Vudu Movies On Us A Substantial Offering

Vudu Movies On Us A Substantial Offering

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When Vudu started offering the program called Movies on Us we didn’t know what to expect. Being that Walmart owns Vudu I half expected the selection to mirror the old Walmart dollar bins of dvds. It turns out that Vudu is not pulling any punches with the offering. That while Vudu is not offering the most recent titles up for free the selection of add supported movies is very strong indeed and broken down into multiple genres. Now, are there some absolute tomatoes in the group. Yes. There is no doubt about that. But what you have to do when looking into any free movie selection in taking into account what else is available anywhere else legally for free. 

I think the best two services for free ad-supported Hollywood style movies available on most streaming devices are Crackle and Tubi TV.  We are going to ignore the numerous independent movie channels and apps for this story because we want to compare apples to apples here.  Crackle offers movies from Sony Pictures but like Vudu, not the latest ones. At the time of this writing, Crackle is offering around 145 movies across a number of genres.  There are some gems like being John Malkovich (ok its a gem to me), The science fiction film, Stand By Me, Gattaca, Lost in Translation (which was Oscar Nominated), Malcolm X and Ray, Staring Jamie Fox.  But to be fair there are a number of less substantial titles. like bruno, The Cave, High School High thrown in the mix.

Tubi TV features 35 categories of movies and documentaries. Again some selections are are bigger name franchises like Star Trek Nemesis.  A number of Marvel Animated Films, Much Adu About Nothing Serpico and The Usual Suspects. The selections also include through Over The Top Sylvester Stalone’s classic about arm wrestling, Save The Last Dance 2 and Wild Bill.

There is no perfect free service. All of the big names have high-end titles and forgotten ones. In general, Vudu has a nice interface and a decent selection considering that it is really there to get you to continue to look at the catalog of pay titles. While we highlighted a few titles from each I do think that due to the nature of the services Vudu has less top notch titles to offer than the other two on the list there is absolutely nothing to lose by checking the free movies out. Just keep in mind, you must do so on one of the devices that offer Vudu these include Roku, Chromecast, PlayStation and Xbox.


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