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Wasn’t this supposed to be a triumphant moment for Hulu? Hulu unleashed a new app and integrated Live TV service onto the streaming world last week after months of speculation as to what it would look like and how it would work. The Hulu App Is Facing Sharp Criticism From UsersThe reviews are in from a number of outlets and they are in general very positive, from the perspective of the techie reviewers. But the reviewers are missing something. Every live TV service is criticized for not offering a favorite channel, No VH1 Classics, No thanks! No colorized silent movie channel Not for me! But Hulu’s problem is much more fundamental.

The problem is that despite a very pretty interface it is not easy to use. Any YouTube Video that does more than talk over a few quick clicks and highlight features gets the same kind of reaction. A great big HUH? Fortunately for YouTube there are not too many YouTube reviews up because the app is on a limited amount of devices.

Why are people reacting like this? Becuase while the people who write about this stuff or make videos are just looking for something new to talk about, the people who are exploring these services are looking for something that makes sense for their families and budget. Commenters have been right blunt about their feelings as is common on YouTube. But the focus is all about one thing most of the time. They think it is confusing. Take a look at a selection of comments from some of the video reviews.

From The Streaming Advisor YouTube

Smart Home Tech

Keep it simple and add a guide Hulu. I was hoping for a much better UI. Guess I expected too much from Hulu.

Trying to be Netflix on steroids. Just give me a normal TV Guide to follow.
Its like Hulu doesn’t want you to watch live tv.
Comments from YouTube Reviewer Andrew OHara

4 days ago

This is the most confusing user interface I have seen in an app

I’ve been using it for about a week, and have managed to get the hang of the interface, but it is still terrible. It is not intuitive at all. A record button would have been much more clear than “my stuff” or “my shows” or “my episodes” (all of which have different recording thresholds).

How do you know which show has a new episode? It doesn’t show up in the menu anymore. Am I missing something? Thanks!

  • klyrish
    The new interface is atrocious. It wastes so much space and somehow provides even less information than it previously did. I’m not sure if the only person who ever saw it before it was launched was the single designer working on it, but that certainly seems to be the case.
    You are absolutely correct! I only subscribe to Hulu Plus and they totally destroyed the user experience! It’s hard for me to find shows and those big images are making navigation harder as well. Being a designer myself, I’m surprised that this kind of stuff passed their UX research and testing.

Profiles for Hulu allow users to set up profiles for kids.

Hulu profiles have arrived for IOS. Netflix is no longer alone in the streaming realm when it comes to providing personalized selections as the new profiles option will give users the ability to make their selections more their own. Like the profiles on Netflix users answer questions about what sort of TV shows and movies they enjoy. In just a few short steps you can set up your profile and no longer get suggestions that make no sense for you from Hulu.

Is Hulu Kid Friendly It Can Be make it a Kid Safe App
The profiles provide an option that never existed on Hulu before, Kids Lock. Kids lock is an option that you can turn on with a tap and unlock with your password which sets up a Kid safe environment.

How to set up Hulu profiles

1. Click Add Profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe
To set up a Hulu Profile start by clicking the + Add Profile. Is Hulu Kid safe it can be.

2. Name the profile. For Kid friendly content click the white switch that says Kids.

Is Hulu Kid safe name profile
Give the profile a name and age based on the person it is for.

3. To Create your Hulu profile click the green button titled Create Profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Creating profile
Once you have selected the birth date click Create Profile. Hulu follows K.I.S.S.


Click the box that says personalize my profile to begin to make programming selections.

5. Check out the types of shows and movies listed and choose the ones that appeal to you. This will help Hulu build your profile to your tastes.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Making selections
By choosing shows or movies you enjoy Hulu can begin to build a profile with selections for you.

6. Finish your profile.

Is Hulu Kid safe for kids Finish Profile
After your selections click I’m done and you can jump in and see what Hulu has for you.




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New look and feel for the video app

Hulu updated its Windows 10 app to better reflect the look of the service on other platforms. Gone is the Hulu Plus designation as the company has chosen to brand as Hulu on every platform. The new look has a more intuitive interface and even integrates Cortana. We have not had a chance to test that feature yet. Overall the change has vastly improved navigation and searching. While some of the menus are obviously meant for PC use and the app itself is not directional button friendly it is far easier to use than its “Hulu Plus” predecessor.


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For a long time people have been asking Can you Watch CSI on Hulu Plus? 14 seasons of CSI are now available on Hulu Plus. The long running series has been a hit for CBS for years will be available exclusively for Hulu Plus customers which scored a big get over Netflix, a service known as a destination place for libraries of older series. Also available are 10 full seasons of the popular spin off CSI Miami. This is a treasure trove of on demand binge worthy content for crime drama lovers who now will not have to track the show down in syndication.

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I love the creativity of the movie business. Since I have been old enough to drive a dark theater whether on a crowded premier night or a nearly empty matinee has been my favorite escape. But alas other obligations called me away Sunday evening. So while I hope that you found our article on how to watch the Oscars live online helpful, but if you are like myself and did not see the event unfold you still have a chance to enjoy the show which features the witticism’s of Neil Patrick Harris, wonderful musical performances including a heartbreaking performance by Tim McGraw and all the awards that didn’t get press. You may know what won best picture if you listened to the radio morning shows or heard the gossip at work but there is plenty to take in if the Hollywood scene is your thing. After all its how many who frequent this site watch everything else. 🙂

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Want to watch Hulu on your tablet, phone or TV? With the latest update to the Hulu Plus app for Android, users can sign in and use a limited version of the service without signing up for a Hulu Plus account. All that is required is an email address and providing basic demographic info. There are numerous differences between full access with Hulu Plus and the new offering, more on that bellow. For a story on how to watch the free version of Hulu on TV click here.