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Profiles for Hulu allow users to set up profiles for kids.

Hulu profiles have arrived for IOS. Netflix is no longer alone in the streaming realm when it comes to providing personalized selections as the new profiles option will give users the ability to make their selections more their own. Like the profiles on Netflix users answer questions about what sort of TV shows and movies they enjoy. In just a few short steps you can set up your profile and no longer get suggestions that make no sense for you from Hulu.

Is Hulu Kid Friendly It Can Be make it a Kid Safe App
The profiles provide an option that never existed on Hulu before, Kids Lock. Kids lock is an option that you can turn on with a tap and unlock with your password which sets up a Kid safe environment.

How to set up Hulu profiles

1. Click Add Profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe
To set up a Hulu Profile start by clicking the + Add Profile. Is Hulu Kid safe it can be.

2. Name the profile. For Kid friendly content click the white switch that says Kids.

Is Hulu Kid safe name profile
Give the profile a name and age based on the person it is for.

3. To Create your Hulu profile click the green button titled Create Profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Creating profile
Once you have selected the birth date click Create Profile. Hulu follows K.I.S.S.


Click the box that says personalize my profile to begin to make programming selections.

5. Check out the types of shows and movies listed and choose the ones that appeal to you. This will help Hulu build your profile to your tastes.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Making selections
By choosing shows or movies you enjoy Hulu can begin to build a profile with selections for you.

6. Finish your profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Finish Profile
After your selections click I’m done and you can jump in and see what Hulu has for you.




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Apple rumors are so popular that there are websites straight out built on them. The big one for years was that Apple was going to release its own TV set with the Apple TV interface built in with this and that feature. Ther were plenty of people with “someone close to the project” who said they would be coming out within months or weeks of the publishing of numerous stories or the first quarter of 2012, 2013, 2014 and so on, before someone announced that the non-existent product was dead.

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Apple TV Generation 4

There is a new Apple TV app for Kids. 9 To 5 Mac recently pointed out a new app for kids that accesses iBooks called Books StoryTime. The app includes a function called Read-Aloud to display both the text of a book and provide audio playback of the text as well as page turns. The function is similar to features found The Amazon Kindle. 

Parents may well enjoy allowing their kids to hear hand-picked stories via their television and encourage reading instead of watching TV.

There are only a few titles available for the service at this point but you can bet that Apple will push this further to differentiate itself from competition. Current titles include:

  • Green Eggs and Ham
  • The Little Red Hen
  • Goodnight Moon
  • Chicka Chicka ABC
  • Big Brother Daniel
  • The ABCs of Cookies
  • Meet Tracker

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Apple TV Generation 4

For all the glitz and glamor and of course over the top brags that always accompany Apple announcements the TV app, which is still months away from actually launching will arrive not as an innovation but as a reminder of a loss on Apple’s part. Apple fans and industry watchers have not been waiting for Apple to introduce an app that suggested viewing options from iTunes and third-party sources for the last 3 years. They have been looking for an Apple product that would deliver live TV and local networks. The proposed service was the nonstory that wouldn’t die last year and replaced the actual Apple-branded television set as the top thing that Apple fans wanted and were not going to get. If Apple eventually finds a way to make the deals needed to deliver a fully integrated and one of a kind live TV solution it would be an important innovation.

The TV app is not going to change the way people watch TV. It might though help to mainstream TV everywhere apps. TV everywhere apps have failed to truly capture the attention of many because to most consumers they fall in a gap between “I already have this channel” and “I can’t use this app because I don’t have cable” The problem is the advantage of TV everywhere apps is that they allow viewers to save money on extra receivers from their provider. And by avoiding using extra receivers in a household that will cost the providers money. What provider is going to say “Hey do you love FX, ESPN and The History channel? would you like to watch programming from these networks on TV without paying 10 or more dollars extra a month for an HD box? Then go get and Apple TV or a Roku!” What Apple has done between the universal login and the development of the new app is give those who want to stream on demand titles a much simpler way to access the content they already have access to without popping in and out of apps.

Will iTunes dominate?
Along with all of the various app partners which include Hulu, HBO and TV everywhere apps is iTunes. Apple would never leave its own product out of the picture. But what we wonder is will there be an obvious bias towards the iTunes content over everything else. Amazon certainly makes it easy to find ways to get content from Amazon in its searches even with the new integration of search partners. Apple is unlikely to develop a new interface app that costs it money.

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The Olympics is coming. How will you be able to see the games? Well there will be a bunch of ways. NBC has put together an extensive listing of options through its network Family. What this guide will do for you is let you know How To Stream The Olympics online whether it is an app, a laptop, a set-top box and anything else in between. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. But sometimes it is hard to navigate such a large website and find what you want. 

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Sling TV debuted on Apple TV with a brand new interface. The new set-up is a major change in look and feel from the interfaces found on Roku, Fire TV and Android TV as well as tablets and computers. besides the navigation with the touch remote on the Apple TV itself which takes some getting used to we found the new interface very easy to use and much easier to navigate than the previous interfaces. New Sling TV Interface For Apple TV might be the best one out. You can see it in action via the video at the bottom of the story.

Here are some of the new features

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Apple TV Generation 4

Apple TV will have a new sports option available with the addition of Yahoo Sports. While this is hardly a substitute for a full live sports channel the app will provide users with clips and information from across the major sports leagues and keep users informed about the latest news. Yahoo famously streamed an NFL game live last year but failed to be the home of online NFL streaming for Thursday Nights, losing out to Twitter.

Having an app in place on Apple’s growing platform is only natural as Yahoo continues to remake its image following its decision to drop the Yahoo Screen concept. Should we expect to see more singular purpose apps from Yahoo in the future, Yahoo News, Yahoo Originals etc?


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It is now possible to use folders on Apple TV. Follow these steps to get your Apple TV set up and ready for the new feature. See the video for a full demonstration.

Update your Apple TV

Turn on Dictation

Go to settings and scroll down. There will now be a dictation catagory called dictation where you turn it on

Next select an app

Move it on top of another app that you want to group it.

To change the folder name swipe up and press the siri mic button and tell it what you want it to be called.

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Kodi fans beware of the latest Apple TV software update. If you have sideloaded Kodi on to your Apple TV using the instructions from our video you may want to unselect automatic updates from your new Apple TV’s settings. The update that adds dictation for Siri, folders and more to the Apple TV will delete Kodi from the Apple TV. This is not to say that the program can not be re-added but it could mean this. It all depends on whether the developer is regularly submitting apps for evaluation. Keep this in mind when looking at upgrading your Apple TV. I have been in touch with some fans of our YouTube site who purchased an Apple TV simply because we showed how to add Kodi. It might be very disappointing to see all that work go up in smoke.

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Apple will be holding its early spring event today at 10:00 am PDT/1 pm EST. The event will be streamed live for anyone who would like to check it out. There are a number of ways to access this. Apple has a specific app for their events cryptically named “Apple Events”. The app which is free to download to IOS devices and the new Apple TV is also available as part of the app lineup on the older generation Apple TV’s. In fact we will be using the app ourselves.

Users can also watch the event via Apple’s website Here


On the streaming front the expectation is that Apple will announce new features for the Apple TV regarding Siri integration. The current generation Apple TV already includes Siri for searching the device and launching apps but rumors point to new abilities such as using Siri in app to fill out forms and dictate instead of using the much-maligned Apple on screen keyboard.