XUMO Announces Agreement With Hisense For 2017 Smart TVs

XUMO Announces Agreement With Hisense For 2017 Smart TVs

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New 2017 Hisense and Sharp Smart TVs to Offer Consumer More Than 60 Free OTT Streaming Channels from XUMO Via Virtual Input Integration

IRVINE, Calif., January 4, 2017 – XUMO, a quickly growing smart TV app maker is partnering with Hisense, a multinational consumer technology manufacturer and one of the largest television brands in the world. Xumo’s app will offer 60 free ad-supported channels via a designated XUMO virtual input selection on new 2016 and 2017 Hisense and Sharp smart TVs in the US. The apps allow consumers to get premium style content for free as they learn more about cord cutting or just stay informed in general.

In addition to the lineup of premium XUMO digital content, Hisense and Sharp smart TV owners will be able to enjoy the ‘last channel experience’ smart TV owners have previously appreciated with

Xumo Has a number of hardware and software partners including IOS.
Xumo Has a number of hardware and software partners including IOS.

traditional cable. XUMO users who ended their session on a channel powered by XUMO will now be able to turn on their smart TV and pick up where they left off with no interruption—no need to switch inputs or search for the channel or video they were enjoying during their last sitting. XUMO’s native integration also permits the user to search for channels by inputting specific channel numbers on the remote control or by quickly selecting +/- to surf the channels available—a preferred method of new channel discovery.

“XUMO’s native integration with Hisense and Sharp smart TVs as a virtual input is the first of its kind,” said Colin Petrie-Norris, CEO of XUMO. “This strategic partnership with one of the fastest-growing smart TV manufacturers in the world is particularly exciting to us as we continue to provide users increasingly easy access to free, quality streaming content. Delivering a truly hassle-free and digital experience where the user can lean back and enjoy any one of our digital channels is bakedhisense into our DNA and we are pleased to have partnered with a quickly expanding and innovative brand in Hisense to bring it to market at this year’s CES.”

“Consumers enjoy Hisense televisions because they maintain a seamless user experience,” said Mark Viken, VP of Marketing, Hisense Americas. “Our agreement with XUMO means that our consumers have more access to a more diverse array of content than ever before.”

XUMO has over 70 content partners with both live and on-demand options available on XUMO’s various platform across smart TVs, iOS and Android devices and Roku.


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