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By Ryan Downey

The Ares Wizard is a collection of Kodi builds from developers all over the world and serves almost as a store front for multiple configurations. If you downloaded the program in the past and are having trouble either accessing it or updating it is likely because as has happened in the past, the URL has changed.

This means that whichever URL you may have entered into the file manager will no longer work.

New Ares Project URL

  1. Navigate to the system Menu and select File Manager
Navigate to system




2. Under File Manager select New Source

3. Enter the new URL

4. Save it as Ares Project

5. Go bad to system and select Addons








6. Select install From Zip







7. Select Ares Project





8. Select

After you select the Zip File the Ares Wizard will update itself.  If this is a first-time installation use the following steps.

  1. press back or escape to return to the addons screen and select Install from repository.
  2. Click on Ares Project
  3. choose  Program add-ons
  4. Click on Ares Wizard
  5. Ares Will be added to your system’s programs.

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The Nvidia Shield may be the most powerful streaming box on the market but like any product, it has some drawbacks. Its greatest drawback is that its apps are all lined up from right to left on the home screen which is ok when you only have a few, but can be cumbersome when you have 40. Using an app right out of the Shield’s Google Play Store you can change this. The app, called TV Launcher 3 has been available for Android devices for some time and its port to the Android TV platform is polished and easy to use. Take a look at how it works.

Access Side Loaded Apps on The Nvidia Shield Home Screen

Profiles for Hulu allow users to set up profiles for kids.

Hulu profiles have arrived for IOS. Netflix is no longer alone in the streaming realm when it comes to providing personalized selections as the new profiles option will give users the ability to make their selections more their own. Like the profiles on Netflix users answer questions about what sort of TV shows and movies they enjoy. In just a few short steps you can set up your profile and no longer get suggestions that make no sense for you from Hulu.

Is Hulu Kid Friendly It Can Be make it a Kid Safe App
The profiles provide an option that never existed on Hulu before, Kids Lock. Kids lock is an option that you can turn on with a tap and unlock with your password which sets up a Kid safe environment.

How to set up Hulu profiles

1. Click Add Profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe
To set up a Hulu Profile start by clicking the + Add Profile. Is Hulu Kid safe it can be.

2. Name the profile. For Kid friendly content click the white switch that says Kids.

Is Hulu Kid safe name profile
Give the profile a name and age based on the person it is for.

3. To Create your Hulu profile click the green button titled Create Profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Creating profile
Once you have selected the birth date click Create Profile. Hulu follows K.I.S.S.


Click the box that says personalize my profile to begin to make programming selections.

5. Check out the types of shows and movies listed and choose the ones that appeal to you. This will help Hulu build your profile to your tastes.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Making selections
By choosing shows or movies you enjoy Hulu can begin to build a profile with selections for you.

6. Finish your profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Finish Profile
After your selections click I’m done and you can jump in and see what Hulu has for you.




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Video review of the CW channel for Roku

The CW app for Roku lets users watch all of its shows for free.

The CW channel for Roku is easy to use and best of all its totally free. Unlike a number of network based Roku channels users can access everything on the CW channel without the need to sign in to the channel with a cable password. This means that for cord-cutter CW fans the CW world is yours for the viewing. The entire lineup of CW shows will be available in season and will feature the last five episodes of any show in-season. That means you have at least a month to watch any of your favorites before the season moves on. You may remember that was the case with CW shows on Hulu also.

Take a look at our video review bellow

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If you have not had your fill of politics after about two full years of ads, debates and constant news coverage then you are probably looking forward to the first presidential debate this Monday. If you would like to take in the debate online we would like to share a few ways we have found about how to stream the Trump Vs Clinton debate.

One way you will be able to stream the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is via Twitter. The feed which will be available through Bloomberg will carry the debate on the quick hitting social media platform. It may be a great place to watch and contribute to a national discussion.

Twitter Debate page

Facebook will be another place to take in the debate. Emagine politics on Facebook right? All jokes aside though Facebook is a natural fit in today’s connected world. Many people will probably be on Facebook during the debate in the first place. Just try to be nice to the folks on your friend list. It will all be over soon, thank goodness. The debate can be found on Facebook via ABC’s Facebook page.

Watch the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton debate on Facebook

Like the two major party national conventions YouTube will be a place to watch the debate. And if the conventions were any indication it may be a very good place to do so. The conventions were presented commercial and commentary free. Given YouTube’s apps on seemingly every platform it should serve streamers well.

YouTube Channels that have been announced as debate sources so far

  • Bloomberg
  • PBS
  • The Washington Post
  • Telemundo


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The Streaming Stick is one of many well known Roku models.

How to Watch The Olympics on Roku? Its very easy with the NBC Sports channel. The channel taps into all of NBC’s Olympics related content and organizes all of the events into categories. It is easy to navigate and may be the best TV everywhere app to come along that we have ever taken a look at. With the sprawling amount of sports, contests and the myriad of channels that NBC is employing to offer comprehensive 2016 Olympics coverage the ability to access all of the events from one single place is just great.

Special note. NBC has a channel on Roku called NBC Gold. Despite the name, NBC Gold is not where you view Olympics events. What NBC has done is rebranded their NBC sports channel as the Olympics channel. In fact you can access the regular NBC sports channel by choosing the options using the * button. There is also a spanish version of the channel.

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This Friday millions of people around the world will watch the parade of nations and the opening

US TV Now Provides US TV Channels Online
US TV Now provides US TV Channels Online

ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Americans living overseas will not be able to see the NBC broadcast on local television or in many cases on the Internet because of restrictions placed on foreign-based IP addresses. Luckily that is an easy fix because of a streaming service called USTV Now.

What is US TV Now
USTV Now, an Internet-based service that provides both a US based cable package for a nominal fee as well as a free feed of major network channels, will pipe NBC’s full coverage straight to anybody that signs up online at its website. Viewers can stream content via computers as well as tablets, cell phones, an app for Plex, and an app for Kodi. Even attaching a computer to a TV via an HDMI cable, if the option is available, will let families and friends gather around the television to take in the action together.

Got a Google Cast Device (Chromecast, NVIDIA Shield or many TV’s) learn how to stream the Olympic with USTV Now Here

For information on USTV Now click here to be taken to the official website.

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Watch American Network Television For Free Online With USTV Now

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Want learn how to stream the Republican National Convention? You will be able to do so with a new app made just for the event. The App, available for IOS and Android will stream every speaker in what the organizers are calling “gavel to gavel coverage” The app will be great for political junkies who want to see some of the  quirkier moments of the convention that are typically ignored by the national media.

What is the difference between watching the convention on an app and on TV?
First of all as noted above. The app gives users coverage of every speech VS what most network coverage does, which is show the prime-time slot speakers.

Can you use the App on TV?

Users who have an Android-based set-top box can do so. Users could also choose to mirror their IOS devices with an Apple TV. We have not had a chance to do so with AirPlay because there is not coverage to test it with. We will check into this and update as info becomes available.

Where to Download the App

Does the app cost anything?
No the app does not cost anything to use outside of data if you are using it via a plan. If you want to really binge you should utilize Wi-Fi.

Is there an RNC App For Windows Users?
If there is it is well hidden. We searched the Windows store for a corresponding app and did not find one.



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Its not obvious but it can be done

The Shield TV will be the first Android TV device to get the new Tablo app

Want to learn How To Add Plex Channels To The NVIDIA Shield Media Server? The new Plex Media Server on the NVIDIA Shield is wound right into the Plex app. This provides a lot of advantages for NVIDIA Shield users including local media storage and the ability to launch all of their media directly from the set top device without the need to run a separate computer.

One tricky issue though is adding channels. The interface has no channel listing section like some other apps and the plex website. Follow this guide to learn How To Add Plex Channels To The NVIDIA Shield Media Server. Also for more see our video at the bottom of the page.