CellonTV A Scam?

Should you spend time and money with this company?

In the era of streaming, there are a number of services offering viewers numerous legitimate options for their TV viewing. There are also numerous scams afoot trying to separate bargain hunters  from their money. Today we are taking a look at the new service marketing itself as CellonTV and asking is this a real service or a scam? CellonTV advertises as a service as well as a portable device that offers DVR, Premium channels and cloud technology. Is CellonTV A Scam? We are going to take a look at a few factors that you need to pay attention to. 

My very strange conversation with Cellon TV (no customer support)
Upon running across CellonTV I spoke with a representative from the company and had a somewhat odd conversation. Throughout the conversation the representative was very vague about how the service worked. And as I asked more questions and mentioned that I would like to do a story on the

A quick look at the online manual for Cellon TV’.

service for our website and she asked “what are my intentions were with the information I was seeking”. I explained that I am a reporter looking to find out what the service is offering. I will share something with you. Nobody ever asks things like that. When I call someone in the streaming space they are usually more than happy to chat about what they are doing. They are usually proud ofheir product and the only question is who is the right person to connect to. As a follow-up, I asked if there was anybody else to speak with and she told me that there is a technical department, which believe it or not according to the representative is just one person. This TV service has a one man show for tech support and at the moment he was not available. When asked when he would be available I was told the Tech Support person was not in town, that he lived in Florida but they could not reach him. When I asked how the company could possibly offer a paid service that costs as much as 30 dollars and not actually offer customer assistance she said that the company does off assistance…from tech support. I asked again then to be connected to said assistance. I was told again that the “tech support” was in Florida and unavailable. I called again a day later and asked directly for technical support. That time I was told that there is no technical support.

Is it a TV service or a sales Scheme?
The company has a box for sale that users can buy for a supposed “Free” year of service. It is a pretty standard Android Box with an ARM quad-core processor and running Android 5.1. That in itself is a bit behind the times. The box costs 109 or 99 depending on which one you decide to order, yet that covers a year of (basic) service for free! According to the company’s website basic service costs $1.99 per month so for $109.00 you can get a value of (did you do the math already) $24.00.

Interested parties are encouraged sell CellonTV boxes and services.
Interested parties are encouraged to sell CellonTV boxes and services.

But not only can users enjoy this TV service they also have the ability to sell the set-top devices too and make up to 20,000 a month! Just watch the video. Selling devices is not the usual for TV services. Can you think of the last time your local cable company asked you to buy 100 boxes and sell them for hundreds? I bet you can’t. Wouldn’t you love to try and get your money back after the sale? Individuals selling the product to others is a major part of their business model, which indicates that this is something very different from a provider.

There are outright lies in its pitch to customers
One of the biggest whoppers I found in Cellontv’s marketing was via its official YouTube. In the promotional video you will notice that it says for $25.00 you cannot get Disney or ESPN on Sling TV.

The Disney channel and ESPN are definitely offered on Sling TV contrary to what CellonTV says in its advertisements.
The Disney channel and ESPN are definitely offered on Sling TV contrary to what CellonTV says in its advertisements.

You can in fact, get Disney and  ESPN’s 1 and 2 for $20.00. Heck for $25.00 you can have all of the ESPN’s in addition to the basic channel lineup. So I think that should be a red flag. See video here. If a company outright lies in its advertising I have to question the validity of the product. It’s one thing to see commercials where a restaurant says “our food is delicious” but it is another to say, that Sling does not offer Disney and ESPN for less than $25.00 when that has been part of its core package since the product launched. It would be like Wendys saying McDonalds does not sell fries.

What’s that name again?
One of the oddest things about the company is that the people who represent it are not quite sure what to call it. Commercials on their official YouTube Channel pronounce the name of the service in two distinct ways. One video pronounces it as (Sall-On) or like a place to get nails done another pronounces it at (Sell-On). That might be too nit-picky considering how many questions I used to get about “Ruko” or “XNBC”

So about that website
One of most interesting things I noticed about the company was its website. Most notably was the

Not exactly great reviews from current customers.
Not exactly great reviews from current customers.

customer chat room/live support. Multiple customers asked why the DVR was not yet functioning? The rep said it should be soon. Others complained that the live premium channels were locked up. my favorite one asks why are some channels on Pacific Time and others are on Eastern? Just the kind of thing one would expect from a reputable company, right? Lord knows the ole public Netflix chat room has gotten me through many a problem.  Take a look at the conversations from the above screen shot.

So is it legit?
Not every service that seems shaky is a scam. And it could be that CellonTV is simply going about their business in a clumsy way. It certainly would not be the first service to stumble a bit out of the gate. But the not ready for prime time feel of the website, terrible customer support and overall feel just does not seem like something I could recommend to any of my readers. A service should in the minimum provide the service paid for and competent customer service when there is a problem. Because of a lack of both at this point, I recommend you avoid this service. When a company is taking money for a product but invests this little into the service one has to seriously question its intentions.



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