AMC’s Double Dip Streaming Service Will Fail

AMC’s Double Dip Streaming Service Will Fail

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If the reporting on the new AMC streaming service is correct AMC is about to make a big mistake. The story on AMC is that the company is looking to launch a new streaming service, with a monthly charge, (pay attention to this) for those who access AMC through pay TV services.

If I was not clear enough the first time let me reemphasize this. AMC may offer a pay app (Only) to those who have access to AMC because of a pay TV service. AMC is not looking to launch an app along the lines of HBO Now, which allows users to access HBO’s entire catalog on-demand for $15.00 without a pay TV provider.

Nobody Like a Double Dipper

Look. No TV network is under any obligation to offer its services to those outside of the pay TV ecosystem. But to call this idea tone deaf is polite. Cable channels already typically offer “TV Everywhere” apps for those who are already part of the system. AMC has one of these apps, and to tell you the truth I think it is one of the poorest conceived TV everywhere apps on the market.

AMC should either offer the app to everybody or shelve the idea to avoid wasting resources at a time when cable subscribers are dropping and even giants like ESPN have begun to feel the pinch. There has got to be a way to make money via TV everywhere apps that make them easy to access and use. This is what AMC and the rest of the TV industry should be concentrating on.  If AMC thinks that millennials are desperately searching for a way to pay TV shows that they already have access to, or can rip right off the internet and watch anytime they want, they are incorrect.






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