CellonTV Closes Down

CellonTV Closes Down

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CellonTV closes down, the company advertising itself as a cord-cutting solution is seemingly out of business. Upon visiting the cellonTV website visitors now get a note explaining that the service is looking to for ways to give users better channel lineups. The service was apparently shut down as of

Visitors to CellonTV's site are greeted with this message.
Visitors to CellonTV’s site are greeted with this message.

11/16/2016. That was shortly after the company pulled a bait and switch with its customers demanding that they purchase Android boxes in order to receive the IPTV signals that the company offered. We at The Streaming Advisor were never sold on CellonTV and through research, Interactions with representatives from the service and hearing from a former customer decided in the interests of our readers to warn those looking into the service to be very wary. We are careful not to call services a scam without full proof of fraud.

The announcement does not actually say “We are out of business”, but I imagine the statement is akin to a local business putting up a sign that says closed for remodeling instead of leaving a note that says “sorry go get Wifi from someone else”. So technically while CellonTV says it “will be issuing prorated refunds” we will try and see if this is the case. It appears for all intents and purposes that it is down for the count. Especially considering that the company didn’t even provide a telephone number for customers to call.

People should have expected this
The red flags were many from the start. Lack of on the phone customer support, Group chat support, a pyramid scheme type sales option for possible dealers, access to channels without any record of deals signed in the media, Channels that regularly dropped support and then the requirement to purchase an Android box when the service originally did not require such a device. It all looked like bad news. I sincerely hope too many people were not taken in by that group.

Other TV Options abound
Like it or not, those looking for options to traditional cable have a number of options from established media companies like Dish’s Direct TV, Sony’s PlayStation Vue, HBO Now, Showtime and others who provide premium services without contracts using the current streaming ecosystem.  All of these services offer different price plans and types of access but can provide users with numerous options. While none of the current options promise gold level service for bronze level prices they do typically deliver what they advertise which is a major difference between them and CellonTV.

I am not a shill for major media companies but it is safe to say that if you are looking for a TV service it is probably a much safer bet to work with a company that has some experience in the field and even more important a company that has a public track record of signing deals with providers. If you can’t find any information online about HBO signing with a provider then it probably does not have the right to offer it. If a service offers Network channels but not your local channels there may be something amiss. If a company cannot connect you to an actual customer service representative or technical support when you call watch out. This goes for any company that might pop up in the furure.


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