Server adds many options popular with XBMC

Originally Published 1/2014

If you own a streaming device or have been considering purchasing one you have probably noticed there are multiple services free and paid to look in to but very few that offer access to recently aired material and even less that provide entertainment from cable channels. PlayOn is a service that allows users to watch TV shows and movies from multiple websites on their televisions through neatly packaged channels.

PlayOn Adds new channels to multiple devices.
PlayOn Adds new channels to multiple devices.

Nearly every TV channel has a website. Whether it is ABC, HBO, ESPN, A&E and everything in between. Each of these websites has video content and often full episodes of popular series, sometimes web exclusives and in other cases a collection of clips and interviews featuring the power players of an individual series. Each of these sites are accessible via a computer and users without PlayOn can bookmark the sites for later viewing, but finding all of the sites that have free video content and collecting them in one place can take a lot of time and energy. That’s where PlayOn comes in.

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A new Internet based  television service ZoomcastTV aims to bring TV channels from around the world to viewers for a very low price. The service costs 12.99 Euros or about 17 USD per month. Users who jump on this offer will gain access to a number of popular sports channels including the ESPN family of network, Sky sports, Fox sports net, The Golf Channel and  Eurozone sports network Bein.

Do you get other channels besides sports?
Sports isn’t the only thing offered in this package. There is also a large selection of network and TV cable TV channels including TNT, AMC, The History Channel, Nickelodeon  BBC1, BBC2, TBS, ABC and NBC. It appears designed to offer a wide range of programming options for an entire family. There is even a category for South Asian TV. TNT is also an option for sports during the NBA season as it plays host to numerous contests as well as inside the NBA. In general if you are trying to find cable without cords Zoomcast TV may fit the bill. Now understand that this does not contain every single cable channel available on the biggest cable subscription package. For more info on the full package offered check out the company’s home page here.

How do you watch
Zoomcast is not like a traditional TV provider with set top boxes. Subscribers have a number of options to access the service including any device running the XBMC Media Center program along with accessing the service through the company’s website here and the MAG 250 set top box an IP TV solution. More information on the MAG 250 can be found here.  In general if you have a device capable of accessing the Internet you have a device capable of accessing Zoomcast TV.

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The Google Chromecast has been a top seller since its debut.

Chromecast ready to castThe Google Chromecast made a big splash when it debuted last summer despite only offering compatibility with YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, and limited PC and Mac computer mirroring.  But over time, and in some cases soon after its initial debut the Chromecast has grown as a product as is getting more compelling. Google has even changed its splash screen and slide show format, though that did not make our list of big changes. Today we are going to list what we consider the top ten additions to the Chromecast since its debut. 

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The Google Chromecast has been a top seller since its debut.

The Google Chromecast is well known as a device that integrates with wireless devices from Apple and Android but very Chromecast ready to castlittle has been said concerning the Chromecast is regards to PC’s. Today we present a guide that will help users learn how to set up the Chromecast with a laptop computer and get it ready for action with the Google Cast extension for the Google Chrome browser. This how to article will guide you step by step through the set up process and have you streaming in no time.

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Star Wars Clone Wars

Star Wars fans on Netflix get their first taste of the Disney deal as the online network has added the first season of Star Wars Clone Wars. The stories in the Clone Wars take place between episode 2 of the live action movie series and episode 3. In addition to the 6 seasons of the series The Clone Wars full animated feature is also available for streaming.  The movie franchise has millions of fans and may well prove to be a major addition to the company’s lineup.

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Ryan Michael Downey

Roku is on a fighting front these days. It has been since the late fall of 2013. The company went punch for punch with Apple through Roku StickNovember and December with sales on its entire line, an online and television add campaign, and a the release of numerous new channels over a three month period. Roku continues to push itself towards innovation and growth. Now it has taken aim at another rival.

The WWE Network launched Monday and I decided to take advantage of the free week long preview. The network, which will cost 9.99 per month with a 6 month commitment offers hourly programming along with a large collection of WWE related on demand options ala HBO-Go or Netflix. The network had its problems due to issues with some of its app developers, namely Xbox but the product itself is compelling and is laying the groundwork for something that could well become a model for future Internet based networks.

The Salad Days
This week viewers accessing the linier feed of the network were greeted by repeated announcements from the McMahon family as they thanked their fans and supporters for jumping in on the venture. Vince McMahon smiled like a proud papa as he welcomed viewers

The new WWE Network is ready for prime time. Registration for the Internet based network began at 9:00 am along with a free week long preview of the network. The venture which is priced at 9.99 per month includes access to the WWE’s monthly pay per view broadcasts as well as an extensive library of past ppv events from the WWE’s properties including former rival promotions WCW/NWA as well as the ECW. The network will also feature replays of its current programming that appears on traditional TV networks, original shows and archived footage dating back to the 1970s. For a full listing of the

What is Plex?
This article is the first of a multipart series on Plex, a popular media server and app maker that has risen to prominence over the past few years. There is a bit much to cover about Plex to put in to one article. This story will inform our community about what Plex is and share information about the forms it takes.

The Basics
One of the most powerful media server programs you can find for home media is Plex. Plex can trace its roots back to XBMC and still resembles it’s ancestor in some ways but since starting

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On the heels of Plex’s 50% off mobile app roll out the company’s mobile app for IOS has been updated. Chromecast users should be happy to know that the Plex Sync feature, which allows users to bring their media with them on wireless devices, is now fully integrated and compatible with the popular Google Chromecast dongle. There have also been improvements to the audio playback for Plex’s screen mirroring and AirPlay. Other improvements include that the app specifically gives users the option to use 5.1 audio. The app still has some major problems when interacting between the Chromecast and the iPad.