CW Seed becoming Home Of DC Animation

CW Seed becoming Home Of DC Animation

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Ryan Downey
The Streaming Advisor

CW Seed, the offshoot of the main CW network is beginning to carve its own niche besides being the home of a number of former WB and UPN shows. CW Seed is becoming a home for DC animated content. This started on the streaming only option with the introduction of the Vixen series based on DC’s animal powered hero.

CW Seed recently announced that an animated version of the show Constantine will be available on the app. But that is not it for the DC animated fare. There are now three DC animated movies available on CW Seed. At the time of this writing, the selection features Justice League Doom, Justice League Crisis on Two Earths and justice League The New Frontier. Seed is also the home of other DC properties including the one and only season of Birds of Prey and the single season of the Constantine live action series.

In general, the CW seed is becoming a great little place for Sci-fi and action fans in general. Their library is growing with original content and archive material. The free ad-supported app is available for a number of platforms. See more info here.



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