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At the Streaming Advisor we get a get questions from people from around the world about streaming services and products. One of the most common Hola Downloads optionsones is “Will that site work in my country”? The answer is yes and no. There are numerous services that are available in one country that are not available to residents of another. People looking for more ways to stream may want to take a look at Hula, (not to be confused with Hulu)  the browser extension that will let users log into websites outside of the US or their country of origin with a simple click. The surprisingly easy to use extension is available for multiple operating systems and can change how you view content online.

What Browsers does it work on? On Windows & Mac PCs Chrome (version 22 and up) Firefox (version 23 and up) as an (.exe) for Windows (for users that are using Internet Explorer)

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CalenderVery few parents look at the calendar as school is wrapping up and say “I plan to sit my kids in front of the TV for two straight months.  Those with the time, money and availability plan getaways, museum days, trips to the movies , day camps and other activities but even the most open parents are going to have days where running back and forth to the pool or park or mall is just not in the cards. On those days a good source of family friendly entertainment is worth its weight gold and the good news is that not much of the treasury has to be spent to supply it. In our household we found that cable is not the answer. Disney and Nick have too many teenybopper soap opera shows on to keep the attention of our child who is 7 and a bit passed the Handy Manny’s and Thomas the Trains of the world. This is why we use streaming channels to pass the time when needed.

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PBS may be looking at expanding its mobile app options based on a survey that the network sent out to customers on its email list. The PBS App, which provides full length episodes of its programs as well as archived episodes of many classic shows like the Joy of Painting, is available on a number of mobile platforms as well as set top boxes. It is one of few mobile and set top box apps that provides libraries of full length programming without advertisements or a subscription fee and has become a go to application for many looking for science, cultural and public affairs

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Star Wars Clone Wars

Star Wars fans on Netflix get their first taste of the Disney deal as the online network has added the first season of Star Wars Clone Wars. The stories in the Clone Wars take place between episode 2 of the live action movie series and episode 3. In addition to the 6 seasons of the series The Clone Wars full animated feature is also available for streaming.  The movie franchise has millions of fans and may well prove to be a major addition to the company’s lineup.

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Are you a current Netflix customer. If you have been considering starting a Netflix streaming only account you may want to get it in place before the pricing plan changes. GigaOm’s Janko Roetgers

Once you add a profile you can begin to customize it.
Once you add a profile you can begin to customize it.

 is reporting that the service which recently announced  a subscriber base of 44 million people is exploring a pricing structure for new members that would include different prices based on the number of access points one uses.

This may be a way for Netflix to curb the sharing of accounts among multiple users . The existence of these sorts of arrangement has been acknowledged by HBO CEO Richard Plepler. According to an article by Buzz Feed’s Mathew Lynley, Phleper thinks that people who access HBO through other means especially while they are young will become paying customers later in life.

Whether it is an attempt stop such a practice or an attempt to increase revenue going forward Netlfix, in a rare case of customer loyalty, says that current Netflix members will be allowed to keep their plan in place.  Netflix may have already tipped their hand on pricing as the company has recently rolled out a family pricing structure that charges 11.99 for use of four devices at the same time as well as a less expensive plan for 6.99 that only streams in standard definition.

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Users who prefer the iPad’s Netflix interface to the Netflix interface on Roku can now have their cake and eat it too. The Netflix app is now updated to interface with the Roku 3s DIAL integration. Once a selection begins on the Lilyhammer Pic IOS device the now familiar DIAL box will appear in the bottom right side of the screen. Once the Roku is selected the television show or movie will begin to play on the Roku.

Just for Kids
While the Roku app had numerous features found on other Netflix apps it has excluded the popular just for kids feature which populates only child friendly programming. This problem is solved with the DIAL option as the feature is included in the mobile app. That is if you feel comfortable letting the younger members of the family handle an easily damaged tablet. If so they are sure to enjoy the new functionality.

What Will Happen Going Forward
As of right now YouTube and Netflix are the only DIAL supported apps associated with the Roku 3. Both apps already have official channels on the device but the protocol provides Roku with a way to offer far more content than ever before as adoption of DIAL becomes more common. Apps can only be featured on DIAL based receivers like the Google Chromecast and Roku 3 if the apps chose to integrate themselves with the protocol. With two popular streaming devices now working with the “AirPLay Like” alternative we could see an expansion of apps and websites capable of supporting it. This could mean that Roku users begin to access IOS apps on their TV screens without having to wait for an official channel to be developed. Currently Roku has over 1200 channels in its channel store and many more private channels.

Editorial Note
The Streaming Advisor can not confirm Netflix DIAL integration on Android based products. 

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Netflix original series Lilyhammer will be returning December 13 for its second season. Netflix fans should be Lilyhammer Picpleased to know that the Internet based TV network will follow the broadcast model set with its other selections and offer the show’s full 8 episode sleight at once. Lilyhammer, is the story about a relocated gangster Frank “The Fixer” Tagliano living  in Norway after testifying against fellow mobsters. Lillyhamer’s first season was the first show to be broadcast exclusively on Netflix paving the way for its stalwarts Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, also returning soon.

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Netflix has become the video format of choice.
Netflix has become the video format of choice.

The popularity of Netflix is affecting the viewing habits of millions of people across the country. A story published by Home Media Magazine published numbers that should startle the cable industry that indicate their customers are not buying in on video on demand services.

A recent study in to the use of VOD in the US and Canada by Digitalsmiths  showed that a majority of people who have on demand options for recently released movies do not use the service to purchase them. In fact over 70% of the studies’ respondents who have access to the services said they have never used the services at all. The VOD often costs between $4.00-$6.00 per selection and have been heavily pushed by cable companies in an effort to offer more services to customers and increase revenues.

At the same time that the cable companies have been making the push, use of Netflix has been growing as well as the popularity of the Red Box rental service which costs users about less than $2.00 for the rental of a DVD disk for one night.  48% of respondents to the study said that they use other means of video service for entertainment like Netflix for instance which along with YouTube is responsible for half of the Internet traffic.


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Those who fell in love with House of Cards, Netflix’s Emmy award winning series, will be able to spendHouse of cards Pic 2 Valentine’s day with Frank Underwood. The Internet based television network announced that new episodes of the show will be released February 14th. Internet based TV Shows are becoming more common. Netflix has 14 other shows on the way including a second season of Orange is The New Black as well as the highly anticipated Marvel projects. Amazon Prime Instant video service has already started rolling out its own line up of original series including the John Goodman Anchored Alpha House and Betas. Viewers should expect more Internet based programing as the public becomes more used to looking to the Net instead of Networks for their entertainment.

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Profiles greatly improve the Netflix Experience.
Profiles greatly improve the Netflix Experience.

Netflix recently rolled out a new feature available on many of its platforms that allows individual users on a shared account to create their own profiles. This is a monumental improvement on a service that is already providing entertainment to over 30 million subscribers. But Netflix doesn’t really have 30 million individual users, it has over 30 million accounts representing millions of households. Within these individual households are people of all ages who extreme differences with what they consider entertainment.

Why should I Create My own Profile?
Why should you take the time to create your own profile on Netflix? For one while plenty of adults may appreciate films from DreamWorks and Disney Pixar for the skill in which they are produced, their hidden grown up jokes and many other things, do you want your entire streaming suggestions cue to be labeled with headings like “We suggested Little Pony because you liked Shreck”? Creating your own profile will allow you to have categories that reflect the kind of programming you enjoy. Once this is done effectively you will find that each line of suggested categories will offer old favorites and unearth other movie and television series you never found time to see or even heard of but become a new favorite.

How Will This Work For You?
Once you have your own profile Netflix will begin to analyze what you are watching individually and base the suggested categories around your tastes.  This is helpful on the reverse side too. Once you have your own profile it means that you don’t have to worry about young children unwittingly selecting a movie that has inappropriate content for their age group simply because you watched it previously nor will categories based on this populate.

How Do I Create a Profile?
Go to the Netflix home page. If you already have a membership it will prompt you as to which profile you want to use.  In order to add a new one press the (+) add profile and begin.

The first step to creating a personalized profile is as easy as coming up with a name for it.
The first step to creating a personalized profile is as easy as coming up with a name for it.

Next you will name the profile. You might simply choose a personal name or even create the profile so that it reflects a genre. You could create a profile just to populate romantic comedies or Science Fiction movies and shows. Netflix will then ask you to choose titles that you enjoy watching from a list of prepopulated choices. After two rounds of ratings the service will process the results. Next click on the tab at the top labeled “personalize”.

Your first screen will ask you basic questions about what types of movies and TV shows you enjoy in general, action adventure, drama etc. Once you finish with the simple selection process click continue. This brings you to a screen where you rate movies that are populated based on your previous answers. It allows you to whittle down the selections.

Once you add a profile you can begin to customize it.
Once you add a profile you can begin to customize it.

Did you Love Rambo but hate Commando? Let Netflix know and your selections will improve. After this process is finished the personalize section is replaced by the Taste Profile where you can rank movies and TV shows at any time. The more often you do so the better Netflix will learn your tastes.

Rating From The App Itself
When you are accessing Netflix from

Regularly rating from within the app is the easiest way to build your profile.
Rating from within the app personalizes a profile

any given platform select the titles you have seen and give them a rating that reflects your true feelings. You don’t have to say that you love an art film just because everyone at work pretends to. This is another chance for Netflix to help tailor its service to meet your needs. Now enjoy exploring programming that fits you and you alone. Once these steps are done hunting for something to watch on Netflix may well be a thing of the past because the program will know what you want to watch as soon as you log in. In some cases it will seem like it knew what you were looking for before you do. Get the popcorn.