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Cancelling HBO Now is a subject that comes up often in our email inbox. Some people think I am somehow connected to the process which is actually almost as funny as it is annoying. People have threatened to sue me if “I” don’t stop charging them for “My” service. I have a feeling most of you reading this story are fully aware that I am not in any way connected with HBO Now.

We have put together a video about how to cancel HBO Now on and Android device. In the video we are using the Mach 10 64 Bit Android box from ARNU Box, but the process is the same regardless of the Android device one owns. Cancelling HBO Now is taken care of via the Google Play store. Check out the video to see the simple method on How to cancel HBO Now on Android.

The Ares Wizard for Kodi burst on the scene a few months ago and busted its server. The creators were surprised that a program that adds easy access to multiple popular and creative Kodi builds was hugely popular. I’m not sure why because it is a very creative program. Regardless the program is available once again using an all new URL. Here is How To Install The Ares Wizard With New URL

What is the new URL for the Ares Wizard?
How To Add It To Kodi

Start at the settings menu and select File manager.

Ares How to 1


Select add new source on the left hand side menu. Click on the bar that says <None>.

Ares How to 2

In that bar Type in the URL
Name your source in the bar labeled Enter a name for this media source and select OK

Type the url above into the blank space.

Select and Click settings.
Kodi click settings

Select and click Addons

Ares How to 4

Select and click Install from zip file

Ares How to 5

Select Ares and click it

Ares How to 6

Select Allow the program to load onto the system. It can take a minute or so.

Ares How to 7

Back out to the home screen and select programs.

Ares How to 8

Select Ares Wizard

Ares How to 9

Allow program to load. You can back out of the changelog.

Ares How to 10

Click on Ares Wizard

Ares How to 9

The wizard will open and allow you to select a custom build from the menu.

Ares How to 11


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The HD Home Run from SiliconDust is a very easy to use DVR with multiple models and price points. It has become a favorite for Kodi users because it easily integrates into the media player through an official app. The device can also be accessed via apps for Xbox 360, Myth TV, Windows Computers, PS3&4, Xbox One and Next PVR. I have used a couple of OTA DVR’s and have to say setting this on up was easier than anything I have dealt with in the past. It’s as simple as attaching an antenna to the DVR, downloading an application to your device and scanning for channels. Afterward, the various apps automatically recognize the DVR when it is launched. We took a look at how it works with Kodi using the Mach 10 Pure Linux box from ARNU Box and found it very easy to use and access. See the Video bellow for an unboxing and demonstration.

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The Nexus Player utilizes the Android TV interface.

Sideloading an Android device or any other item sounds like something that should be reserved for those with computer degrees or some other level of Amazing technical knowledge. This is not actually the case. There are a few simple tools that anybody who wants to add content and apps outside of the standard Google Play Store that once in place make everything easy.

ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer is a wonderful program to add to any Android device. That includes unlocked Android players, The Amazon Fire TV and Android streaming devices using the Android TV format. The program is free via the Google Play Store and Amazon store and will work on any of those devices. The challenge is that sometimes the fields are not highlighted as well as they should be. In the case of Android TV devices like the NVIDIA Shield or Nexus Player users can ask for the program by name. The same goes for Fire TV. In order to add it to any other Android devices, one only needs to type the name in. download Here

Why Is ES File Explorer a Great Side Loading Tool?
ES File Explorer is an essential side loading tool because once it is in place users can access multiple cloud-based programs in order to add new apps that have been saved in their folders. By Cloud-based I mean Dropbox, Google Drive and others.

How do users get items into Google Drive and other Cloud-based storage?Google Drive

1. First, a user must download an APK from a source on the Internet and save it on a device. This is easiest with a laptop or desktop computer.

2. Users must open their chosen source and log in. Often there will be a symbol like a Plus sign (+) or an option from a drop-down menu.

3. Users then must find the APK where they saved it and add it to the Cloud service

What can you put into a cloud service
Users will often put APK’s (The actual apps), documents, pictures and other things onto their Cloud drives. In some cases, it may be a special build of Kodi, Alternative App stores and APK’s from sites like APK Mirror.

aptoide logoAptoide
We have written about Aptoide before. Aptoide is an Android App store that is an alternative to the Google Play Store. This is one of the best apps to use for Android TV and Fire TV because it does not interfere with the app stores that are already embedded into the system. Users can download apps like Kodi straight to a Fire TV with Aptoide without much trouble. Download Aptoide Here

Internet BrowsersA browser
Browsers open up a number of opportunities for Android users. With a browser, users can add APK’s directly from websites and download other programs and pictures easily. There are a number of lesser known browsers available for Android TV devices in the Google Play Store. Check out Android Browsers here

APK Mirror
APK Mirror is a great website for users looking to add new APKs to their devices. To take advantage of APK Mirror users will need to have a browser installed on their devices. APK Mirror is another large collection of hard to find APK’s. If you have not found a browser you like for your device you can upload the APK of your choice with a computer using the cloud services integrated into ES File Explorer or load them to an SD card andAPK Mirror install them with ES File Explorer or an included file Explore. A number of Android

players already have a basic file explorer fully capable of unpacking an APK file.

See APK Mirror here

An air mouse remote or Keyboard
When you’re talking side loading you need to be thinking airmouse or keyboard. Why? Because in many cases side loaded apps are not designed to work on the platform. It is never a bad idea to have a multi-use controller when you have an Android media player whether it is running a tablet based Android platform The Fire TV or an Android TV device. I would highly recommend an airmouse with a keyboard because it will allow you to enter search terms in any apps

that do not respond to voice commands. It also makes browsers make sense  because you can use them the way they are intended. Rii MiniThese kinds of tools will help make Android media players a lot more fun to use. The additions can make setup faster, add numerous new functions and help you unlock the full potential of the OS as a media player and we haven’t even begun to talk about launchers. When equipped with the right tools you can find that an Android media player can not only be a powerful media player but can even serve as a non-traditional desktop computer. If you are looking for a one stop cord cutting solution You can build quite a system around a number of Android players. Using these kinds of tools and setting up Google drive with four or five key apps has allowed me to fully customise a number of Android players in minutes including the Fire TV and Nexus player. I hope that these suggestions are helpful and if you thought so I hope you’ll spread the word about what we do here.

Check out mini remotes from Rii here

Stream on my friends.

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It is now possible to use folders on Apple TV. Follow these steps to get your Apple TV set up and ready for the new feature. See the video for a full demonstration.

Update your Apple TV

Turn on Dictation

Go to settings and scroll down. There will now be a dictation catagory called dictation where you turn it on

Next select an app

Move it on top of another app that you want to group it.

To change the folder name swipe up and press the siri mic button and tell it what you want it to be called.

Since the G-Box Q 2.0 update rolled out we have been getting a lot of emails as to how to update the G-box Q. Unfortunately I can’t answer every email I get no matter how much I appreciate hearing from our supporters (thank you btw). So I did the next best thing. I blanked my own G-Box Q and made a video to show everyone how to do the update starting from the computer to the reset. Check it out bellow. See a written guide here.

Wide world of apps at your fingertips

Android boxes often advertise that they offer all of the apps in the Google Play store and they do. But what if you would like other choices? There are two Android based app stores you can add to your device that unlock some cool possibilities. One is the Aptiode TV app, which is an app from Aptoide crafted for your Television set-top box. The other is the Amazon Underground Store, which is essentially the app store as it would be found on any other mobile device and a great way to add Amazon Instant video to your device. Read further to learn how to add these two apps. See our G-Box Q Alternative App Stores How To Guide.

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Step by step instruction for latest update

The G-Box Q Lollypop update is finally here. Matricom promises OTA updates for all users. But if you are like me who for some reason could not update via OTA, you may need to update manually. Thankfully it’s not too difficult if you have the right hardware. Don’t let the number of steps intimidate you. We just like to keep each step as short as possible to avoid confusion. Keep reading to learn How to Manually Install The G-Box Q 2.0 Firmware Update.

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The Grammys will be a showcase not only for the music industry but also for CBS’s online service CBS All Access. It fans are looking for a way to stream the event CBS is encouraging them to try CBS All Access for a week starting Monday where fans can take in the event provided that their local CBS channel participates with the live streaming option available through the monthly service.

How do you sign up

You can sign up for CBS access here  . Click the red block titled Try 1 FREE Week. The service provides access to all of the network’s shows on demand as well as a library of past hits owned by CBS.

How will I Know if my CBS affiliate participate?

Good question. If you want CBS all access for live local streaming it would be frustrating to sign up and be denied that option. If you want to know whether your CBS local channel participates in live streaming click Here and select the link labeled CheckAvailability .