Get DirecTV Now On Roku Via PlayOn

Get DirecTV Now On Roku Via PlayOn

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PlayOn, the server based app program that just seems to solve issues for streaming fans will be rolling out a new gift. Soon there will be a way to get DirecTV Now on Roku Via PlayOn. The program, which uses web-based interfaces to make easy to an easy to use gui will be introducing an app for the service that will allow users to access it on anything that can run the PlayOn server. Roku users will be major beneficiaries of this because as of yet, Roku has been left out of the mix for DirecTV Now. My guess is that DTV Now does not want the millions of Roku users to jump into the mix at the moment when the company is still working out the kinks in the system. By the time Roku users have access to the online cable type service the major incentives that AT&T

Roku users have been left out of the DTV Now fun.

has been offering new users will be all but gone.

Other PlayOn Perks
DirecTV Now via PlayOn will utilize the servers tools to add a number of options that are otherwise unavailable to DirecTV Now users at the moment. PlayOn has a DVR function that will be compatible with DirecTV Now, which will be the first time people will be able to use a DVR with the service.


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