Droid Buddy May Cause Unwanted Attention

Droid Buddy May Cause Unwanted Attention

Well, at the moment it looks like the big story in the Android Streaming world is a new APK called Droid Buddy. From the developers at http://kodicustombuilds.com/, the APK is being billed by some as “The New Kodi” or something that will replace it. What it is, is a cleverly developed Kodi build without any ability to use or add Kodi addons (aside from (Android Apps). It essentially acts as an alternative app store for Android devices. It is a standalone way to add multiple older versions of Kodi, SPMC and many other android apps, emulators and game roms. And there is where it could get into trouble. If Android box sellers embrace the APK it would be another strike against them when it comes to the negative attention surrounding distributing copyrighted content.  The program also allows users to download a number of mainstream APKS.

There has bot been an official playbook released as to what kind of things get the attention of the authorities, but I imagine numerous reviews that explain just how easy it is to download content and games for free will put a bulls eye on the APK and furthermore continue to build a case that Android boxes are sold in order to promote pirating. This is what happened with the creators of Popcorn Time, which withered under the pressure created when mainstream news sites began to report on the app that got coined ‘The Netflix of Pirating” While you may be able to find the app in some form now, its original creators dropped it under pressure from studios. Fully loaded Kodi Boxes have already become a target and the APKs ability to easily do the same things may raise unwanted attention for the developer.

In the end, the APK may thrive and turn out to be a big success, but the bigger you get the more people pay attention. And sometimes that ends badly.



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