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Watch USTV Now on a Chromecast or NVIDIA Shield set-top box and any Google Cast-enabled device for that matter with ease.  Does USTV Now have an Android App for Chromecast? No, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cast it? Streaming and cord-cutting is all about finding workable solutions to problems and this case is no different. You may not be aware of this but there are some websites that can launch to a chromecast the same way an Android or IOS app can. This means that users with a laptop and the Google Cast extension for their Chrome browser can send their video straight to a device without using the clumsy still beta mirroring feature.

If you are not familiar with USTV Now, it is a service meant for US citizens who live outside of the US intended to allow them to watch US-based TV channels live. The service includes a cable like package for a monthly fee and full access to major broadcast networks free.

How do you Watch USTV Now on a Chromecast

1. To begin with, you have to have an account with USTV Now, which you can get by signing up through its website here .

2. If you have an account, sign in or sign up. It is free to sign up for a USTV Now account.

USTV  Now Sign Up

3. launch the TV Guide.

USTV Now TV Guide

4. Select a program you want to watch.USTV Now Choose Show

5. Hover over the player with your cursor and select Chromecast.


6. Launch the video to your Google Cast device.

USTV Now Cast launch



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The Google Chromecast has been a top seller since its debut.

Google has announced that its casting technology app for IOS and Android has been officially rebranded as Google Cast instead of Chromecast.  The app functions mainly as a set up wizard for Chromecast devices as well as an easy portal to Google Cast compatible apps. The rebranding has been a long-time-coming as the company has supported a number of other decices besides the Chromecast since the introduction of its Android TV platform beggining with the rollout of the Google Nexus player as well as integrated Android TV systems. Products have been marketing themselves using phrazes like “it has a chromecast instide” which really confuses the matter. The key for Google is the casting not the Chromecast itself which is nothing more than a handy reciever for wireless devices and computers.

So starting shortly users will be able to download a new Google Cast app for their devices. While the app will have the same name the function will remain the same. It’s ability to remain platform nutral could prove very popular with Smart TV manufacturers. VIZIO is rolling out a new line of TV’s with Google Cast built in as it’s main app access. Otherwise the TV will operate like a TV with no smart features. This means that users will not download apps to their sets through an interface like Android TV, WebOS or any other GUI.

Is this bad news for Android TV?
Android TV is an intergal part of a recently introduced line of Sony TV’s and was featured on many sets at the  2016 CES but the introduction of TV’s that eschew the more immersive UI in favor of the minimalist approach of a Google Cast reciever should be discouraging to any app developers who have bet on Android TV as a wide spread smart TV solution as apposed to a platform tied to consoles like The NVIDIA Shield, Nexus Player or Razer Forge. It bears watching to see if more Android TV models will be announced. Currently Sony boasts 8 Android TV powwered models which integrate both smart apps and its game service. Sharp debuted two Android TV powered sets in 2015 but neither the UE30 or the UH30 is available at a major big box store, though they are out there with smaller sellers and Phillips manufactures a few models though currently there are none available in the US according to representatives from the company. As more companies move prioritise their own smart TV interfaces we have to wonder if the platform will grow going forward or meet the same fate as its predecessor Google TV. 

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The Google Chromecast has been a top seller since its debut.

Now and then you see a partnership that is so perfect it should have happened from the start. In the case of Chromecast and Rabbit TV this is such a perfect match for customers that it is a crime that it took this long to get started. The Rabbit TV app which matches up with the company’s service for $10.00 per year provides users with tons of streaming options and a Channel guide to boot. It helps make up for Chromecast’s biggest weakness which is the lack of an interface and central launch place for apps. It also solves a problem for Rabbit TV which is that while it had an app, its dongle is a USB not an HDMI which prevented users from easily plugging it into a TV like the Chromecast.

The Streaming Advisor will continue to follow this story.

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Chromecast owners now have access to Sling TV as it continues its march across the connected device world. The dongle, which requires users to send media to the small receiver via wireless devices or computers will allow users to watch more than 20 channels for just 20 dollars or expand the viewing options with special add-on packages based on popular genres like news and sports.

For three months Sling TV is giving away a Chromecast to anyone who prepays for the service 3 months ahead of time. The Chromecast itself costs less than 2 months of service on its own, so the deal offers a way to buy a Chromecast and watch new live content all at once. Sling ran similar promotions around the Roku Streaming Stick earlier in the year.

To Download the latest version of the Chromecast compatible app visit the  Google Play store and iTunes by clicking the provided links.

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PlayOn Refresh is Beautiful Powerful and Innovative

For a video on the new PlayOn see or video review at the bottom of the story or click here. Well, the question “What is PlayOn?” now has a new answer. PlayOn started off a server based media delivery system that runs on a Windows computer and is accessed via apps for wireless devices and connected TV devices from set-top boxes to DLNA capable Blue-ray players. That is quite a mouthful. And it is not the only thing it did at the start. The server supported both internet video channels (pulling from legit network and service websites) and accessed networked content in much the same way Plex or Kodi does.  As the service grew in popularity it added other capabilities like a

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After hearing Apple TV fans brag about their HBO Now subscriptions Chromcast fans can finally join the fun. This is a great win for the discount dongle because it means that the Chromecast beat out Roku and Fire TV for support. It will be interesting to see how much the device can cash in with its $35.00 price tag before the service is available on other devices.

Improved value

This addition for the Chromecast vastly improves the appeal of the device that has been a top seller on Amazon and at big box stores since it launched just over a year ago. The app selection has grown steadily for the Chromecast since Google released the SDK unlocking the floodgates. Here is the kicker. Without HBO Now the device was the leading selling electronic device on Amazon for months on end and the top selling streaming device before being replaced by the Fire TV Stick. Another interesting note is that the inclusion of HBO boosted Apple TV sales on Amazon tremendously from bouncing in and out of the fringes of the top 10 to number 4 in a matter of weeks. With its low price and great reputation this could make a big impact fast.

Ryan Michael Downey

One of the easiest ways to watch American TV stations online is a service called USTV Now. The service, which is available via its home page as well as through apps for XBMC and a private channel

US TV Now Provides US TV Channels Online
US TV Now Provides US TV Channels Online

for Roku allows users to watch an American based cable package overseas. Viewers using the service via a browser can access the basic networks; CBS, NBC, ABC, CW, Fox and PBS for free. Apple TV users can access the service via mirroring and a compatible laptop or IOS device.

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The percentages for streaming device sales has changed dramatically in one year. Roku ‘s sales figures dropped by 20% and the Google Chromecast has knocked Apple TV of the second place perch that it had occupied with little to no innovation over the past 3 years. The hard numbers according to a recent study by Parks and Associates indicate that Roku accounted for 29% of sales in the streaming market which is enough to claim a majority over the other three major competitors, Google’s Chromecast, Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV. But the control has dipped significantly from 2013 when Roku accounted for 49% of the streaming device

The Streaming Stick is one of many well known Roku models.
The Streaming Stick is one of many well known Roku models.

market. Regardless of the results of a survey of 10,000 people what is the best streaming device for you? Are you an Amazon Prime member, does everyone in your home live in the Apple Universe, do you hate wires? How you answer those sorts of questions can make a big difference in which streaming device would work best for you or the family.

All Vs Nothing
With 20 percent of the market now, the Google Chromecast is a solid No 2. Even as some studies have shown use of the device in decline it’s bargain price has driven many consumers to at least give it a look. Google’s streaming stick though is a stark contrast to Roku. Roku has native app while Chromecast depends completely on a

This has been a good year for the Chromecast.
This has been a good year for the Chromecast.

source device like a phone table or computer, The Roku has a standard on screen interface and Controller while the Chromecast uses media devices to launch and fling media. It’s as though there are two completely different audiences.

Amazon making quick impact
While it is only fourth with 10% of the market it is fair to point out that the Fire TV box debuted in April. This means that the report which reflected the market in the third quarter of 2014 only had a few months to measure the device by and certainly did not include the new Fire TV Stick. It should come as no surprise that the Fire TV has gotten off to a fast start. The Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are helped by the overall popularity of the Amazon ecosystem as well as its placement on the company’s website. The Fire TV burst on to the scene with

Amazon's Fire TV cut in to Apple and Roku's sales this year.
Amazon’s Fire TV cut in to Apple and Roku’s sales this year.

innovations that included the first voice responsive search in a set top box and a quad core processor and large game selection that wowed many in the media. Though limited in its app selection the box and now stick offer enough content to merit a look and make a great companion to anyone who already pays for Amazon Prime. It is also growing in popularity with people who like the Media Center Program XBMC. Its interactivity with the Kindle Fire HDX and beyond is a lot of fun and includes second screen and mirroring functionality

Apple TV
The Apple TV which is in its third generation still pulled in 17 percent of the market. And despite its age relative to the other devices on the market it still packs a punch. The device offers each of the most popular streaming services that its competitors do as well as access to the iTunes store for the latest movies and television shows. The

Apple TV has become overlooked in the what's new culture of the tech media.
Apple TV has become overlooked in the what’s new culture of the tech media.

Apple TV is also the only major streaming device that offers FXX. Most importantly the box offers those who have Apple products the most seamless mirroring in the industry as well as the often imitated but never duplicated AirPlay. The only thing it doesn’t have going for it is the media buzz that comes with a new product launch. In fact Apple TV is hardly mentioned when a new product debuts. If Apple where to launch a quad core device at CES the whole game could change. Throw in games and a controller and app store and say exclusive access to CBS All Access and a controller app for their phones and tablets and Apple will be in the game again. The company though seems to have lost site of the living room just at the time that it is becoming the focus.

Plex Pass which is an incentive based way for Plex fans to support development of the popular media center suite of programs is about to get more expensive. In a blog post as well an email to Plex users that was sent out Monday current Plex Pass members were informed that the service would be getting more expensive for new customers while current customers would be able to keep their current rate. The rates will change as of September 29, 2014.

What Are the New Rates

Cloud Sync is one of a number of features exclusive to Plex Pass members. The service promises more to come.
Cloud Sync is one of a number of features exclusive to Plex Pass members. The service promises more to come.

  • Monthly Plex Pass subscriptions will increase from $3.99 to
    $4.99 per month.
  • Annual Plex Pass subscriptions will increase from $29.99 to
    $39.99 per year.
  • Lifetime Plex Passes will increase from $74.99 to

Better get the Lifetime Price while it lasts
If you have been using Plex Pass or at a monthly rate or thinking of getting in on the program it is decision time. The current cost for a lifetime Plex Pass subscription is $74.99, which costs only 15 dollars more than the new monthly price over a 12 month period but half the cost of a lifetime price would afterwards. While current users will not be hit by the price increase one has to ask, if I have had this service for more than a few years haven’t I already paid for a lifetime pass so far? If this is a service you really enjoy its time to buy and stop renting.

More Feature Coming
Plex is promising to offer more premium services as a result of the new fees and we wonder exactly what could be on the way. Will there be more channels? The app is very much a world on to itself with several media sharing features, TV channel apps, Photo sharing along with the ability to access media from multiple shared servers legally. This will be worth keeping an eye on going forward.

Does Plex Risk upsetting customers?
This is being handled much the same way that Plex handled the change in the pricing of its Roku channel. The Plex Channel for Roku had been free to add to the streaming box, but saw a price increase to $4.99 in order to bring the Roku option in line with all of the Plex apps on other platforms. Like the change in Plex Pass current channel owners were able to keep the channel free of charge. Plex still sits as on of Roku’s most popular and most used channels.