That Time We Got Stranded In Vegas

That Time We Got Stranded In Vegas

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In North Carolina there are 2 things you learn about snow. It doesn’t do it often and when it does it creates quite a stir. And when I say a stir I actually mean everything comes to a halt. This year it snowed while we were at CES and shut down a number of flights. So what to do? This is a case for making lemons into lemonade. First off I looked into hotel prices in the area and found as I hoped that when the show is not in town it is very very easy to get a good room at a great price. I had always heard of that with Vegas but have only been during CES. I can say that it’s true. So to the Luxor we went. Josette, who pounded the pavement all week and sat in on the conference circuit “encouraged” me to get tickets to Chris Angel. I have not been to a magic show since I saw David Copperfield in Raleigh when I was a kid and I had a great time.

I also have had multiple chances to invest in time shares……….I mean vacation ownership. These guys are around every corner. Just know that if you go to Las Vegas and a hotel employee says “we would like to hel you get great tickets to a show etc, it is the beginning of a pitch. I’ve never done a sales meeting with one, but I understand that many do and actually get the tickets and such. Just make sure you don’t get swept into something impractical.

The thing about Las Vegas though is this. It’s an upside down world. Advertisers sell things you would never see marketed anywhere else. And even pancakes and whiskey are sold with the indication of adult activities in mind in not particularly coded language. But the thing is, when you go to one of these you realize that it could not be held anywhere else. No city could cram so many people into a space this small and have enough room, rooms or transportation for them in one couple of square block area. The cities people are warm and inviting straight down to the public employees. The bus drivers told us how to get around, the charter/shuttle drivers and Uber drivers aside from one NOTABLE exception, were friendly and picked up very quickly. Just a tip though, if a driver calls and tells you to cancel a ride make sure you contact Uber right away and politely ask for a refund. Some drivers will scam you into canceling a ride and hope you don’t realize that you can still be charged for it.

If not Uber, the city busses a really great way to travel the city. there are transit employees all over the strip to help direct you were to go and there are also announcements on the bus to explain where to transfer to other buses there are $20 passes that are good for 3 days that can be a real lifesaver when you can’t walk anymore and need to get 6 blocks in another direction,

This place is not for everybody, but if you learn to embrace whichever part if its lure appeals to your sense of adventure pretty much anyone can have a good time unless you hate crowds. Find the gems like The Art of Music nestled in the shopping area between the Luxor andMandalayy Bay. They have autograpghed pictures of tons of actors and musical stars but also have signed documents from Abraham Lincoln, Robert E Lee, George Patton, Davey Crocket and more. Though I must say, I would not bring the kids, I mean really people.

So while I’m going to Carolina in my mind, for now, it’s whiskey tonight.


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