Roku Selling Advertisers With Precision Markets

Roku Selling Advertisers With Precision Markets

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 Roku makes revenue from more than the sales of boxes. Its platform is a major advertising space for those looking to reach its users. Now marketers can measure campaigns on the platform using detailed demographic metrics. The data is comparable to linear TV with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR).

Roku Advertising To The New Generation Of Media Consumers

Roku uses banner advertising on its main menus and video ads on many free channels

The idea behind the approach is that their tools will help advertisers find those who are not watching linear TV including key younger demographics like Adults 18-34 which viewed 23% of their weekly video time via connected devices. Nielsen reports that Adults 18-24 watched 46% fewer hours of linear TV in Q3 2016 than in Q3 2010This means that if advertisers want to get the attention of the next generation of consumers they have to start advertising where they are, because they are unlikely to just come marching back to legacy models of distribution. Nielsen and Roku established a strategic partnership in 2015 to integrate Nielsen’s DAR solution directly into the company’s Ad Framework, and integrated universal ad SDK.

“Roku is pushing the industry forward to adopt verification standards for media buying,” said Britney Greenhouse, director of video and digital investment, Horizon Media. “We have been working together with Roku to pilot the audience guaranteed product. We’ve seen positive match rates with Nielsen which are a good sign.”

Ad-supported viewing is the fastest-growing segment on the Roku platform, accounting for half of the top 250 most-watched channels. Investment in OTT advertising has increased to match this shift in video viewing. In January 2017, MAGNA and Roku forged an industry-first strategic partnership to deliver targeted advertising to OTT audiences, enabling MAGNA clients to reach viewers who have shifted their TV consumption to OTT.


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