Roku Is The Household Name In Streaming

Roku Is The Household Name In Streaming

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Ryan Downey

While it might be hard for people who pay close attention to the streaming world there are millions of Americans who could not tell a Roku from a paper weight. This is not an attack on Roku by any means, it is just the truth. Go to any general big box store and you will be able to find some small section of streaming devices but they have a much smaller presence as far as shelf space and signage than most products. But within the population of those who have embraced streaming there are new numbers that suggest Roku is the leader of the streaming world, at least when it comes to streaming from an attached device to a television. 

According to a release from the company, Roku accounted for 48 percent of active streaming players in the U.S. For the full year of 2016, including record growth resulting in nearly $400 million dollars in revenue. That means that Amazon Fire TV sticks and boxes, Apple TV, Chromecast and the Nvidia Shield split the rest. I would be curious though if the less mainstream android and Linux boxes were accounted for in this survey. Not that I would expect them to sell more than Roku, but it would be interesting to see how they all stacked up.



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