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The leader of the streaming video world by far is Netflix. With over 40 million subscribers worldwide and plans to expand its European reach the home of House of Cards seems like a fast rising star. The company recently said that it plans to step up the quality of its movie choices at the cost of some of its depth. The extra fees that the company is charging new users and Euro Zone users are going to help pay for the new media. But Amazon may be on the jolly red giant’s heels. The service is beginning to develop a compelling case.

0 1682, the Internet based service that provides customers with curated video content from the web, has added DVR capabilities that can be accessed as easily as clicking the guide itself.  In order to use the service you must be signed in to an existing account. The service allows customers to sign in via a user name and password or by linking the account with a Facebook account.

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Ryan Michael Downey

If you are a Roku owner who has not discovered the joy of private channels then you are missing out on a lot of fun and Roku interesting content. Did you know that some of Roku’s most popular channels began as private channels? Plex, which is consistently ranked as a top 10 Roku channel, began as a private channel and now is prominently offered as a suggested channel for new users. For a little more info on Plex click here. PBS is another hugely popular Roku channel which existed as a private channel until the network jumped on board officially. There are private channels for both video and audio Podcasts, 24 hour news channels, sports channels and more. Almost all of them are free and they offer content you can’t find in the official channel store.