Sling TV DVR Coming to Apple TV

Sling TV DVR Coming to Apple TV

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Sling TV‘s Cloud is getting bigger but it’s not a dark scary cloud. It’s a Sling TV DVR cloud DVR. The service, which has been slowly rolling out to various devices, is now available to Roku and Android users. The Cloud DVR is optional and costs $5.00 a month for 50 hours of recordings. Users will still be able to access a number of programs from the channels on their Sling TV account via the on-demand options from individual channels for free.

Sling TV will be adding cloud DVR on Apple TV soon.

The optional choice to add the Sling TV DVR to their service is typical of the service that offers cable channels in small genre based bundles. This way if people have no need for the recording option they do not need to pay for it and even better they are not automatically charged for it and then told that they are getting some sort of favor in the process. Many cable providers include DVR in their more bloated packages whether customers use it or not.

Tip You can access the Sling TV DVR feature remotely on your phone to set recordings even if you plan to watch on another device later. Because it’s in the cloud the recordings will be available on any device that you sign into with your credentials.

Main features for the Sling DVR 

  • Watch anytime, anywhere – Record your favorites and watch whenever you want across all Amazon Fire TVs and Fire tablets, Android mobile devices, Android TVs, Roku streaming players and Roku TVs.
  • Conflict-free recording – Record multiple programs simultaneously, and forget about recording conflicts.
  • Keep recordings as long as you want – With Sling TV, your recordings won’t expire as long as you remain a Sling TV subscriber with Cloud DVR.
  • Auto-managed recordings – Sling TV will make room for new recordings by deleting your old recordings as you reach capacity, starting with your oldest ‘watched’ recording, so you can binge on your new favorite show.


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