Amazon Channels Major Success

Amazon Channels Major Success

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Without providing detailed statistics Amazon announced that the Amazon Channels program, which allows Amazon Prime users to subscribe to partner streaming services and be billed directly through Amazon, has proven to be a very successful for the company and its customers claiming that Amazon Prime members have signed up for millions of subscriptions to partner services like Showtime, STARZ and Acorn. The participating streaming services can be access directly through the Amazon video app multiple devices and allow users to access their entertainment in one place.  

Not surprisingly, STARZ, which has proven to have quite an audience in the premium TV space over the past five years, is one of the big winners in this space proving to be the most watch subscription available through Amazon Channels. Another, not exactly bombshell finding, is that HBO is the fastest growing channel amongst nearly 100. HBO, which jumped in with Amazon only a few weeks ago has been pushing HBO Now to pick up on the 20 million households who do not currently subscribe to cable or satellite services.  HBO has long been the gold standard for premium TV and the extra boost the service gets from being featured by Amazon is likely educating a number of people who never understood the difference between HBO Now and HBO Go, which is the network’s TV everywhere offering for customers who subscribe through a pay TV service.  

Check out the announced findings bellow to learn more.

  • Most watched subscription – Starz
  • Fastest growing subscription – HBO
  • Most streamed Movie – Inside Out (Starz)
  • Most streamed TV show – Outlander (Starz)
  • Most streamed comedy – Shameless (Showtime)
  • Most streamed kids show – Wild Kratts (PBS KIDS)
  • Most streamed exercise video – Burn to the Beat: Brazilian Booty Burn Workout (BeFit)



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