Why Is The Sky Blue? Ask The Story Bots?

Why Is The Sky Blue? Ask The Story Bots?

Netflix Show teaches and tickles

Why is the sky blue? I bet that the most commonly asked question that kids ask around the world. Well, there is a reason people ask. Because when you look up there it is, unless you live in England or Seattle under perpetual clouds. While you may know the answer off the top of your head or Google it to find an article and explain it back so that kids can understand Netflix has a better option. It’s called Ask The Story Bots.

Why Is The Sky Blue
That’s right my friends, Molepheus will blow your mind.

Ask The Story Bots which debuted on Netflix in August 2016 is a great educational show for kids that contains all of the hallmarks that make a good kids show. First and foremost it provides factual information. Its episodes cover scientific information and explain the processes that take place around us to help kids better understand the world. But being factual does not guaranty entertainment. The show is brightly animated and like Sesame Street and other strong children’s programming over the years, there is a healthy dose of humor thrown in for the parents that make watching the show with kids a lot of fun. For instance, there is an episode centered around where French Fries come from. In order to find out the crew is helped by a Molepheus based on Morpheus from the Matrix movie series who promises to show them a whole world they didn’t know existed. Later in the episode, Weird Al Yankovic shows up posing as a mild-mannered spa manager.

The company behind the show is Jibjab, the same folks who brought us year in review videos and other fun viral content over the years. The characters themselves have been on the scene since 2012 when Jibjab unleashed them through videos books and other media. The Netflix show is only 6 episodes long but there is also a companion show called StoryBots Super Songs with more fun for the kids.




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