Daredevil, the first collaboration between Netflix and Disney/Marvel is a well put together original series and if this series was any indication Netflix fans are in store  for a lot of fun and grit going forward. The writing was snappy, casting brilliant and the fight choreography spot on.

Joining the Marvel Universe and the excitement surrounding it should be a boon to Netflix which is already on top of the streaming mountain. With more series on the way and a full movie all exclusive to Netflix the streaming network is on its way to a big summer.

I binged Daredevil starting late Friday night and finished Sunday. The story was captivating and exciting. Unlike scripted shows on network television there was no cliffhanger ending at the end of the run and there was none of the lazy writing meant to extend a story over an entire season while a show waits to find out if it is going to get picked up for a season. Like House of Cards and other series on the network Netflix simply allowed the story to be told with great pacing and logical storytelling.

Out of respect to those who have not seen the show or have only begun to view it I’ll just say this. If you are a fan of what Marvel has done so far on the big and small screen check it out. Not a line is wasted in this gritty drama. The casting was so spot on that it appeared in some cases like the characters were ripped right off of the pages of the comics. The writers find a way to give back story without having to take up half of each episode doing so. Matt Murdock is a fighting machine from the start, there is no constant soul searching and the story has an ending. That’s all I’ll say.

Stream on my fiends.

What did you you think of the Show?

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Justin time to wet your appetite for the Avengers 2 Daredevil has dropped for Netflix. The series, which is is available for binging today is one of four Marvel original series. The characters will be based in the same universe as the Disney Marvel movies. So while we can’t promise crossover appeal they could certainly tie in.

Have you checked it out yet? Let us know what you think.

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After the recent “leak” of House Of Cards Season 3 Frank Underwood fans are on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next. Netflix is fanning the flames with its roll out of the official trailer. The online Network will make its most famous property available on February 27 but until then you can can see the new House of Cards Trailer. Just a warning though while my write up did not contain any spoilers the trailer may not be so kind.

Let the conspiracy theories begin!

Was the House of Cards leak really a mistake? I am not so sure. Netflix knows its business very well. It pretty much invented streaming to a mass market. I am not at all certain that the largest streaming network in the world did not allow fans a chance to get a glimpse of Frank Underwood (no spoilers here) just to snatch Sling TV and the reporting about Popcorn Time out of the headlines. It was one of those moments that could only happen now, a twitter explosion. In a half hour Netflix grabbed attention and headlines for a show that is 15 days away from what will likely be a major event.

This summer another highly anticipated show, The Flash, was “leaked” online ahead of its official fall

Was this a cleaver response or a planned attack.
Was this a cleaver response or a planned attack?

debut. The pilot episode was available on a number of streaming sites for weeks on end creating buzz long before the show officially debuted as one of the most watched new series on the still young CW Network ever. This actually looks stunningly similar to the “leaked” Black Friday sales that magically find their way to the Internet before the day that every retailer bets the farm on.

Netflix would never admit something like this was on purpose but it had a quick and clever tie-in response on Twitter “This is Washington. There’s always a leak. All 13 episodes will launch February 27”. We will give you this one Netflix, but if we see Crazy Eyes show up ahead of schedule by mistake I’m calling New Coke on you.

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IGN is the exclusive home of the full trailer for Dare Devil . While we would have loved for The Streaming Advisor to be that home we can at least share it with you. To check out the full trailer click here.

Netflix is going to have to make some changes going forward if it is going to be able to continue to grow and be profitable in the future. Fierce Online Video reported that Netflix was going to reach the limit of its US subscriber base. If this happens the company will have to increase profits in a different way other than domestic growth. We have some ideas what may be coming next.

Tightening of account usage
Netflix has about over 40 million subscribers in the US and 17 million worldwide but we all know that the number of Netflix users is larger. This is because of the prevalence of people who instead of paying the monthly fee of 8-12 dollars a month instead opt to use a the log in of a friend or family member. The majority of the time this is a mutual agreement but either way that is a subscription that Netflix does not get. If the company would like to grow its subscriber base in the US it must find a way to convert the number of people who access the service for free in to paying customers.

Raising prices
Netflix has already raised prices for new subscribers once. This was a clever way to get more money from its base without angering those who have been loyal customers over time. The service may well raise prices again on new customers or even existing customers with the promise of maintaining or increasing the level of programming. A more likely possibility would be to further increase the fees for multiple user accounts which is what allow Netflix to be seen on multiple screens. If the cost of providing access to a buddy from work becomes too high then one may be motivated to cut the bigger package back and force the recipients of said password to sign up for their own accounts.

Netflix has built its service around subscribers and has provided its subscribers access to thousands of titles without any commercial interference. This works out well streaming fans who for some reason think that if one pays for a streaming service that they should not be made to watch commercials. Those who subscribe to this notion ignore the fact that a majority of cable channels (which do not come cheap) include commercials and those that don’t like the premium movie networks still advertise for their own in house events. Netflix, more than any other company this side of Amazon knows what its customer base likes. Should it leverage this information with advertisers it could craft an effective commercial outreach campaign through pre-roll (before a feature) advertising that could be desirable to advertisers. Could we start seeing commercials on Netflix? It would do no worse than make Netflix like every other medium of content delivery. It will be worth noticing how well Amazon’s rumored add-supported service works out.

More International Growth
Obviousely if the company can not win more eyeballs in the US it must do so outside of the boarder. There are millions of potential customers across the globe. Netlfix is already available in a number of European countries as well as other countries in the Americas. Effective outreach to customers outside of the US will be key for the company going forward and could stave off the options mentioned above.

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The Netflix app on Fire TV has gotten a major face lift. Gone is the blocky dated format that had been in place before leading some to believe that Amazon was intentionally downgrading the Netflix experience to prop up its own service. The Netflix app has been updated to reflect the more recent Netflix interface available on the Roku. The app is all new.

You will have to sign back in
Have your Netflix Password handy before you go through the update because you will have to sign back into the app.

Here is how you get the update
Find your Netflix app on the Fire TV. Netflix will prompt you and let you know that an update is available.

Follow onscreen instructions


The Kids section of Netflix, which has been available on mobile devices and game consoles is now available as an option on set top devices. The services’s kids section offers an entire menu of fit for children including quick launch sections for subcategories like Mickey Mouse, Strawberry Shortcake, Woody Woodpecker along with categories based on the viewing of content from across profiles like any other Netflix account. Only the content is only generated based on family friendly selections. The kids section will not recommend Weeds because you watched Orange Is tThe New Black for instance. The section is now an option for Roku, Apple TV and The Fire TV.

What is the difference between this and your kids having their own profile? 

The kids section has character based icons at the top of the screen so that children can choose programming based on pictures and words.
The kids section has character based icons at the top of the screen so that children can choose programming based on pictures and words.

If you had the settings on your child’s profile set for 12 and under, there is actually not a major difference in the selections. The major difference between the kids section and a personal profile set for an appropriate age group is actually that in a personal profile the system will be able to pull information from the profiles history and generate a watch list based on it. Basically the greatest advantage of the kids section is that it is a ready made video playpen of sorts that does not require a great deal of set up. It has ready made categorizes like TV shows about animals and movies based on books, or history  stories and such in place of “Thrillers” or Dark Fantasy, or even the dreaded popular on Netflix. It might be a real helpful feature for the childless uncle whose favorite niece is along for a visit from a sibling or friend with children. Just click kids and be done with it.

Different look
The Kids section also has a distinctive look and feel. Its menu is easy for kids to navigate because of its use of pictures of favorite characters along with listings to speed in content discovery. Instead of a red and black themed background it the colors are bright and clean. This is also helpful for parents who can quickly identify the differences.

Can you leave the Kids section without a password?
Yes. There is no setting that prevents someone from leaving the kids section. This makes the Kids section of Netflix very different from say “FreeTime” from Amazon, which locks kids into a password protected kids safe environment.

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Netflix is poised to become a bigger player in the digital marketplace going forward. The company this week has announced two major developments including being the exclusive home of four new films produced by Adam Sandler and Happy Madison productions as well as a deal to digitally distribute a sequel to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon the martial arts film that caught the country by storm in 2000.

Netflix already has over 50 million subscribers worldwide, which is more subscribers than HBO. The company is quickly morphing from an online service to an online television network with its own original shows and now original movies on the way. It is also throwing it’s weight around in the net neutrality debate sounding off on the Comcast-Time Warner cable merger and working to educate the public as to how digital distribution works at the highest levels.

At only $9.99 for new subscribers, and even less for long-time users there is no mystery as to why Netflix is so popular. By providing libraries of popular shows Netflix essentially replaces syndication for people who want to catch up on series that are no longer on the air, or even catch the show everybody was talking about at work all year. Netflix is the perfect option for those who might miss the first month of a serialized drama like Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead because of a busy schedule. If the show it’s tough to pick up on in the middle of the season all anybody has to do is wait a bit until the show was on Netflix. Then they can get to know the series and look forward to its debut in the fall.

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Netflix has been one of the loudest voices for net neutrality since the rules were struck down and is now becoming one of the strongest voices for changing the entire model of the Internet as we know it. The company which has been fighting a public relations war with ISP’s like Comcast and Verizon over accusations of throttling (slowing down connection speeds for the service) in order to degrade its signal has even gone as far as to roll out experimental messages aimed at customers informing them that the reason their latest video binge session has been interrupted was due to the shoddy connection speeds provided by their ISP’s and not the online