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Kodi VS Droid Buddy is becoming a debate in the Android streaming box community. But is there even a need for such a debate. The Streaming Advisor doesn’t think so. The two programs are obviously based on the same code and the people behind it are well known for building custom Kodi apks.  Take a look at our video where we have a short comparison about what you get from both programs.

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10 channels that add lots of content to your day

It is not likely that everyone who uses one pay streaming service is going to subscribe to multiple ones. That gets expensive. So whether you are addicted to Netflix originals or pay to see multiple network shows as quickly as possible on Hulu you may need to add to your streaming profile This story is an update to a popular theme. See the Top Ten Free Roku Channels For 2017.

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When Vudu started offering the program called Movies on Us we didn’t know what to expect. Being that Walmart owns Vudu I half expected the selection to mirror the old Walmart dollar bins of dvds. It turns out that Vudu is not pulling any punches with the offering. That while Vudu is not offering the most recent titles up for free the selection of add supported movies is very strong indeed and broken down into multiple genres. Now, are there some absolute tomatoes in the group. Yes. There is no doubt about that. But what you have to do when looking into any free movie selection in taking into account what else is available anywhere else legally for free. 

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Ok. Yeah there will be a lot of babies born in about 9 months. Why? The Blizard of 2017. What will be their names? There could be a lot of John’s (as though that would be rare), maybe Juliana. Why? Because Amazon released some information that shows what was streamed in the places where the storm affected the population centeres the most. And in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Connecticut the rusults are in.

Amazon’s origional series fared very well on the Amazon video service. his should not be a surprise. It might have been a lot of people chance to finally sit down and watch this stuff. The top series streamed where Sneaky Pete, Hand of God and The Man In The High Castle. Amazon Channels came to roost, as people likely took advantage of free previews. People caught up on HBO’s Game of Thrones and Showtime’s Shameless and Homeland.


Amazon’s The Dressmaker, ironically Paramount’s clostrophopic thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane found itseld in a top spot followed by EuropaCorp’s Nine Lives  

So when baby Edy Joe comes crawling across the floor or little Tilly starts starts crying at the movies you will have the Blizard of 17 and Amazon to thank.

Well, at the moment it looks like the big story in the Android Streaming world is a new APK called Droid Buddy. From the developers at, the APK is being billed by some as “The New Kodi” or something that will replace it. What it is, is a cleverly developed Kodi build without any ability to use or add Kodi addons (aside from (Android Apps). It essentially acts as an alternative app store for Android devices. It is a standalone way to add multiple older versions of Kodi, SPMC and many other android apps, emulators and game roms. And there is where it could get into trouble. If Android box sellers embrace the APK it would be another strike against them when it comes to the negative attention surrounding distributing copyrighted content.  The program also allows users to download a number of mainstream APKS.

There has bot been an official playbook released as to what kind of things get the attention of the authorities, but I imagine numerous reviews that explain just how easy it is to download content and games for free will put a bulls eye on the APK and furthermore continue to build a case that Android boxes are sold in order to promote pirating. This is what happened with the creators of Popcorn Time, which withered under the pressure created when mainstream news sites began to report on the app that got coined ‘The Netflix of Pirating” While you may be able to find the app in some form now, its original creators dropped it under pressure from studios. Fully loaded Kodi Boxes have already become a target and the APKs ability to easily do the same things may raise unwanted attention for the developer.

In the end, the APK may thrive and turn out to be a big success, but the bigger you get the more people pay attention. And sometimes that ends badly.


Netflix will be home to a number of episodes of the innovative Mystery Science Theater 3000 this month. The Streaming network, which will be the home of an all new season of the show that encouraged a generation to talk back to the movie screen will be showcasing a list of films culled by fans should entertain the many people of the generation that originally embraced the show who have been a large part of the base that has flocked to Netflix as a substitute to pay TV or as an addition to their regular viewing because of the growing series binging habit of generation X.  See the upcoming titles bellow.

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The NCAA Tournament is about to shut down productivity across the country and there a going to be a lot of ways to see it. One of the easiest comes via the March Madness live App and Website. The app and website are the official NCAA tournament apps and are built around TV everywhere. That means that users will have to use a valid cable login in order to access the action.

What can you watch on?

The Fire TV will have an app for the Tourney.

Amazon Fire Tablets and Fire TV
Download for Fire Tablet here

Add on Fire TV via device or Here

Android Phones and Tablets
Via the app from Google Play Here 

With Compatible devices


Computer Mac And Windows

Apple TV is not left out of the fun.

Via the website Here
Via Windows 10 App Here

IOS Devices and Apple TV
Download for iPhone and iPad here 

Apple TV App Available via the Apple TV app store

Roku users can watch from their couch.

Via Roku Channel Here



How To Stream The NCAA Tournament With March Madness Live How Does It Work

In order to sign in and watch the action on devices or computers you must

1. Select your TV Provider

2. Provide Your TV Provider ID

3. Click Watch

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This is it. The first week of the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.  And this is a big time for streaming. How do I know, because my wife came home from work saying her boss wants to know how to stream the NCAA tournament at work. If you are looking for a way to see the action there are multiple ways to do so. One important way for Americans living overseas to see the action  is via a feed from CBS through a website called USTV Now. This will not give you every game that will be played but it provides access to the games on CBS for free. Keep in mind though, it will not be your local CBS unless you happen to live in the specific part of the country that the feed originates from. US citizens can still access the feed though you will be asked to verify where you are from. Want to see How To Stream NCAA Tournament Games With USTV Now? All you have to do is go to the website listed bellow and create a profile and away you go. The service provides not just CBS but all of the major broadcast networks for free.

What is the Website?

Is there a way to Watch USTV Now On Roku?
Yes. There is a private Roku channel for USTV Now. For instructions on installing the USTV Now Roku Channel Click Here


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Kodi is a very popular application for a number of platforms and this has led to a number of YouTubers releasing countless videos with titles like Best Kodi Build ever!, Best Kodi app Ever! etc. Anybody with a brain knows that every single build can’t be the “the best” and every single app can’t be “the best”. This for the most part, is a marketing ploy, as is the use of attractive women in the thumbnails for the videos. That being said I wanted to point out to you a tool that I truly believe is a one stop shop for Kodi users. It is called the Community Portal. It was developed by a the same group that put together the program that used to be called Total XBMC.

The Community Installer does so many things that make using Kodi and its many forks, (alternate builds like SPMC),  easy to set up and update in the future.

A Kodi App Store
First and foremost the Community Installer is an amazing way to get made apps, skins programs and repositorys for Kodi. This includes hundreds of set up wizards. Apps are set up into multiple categories like Genre, Country etc so that you can zero in on what you are looking for.

APK Installer
Besides installing apps for Kodi, The Community Portal also has an APK store of sorts that allows users who have kodi set up on an Android device to add apps to their boxor phones without the need to even open a browser or application outside of Kodi. There are a vast number of applications available in this section including multiple versions of Kodi and SPMC. There are also some very helpful programs that expand the capabilities of your device whether using a standard Android device or a Fire TV. Fire TV users, for instance, may enjoy the ability to install alternative launchers. install Netflix and Hulu shortcuts to their programs section and set up their remotes to work as a mouse for side loaded Android applications.

Keyword Installer
The Keyword Installer is more potential than it is productive. The concept behind it is based on a feature found in a past product called “The Little Black Box” or TLBB. The idea is that users can enter a word of phrase that will allow the program to install a custom build. Unfortunately finding such keywords is more difficult than I would wish it to be.

Community Builds
this is another example of customization. In order to access community builds users will need to sign up for a free account with Noobs and Nerds.

How do you get the Community portal?
go to your file manager and type in the URL:

See full setup video bellow