Top Ten OTA Channels You Have Not Heard Of

Top Ten OTA Channels You Have Not Heard Of

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Those of you who have already made the break from cable for streaming options have come to understand that there are more entertainment options out there then you realized before you started looking. And as we pointed out after CES there are a number of companies looking to deliver some of the biggest shows and events by streaming the major networks straight from the airwaves to established platforms via apps and other means. As this grows there will be more and more great content choices but there are already a number of interesting channels springing up that you may not have heard of unless you are paying close attention. This article takes a look at some of the content streaming via apps and beaming straight from antennas that you can take advantage of with the right set up. Take a look at the Top Ten OTA Channels You Have Not Heard Of.

Laff is a comedy network that features sitcoms from the 80s and 90s. Highlights include Rosanne, Night Court and the Drew Carey Show. The network also has a number of comedy clip shows along the lines of Americas funiest videos deaturing people, pets etc. It’s not just TV shows though, Laff TV Features a number of movies movies.

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Bounce TV is a network that highlights Americans Actors and as well as running shows targeted towards the community. The channel offers a number of TV shows and movies on a weekly basis with examples like Eddie Murphy (Boomerang, Life) , Denzel Washington (He Got Game, The Manchurian Candidate) , Wesley Snipes (The Fan) and a lot more. This is not just a collection of black and white movies it is a solid collection of relevant TV shows and films that anybody would enjoy.

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CometTV is a Sci-Fi based channel that features a variety of shows from classic series like ‘The Outer Limits” to more contemporary fare like “Babylon 5”. One of my personal favorite, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is also featured on the network. The movie selection is more eclectic. It has an old Sunday matinee kind of feel. The network though delivers exactly what it is selling and is worth checking out.

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Antenna TV
Antenna TV is one of those retro networks with major shows from across the spectrum. The channel features series from decades between the 1960-1990s. The channel has a very Nick at Night feel and offers a number of shows that will appeal to baby boomers and older Gen Xers. One of the clever things Antenna TV has done is begin to air episodes of Johny Carson’s The Tonight Show. It airs at 11:00 pm in the same slot as contemporary late night talk shows. Kind of a neat option especially if you want to revisit the past.  Shows include Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Good Times, The Monkees, Mr Belvidere, Doogie Howser MD and more.

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