Should I Buy The Fire TV Or Fire Stick This Christmas

Should I Buy The Fire TV Or Fire Stick This Christmas

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Well, Christmas is so close you can smell it or maybe that’s just the cider. I’m sure that a lot of people will have something to watch their favorite TV shows and movies under the tree or in the stocking and there is an important question to ask. Should I Buy The Fire TV Or Fire Stick This Christmas?

Why people like the Fire TV Stick

The Fire tV Stick originally did not offer a voice enabled remote.
The Fire tV Stick originally did not offer a voice-enabled remote.

The Fire TV is inexpensive. At the moment the current generation Fire TV Stick costs $39.99. For that price, users get the item and a voice-enabled remote control. The device gives users the ability to access thousands of apps as well as get quick info via Alexa like the weather, sports scores and even integrate Amazon Echo skills. One of the big draws of the device and one that is not even whispered by Amazon is its ability to run Kodi. Because of its low price and quad-core processor the Fire TV Stick is a favorite for those who want streaming apps and Kodi. But it is a better device than the set-top box? Maybe the biggest perk of the stick is that it can be plugged diectly into the TV without the need to use an HDMI cord. This is because the connector for the device is at the end of the stick itself. This give users one less wire to deal with and also means that the device can be used without being seen or taking up any room on a table or wherever the TV is set up.

What About The Fire TV Box
The box is a more expensive option at $89.00. Like the Fire TV stick, of course, the Fire TV box

Amazon's Fire TV offers 4K video and local ap support for only $40.00 more than the stick.
Amazon’s Fire TV offers 4K video and local ap support for only $40.00 more than the stick.

allows users to access thousands of apps directly from Amazon’s app store.
4k Video
The Fire TV Set-top box can open the world of 4k content. It does not deliver what is referred to as “True 4K” but it is a total step up from mere 1080p. That was a little sarcasm. While 4k, is of course, the nicest picture one is going to be able to render on a TV (assuming you have 4k capable TV) it is not as though 1080p is a low picture quality. At the moment the amount of 4K content is quite small but it is growing and the box will be a bit more future proof than the stick.

Faster Internet performance
IF you do find 4K content to stream you want your data to stream through as fast as possible. Another perk that the box offers that can not be found on the stick is an Ethernet port. If you don’t know what an ethernet port it let me explain. An Ethernet port is a port where users can connect a cable from their modem/router directly to a device. Any modern computer has one because in the end, a physical connection via an Ethernet port gives users a stronger and typically faster internet connection that what can be had from most home Wifi networks. It looks almost like a slightly larger phone jack. Some people can not conveniently connect their device to an Ethernet port but for those who can the extra cash is more than worth it.

Free Time
Free Time is a service/app that is available via Fire tablets and the Fire TV set-top box but not via the Fire TV Stick. What Free Time does is all parents to set up a password protectedkid-friendly environment where they can choose the programming and games that are available to their children. The Interface is colorful and bright and they will not have access to anything you do not

Free Time should be a hit for families with younger kids.
Free Time should be a hit for families with younger kids.

want them too. Filters can be set by age etc to help populate the environment with logical choices with an understanding that a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old are going to have different interests.

USB Port
The Fire TV has a USB port. How helpful this is to some customers can not be understated. With a USB port users can easily side-load Android apps to the Fire TV. This is for more advanced users who want to expand on their apps past what Amazon offers. And because the Fire OS is built on top of Android this works out quite well. Besides loading the apps the USB port allows users to operated them too. With a USB port, users can easily plug in an airmouse, a USB Keyboard or any number of game controllers. While Amazon offers a controller meant for the Fire TV devices a number of people already have USB powered gamepads capable of handling their needs. But without the USB port they are not afforded an opportunity to use them.

At the end of the day, the Fire TV Stick is a perfectly nice option for streaming. But a number of people don’t really understand the difference between the two devices. The popularity of the Fire TV stick is undeniable but for families who want to have more options, especially the Free Time option it is important to note those differences. Don’t worry, if you want it you can still install Kodi on the Fire TV box. In fact you can do so using the USB port in just a few minutes. I have both a stick and the box and my family prefers the box.


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