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Profiles for Hulu allow users to set up profiles for kids.

Hulu profiles have arrived for IOS. Netflix is no longer alone in the streaming realm when it comes to providing personalized selections as the new profiles option will give users the ability to make their selections more their own. Like the profiles on Netflix users answer questions about what sort of TV shows and movies they enjoy. In just a few short steps you can set up your profile and no longer get suggestions that make no sense for you from Hulu.

Is Hulu Kid Friendly It Can Be make it a Kid Safe App
The profiles provide an option that never existed on Hulu before, Kids Lock. Kids lock is an option that you can turn on with a tap and unlock with your password which sets up a Kid safe environment.

How to set up Hulu profiles

1. Click Add Profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe
To set up a Hulu Profile start by clicking the + Add Profile. Is Hulu Kid safe it can be.

2. Name the profile. For Kid friendly content click the white switch that says Kids.

Is Hulu Kid safe name profile
Give the profile a name and age based on the person it is for.

3. To Create your Hulu profile click the green button titled Create Profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Creating profile
Once you have selected the birth date click Create Profile. Hulu follows K.I.S.S.


Click the box that says personalize my profile to begin to make programming selections.

5. Check out the types of shows and movies listed and choose the ones that appeal to you. This will help Hulu build your profile to your tastes.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Making selections
By choosing shows or movies you enjoy Hulu can begin to build a profile with selections for you.

6. Finish your profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Finish Profile
After your selections click I’m done and you can jump in and see what Hulu has for you.




There is a reason people hate cable companies

Can you drop cable? Be sure you know for certain before you do.
Ryan Michael Downey The Streaming Advisor
Ryan Michael Downey
The Streaming Advisor

If you are wondering why people have begun to look into streaming services as a replacement for cable TV the latest bad press about Comcast is a great example of what is driving people to alternatives. The FCC this week handed out a 2.3 million dollar fine to the cable giant for charging customers for premium channels and equipment they did not order or ask for. 

There are a number of TV streaming sources these days, but no network has allowed users to view as much content as the upcoming CW app will with no strings attached. The app which will soon be available for Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, XBOX, Amazon Fire TV as well as Android and IOS devices (CW has long had apps for mobile devices) will usher in a new day for the young trending network and could constitute the perfect marriage between audience and provider. Here’s hoping that the add supported app proves popular going forward because right now none of the major broadcast networks offer such an option without requiring authentication or in the case of CBS (which owns the CW), a monthly fee. Though to be fair CBS All Access does include a live stream in many markets.

CW will be the first tv network app aimed directly at cord-nevers
CW has a younger audience on average than that of the other broadcast networks which is reflected in its teen-centered programming. While people of many age groups can appreciate post-apocalyptic stories like “The 100” or may enjoy zombie based melodramas there is no doubt that a younger demographic is the target. Study after study has shown that the biggest group of people without cable are the millennials who may well have bristled at the idea of having their favorite titles hidden behind the pay-TV wall.

Is it a big loss for Hulu?
Hulu had been the OTT next day home of CW’s programming up until now and it will be interesting to see if the loss of shows like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow will affect it going forward. I can say for sure on a personal level that Hulu was my primary way to catch up on the comic book based shows last season. Hulu is still a source for the majority of current Fox, NBC and ABC titles. The threat to the app is more down the line as viewers who would have otherwise continued to use the platform may drift away and leave the service behind or become accustomed to getting their content on set-top boxes without paying for it.

CW App Could Prevent Piracy
We would be quite surprised if piracy was not a concern of the folks at CW. Considering the popularity of Internet piracy with the tech-savvy millennial generation limiting options to view its content could have led to surge in illegal activity surrounding its programming. By making the content easy to acquire via convenient, legal and ethical means the network will likely head off a number of problems going forward. Netflix who signed a new deal for post season streaming rights with the CW has actually used statistics on heavily pirated shows to help it choose series to add to its library counting on the idea that the content would drive subscribers where it to be given a  home where it could be found simply and safely.

So for all who hope for a day where one can view more TV programming subscription free you should all be pulling for the CW app to succeed.  The CW Streaming App Could Change TV Streaming in great ways for cord cutters and help continue to tear away at the pay TV model.


When you set up a cable, satellite or U-Verse plan you will almost always be asked a very important question. How many TV’s do you have in your home? The reason you are asked this is because renting additional cable boxes is a great upsell for service providers and it is almost disguised as a

Send the kids to the play room to watch their favorite Disney shows.
Send the kids to the play room to watch their favorite Disney shows.

necessity. After all, if you have more than one TV you want to be able to watch your content on it right? The answer is usually yes and in turn, people will pay an extra cost per box adding a potential extra bill to their package. That being said, a number of people who have pay TV services through a cable or satellite services could benefit from a great deal of savings by using streaming set-top boxes in place of additional cable boxes.

One of the “hidden” charges that people regularly pay is an upcharge for an additional TV box. In my area, the cable provider is Time Warner Cable. The company charges 11.75 per cable box including the initial box required to access the service. The cost is the same for any other full cable box used in the household. So do the math 11.75 x (your TV’s) = the cost of box rental.  Sorry for the math but an understanding of what you are really paying for is important in gauging your overall expense.

TV Everywhere apps from Apple TV can let users get their favs in any room without a full TV box.

So how does streaming help me save money on Cable TV?
For a number of years, the pay TV industry has been developing apps that allow users to access channels via wireless devices from phones, tablets, set-top boxes and even computers. One of the most popular “TV everywhere” options is Watch ESPN. The streaming service, which is available to users with a participating provider, and there are a vast number of them, can access full live streams of any ESPN channel that they receive via the app. This could be a perfect way to get ESPN to a man cave without using another cable box. Another popular sports option is Fox Sports 1.

Roku, a company known for its streaming set-top boxes has an entire category of TV everywhere channels that give users a ton of streaming options for a number of channels. They include live channels like watch ESPN and others along with on-demand content channels like HBO Go, which is

Roku uses a simple grid to organize channels.
Roku uses a simple grid to organize channels.

free for HBO subscribers. Apple TV and Fire TV also have a number of TV Everywhere options and for the most part, the major players like ESPN and HBO are available across all major platforms.

Do these apps have a monthly charge
No there is no extra monthly charge to use a TV everywhere app aside from the price of any given premium service like HBO or Showtime etc. The streaming boxes also do not have monthly charges and can add a number of other services to any existing TV. Acess to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video and so many other sources, thousands in fact.

TWC app
Time Warner’s App for Roku lets users access their entire lineup of Live TV channels on any TV or tablet.

Provider Apps
Depending on your provider there may be multiple options that allow users to access their full lineup of Pay TV channels via apps. This can include full live TV channels including local affiliate networks. In some cases the apps require a user to be in the vicinity of a receiver or modem from the provider. How that works for you will depend on your provider.

Take your TV with you
If you utilize tablets and phones a number of the TV everywhere apps (the channel specific ones) are available anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Is it more expensive to buy separate equipment or rent the boxes?
No matter how much you pay for a separate set-top box if you will be using a pay TV provider every year it will more than pay off over time. Some options can be had for as little as $50.00. And you will have the monthly satisfaction of watching the bill go down.