Watch Local Channels On Sling TV with Air TV

Watch Local Channels On Sling TV with Air TV

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Android TV has gotten a major push thus far in 2017 with Sling TV announcing both the Sling optimized device program featuring the Mi Box and the rollout of the Air TV device, an Android TV device that emphasizes Sling TV over all other streaming Platforms. The thing that sets Air TV apart though is that it will integrate OTA channels into Sling TVs channel lineup to allow users to acces both the live cable channels and local network content all in one place. It will finally allow users to watch local channels on Sling TV with an Antenna

But what if the antenna doesn’t work?
Air TV recommends customers use a professional installer to make sure that any outdoor antenna performs optimally and help users avoid pixelation.  More info can be found on its website here

Android TV is a full ecosystem featuring many popular apps such as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.

See a demo of Air TV


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