Mohu Air Wave Antenna First Look

Mohu Air Wave Antenna First Look

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The Mohu Airwave is the new wireless antenna from Mohu. This is an exciting product for anyone looking to use an antenna along with any of the big streaming platforms. The thing that makes the antenna stand out is that it is a full antenna that can operate and beam signals to your television from anywhere in the home that you place it. See a demo Video at the bottom of the story. In other words, it does not have to be plugged into a TV like other antennas. This means that you can put the Mohu Air Wave where ever it works best without the need for any other equipment other than a place to plug it in.

How does it do that?
The Air Wave pulls in signals the same way any antenna does. Using its amplifier and some new innovations to optimize picture quality the Air Wave pulls signals from over the air. But then it sends the signals to other devices using Wifi or an Ethernet connection. The devices which at the start will include IOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV devices will use a free Mohu app to play back the signals will have Mohu apps for the device.

How do you set your channels?
The App serves as the entire interface for the device. Within the app you will be able to find the antenna and connect it to your network, enter your zip code and scan for channels. Once that is done the app provides a responsive EPG guide (channel grid) that lists programming with MetaData info. 

Other Features
Being connected to the Internet gives Mohu another nice option. It will feature Internet-based channels as well. There is not a full listing of those available but we saw a few in action and they felt like terrestrial channels. The Air Wave also offers close captioning when available and a “My Channels” section where users can save their favorites to a personalized lineup.

See our video for a quick Demo.


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