Top Ten Free Roku Channels For 2017

Top Ten Free Roku Channels For 2017

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10 channels that add lots of content to your day

It is not likely that everyone who uses one pay streaming service is going to subscribe to multiple ones. That gets expensive. So whether you are addicted to Netflix originals or pay to see multiple network shows as quickly as possible on Hulu you may need to add to your streaming profile This story is an update to a popular theme. See the Top Ten Free Roku Channels For 2017.


The CW channel is the digital outgrowth of the CW broadcast network. The network has taken the unprecedented step of putting all of its content on app available across a number of platforms unencumbered by a pay wall.  The selections have a decided focus on the younger generation of viewers and sci-fi fans. Lots of comic book-based programming, shows about monsters and zombies. And it’s all tied together with melodrama.  The CW app has the last 5 episodes of each of its currently airing series.

Tubi TV is a big app. Its selections include hundreds of movies and TV shows from multiple studios including Paramount, Lions Gate, The Weinstien Company.  Unlike some Tubi free services Tubi TV openly compares its self to its pay service TV peers like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. It goes as far as having an entire cross section of selections labeled “Not On Netflix”  Each category offers tons of content.




Pluto TV is not simply a channel as much as it is a collection of channels. The content comes from all corners of the Internet and official vendors. The content from their partners is culled together and then curated (put together by programming experts) and ferreted out to the categories that fit it best. Over time channels can get added to fit trends the imagination of the public. There are 97 channels but users can create their own filters by signing into the website and choosing what they want to view.  The idea is that Pluto gives users a more traditional TV experience with a programming grid and schedule.

Crackle is one of the oldest streaming services available and by all our knowledge has always been free. The service is home to Sony Pictures content and original programming, most notably Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Sports Jeopardy. The service allows users to log in and build profiles that aid in viewing suggestions.


PBS has changed a bit since it first became available as an app. What was once a totally free app has become a little more complicated to explain. There are lots of free selections but in order to get access to content that is not recent, you must be a contributor to PBS. It’s a couple of dollars per month.


Comedy Dynamics
Comedy Dynamics is a fun collection of stand-up comedy specials from over the past 3 decades. The the vast majority of the content is full-length specials with a few series thrown in.  If you want to blow off steam and have a laugh this is a great option.



Shout Factory
Shout Factory is a channel from Shout Factory a digital and physical distribution company with a diverse collection of material. It is the official distributor of the cult classic Mystery Science Theater 3000 and you can find tons of episodes of the series on this channel. The channel features cult movies such as “The Kentucky Fried Movie and the complete Al (featuring Wierd Al), a collection of martial arts films and a healthy dose of classic Godzilla.

Snag Films
Snag Films has a great collection of lesser known titles yet features a number of well-known actors. The collection is eclectic featuring familiar titles and things you might have never heard of.



This is a collection of 450 documentaries broken into 16 categories. There are award-winning and thought-provoking choices disbursed throughout this channel. Categories include military, music, sports, biographies and a lot more.



MaddyG TV
MaddyG TV is a Roku channel full of original cable style content. All the programming is either made in-house or distributed exclusively via the channel. The company had a big breakout hit this year with its series Ventrue which was not onlt available via the MaddyG channel but also Amazon Video on a number of devices. The company has a lot of plans for the future including producing a series of stand-alone 1-hour films.



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