How To Fix Ares Wizard

How To Fix Ares Wizard

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By Ryan Downey

The Ares Wizard is a collection of Kodi builds from developers all over the world and serves almost as a store front for multiple configurations. If you downloaded the program in the past and are having trouble either accessing it or updating it is likely because as has happened in the past, the URL has changed.

This means that whichever URL you may have entered into the file manager will no longer work.

New Ares Project URL

  1. Navigate to the system Menu and select File Manager
Navigate to system




2. Under File Manager select New Source

3. Enter the new URL

4. Save it as Ares Project

5. Go bad to system and select Addons








6. Select install From Zip







7. Select Ares Project





8. Select

After you select the Zip File the Ares Wizard will update itself.  If this is a first-time installation use the following steps.

  1. press back or escape to return to the addons screen and select Install from repository.
  2. Click on Ares Project
  3. choose  Program add-ons
  4. Click on Ares Wizard
  5. Ares Will be added to your system’s programs.


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