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This is a good time to be Plex. The media center app is everywhere these days. It is part of every major set-top box ecosystem including the NVIDIA Shield which is now even home to the Plex Media Server. It is included on smart TV’s, and has apps for nearly every platform. As the application has grown in popularity the look and feel has gotten a number of facelifts.

With any advance, there is always a crowd that considers the older version of the program to be the best. Roku users have the ability to act on those feelings by adding a Plex channel that takes users backward. The Channel called Plex Classic is a Roku private channel designed to look and function like the original Roku Plex Channel based on the original Roku SDK. You can add the Plex Classic Channel for Roku at the Private Channel Store. See a video demo of the plex classic channel at the bottom of this article.

Grid based navigation

Navigation on the Plex classic channel is based on grids and the simple carousel navigation of a number of channels available in the Roku Streaming Channels store. While the official Plex channel

The Plex Classic Channel for Roku has an old fashioned app interface.
The Plex Classic Channel for Roku has an old fashioned app interface.

for Roku does a fantastic job of integrating beautiful art and graphics the Plex Classic channel is a very no frills sort of experience. Everything is out front and easy to access.

Access the Plex Channel Store

One major difference between the Plex Classic Channel for Roku and the rest of the Plex clients found on other devices is that Plex classic gives users the ability to add channels to their Plex server directly from the app. On every other version of Plex the only way to add Plex channels is to access the server via it’s web interface or in

At the bottom of the Plex Classic Channel for Roku in users can access the Plex Channel Store by clicking on the yellow plus sign.
At the bottom of the Plex Classic Channel for Roku in users can access the Plex Channel Store by clicking on the yellow plus sign.

some cases the Plex Media Center on a PC.

Roku users can use both channels
Here is the best part of Plex Classic. Roku users can use both the Plex Classic Channel and the most current version of Plex for Roku. Because the Plex Classic Channel is a private Roku channel or as some people call them hidden Roku channels, it does not replace the official Plex channel for Roku. This means that users can bounce back and forth between Plex and Plex classic and they change options. If a Roku owner has an

Plex users can add channels via the Plex Classic Channel.
Plex users can add channels via the Plex Classic Channel.

NVIDIA Shield they can even use the Roku to add channels to the NVIDIA Shield Plex Media Center though the Plex Classic channel.

The addition of the Plex Classic Channel to your Roku very much gives users the best of both worlds when it comes to Plex. Users looking for simplicity should very much appreciate the choice offered with the private channel.

Plex Classic Channel Demo Video

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Its not obvious but it can be done

The Shield TV will be the first Android TV device to get the new Tablo app

Want to learn How To Add Plex Channels To The NVIDIA Shield Media Server? The new Plex Media Server on the NVIDIA Shield is wound right into the Plex app. This provides a lot of advantages for NVIDIA Shield users including local media storage and the ability to launch all of their media directly from the set top device without the need to run a separate computer.

One tricky issue though is adding channels. The interface has no channel listing section like some other apps and the plex website. Follow this guide to learn How To Add Plex Channels To The NVIDIA Shield Media Server. Also for more see our video at the bottom of the page.

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The Shield TV will be the first Android TV device to get the new Tablo app

The NVIDIA Shield will be getting a major firmware update. likely later this month, that will install an exciting new feature to the device. The NVIDIA Shield Pro Can Be Your Next Plex Server. It will be the first Android-powered device to be a standalone Plex Server. This means that as opposed to supporting a Plex app like hundreds of Android devices on the market, the NVIDIA Shield Pro will now operate in the same way as a full Windows or

NVIDIA SHield Pro Includes Plex Server.
NVIDIA Shield Pro Includes Plex Server.

Mac computer does. Users will be able to access all of their media using the NVIDIA Shield pro without the need to run a full server on a separate machine. And more so the NVIDIA Shield Pro will act as the Plex backbone for other devices in the home.

What About My NAS?

The NVIDIA Shield Pro will also support the use of a NAS (Networked Attached Storage).  Shield Pro will also support playing media from an attached hard drive. For the first time this configuration will allow users to add and subtract Plex Channels and all of the other features unique to a PC setup on a non PC. Users can also still use any NAS via the Plex App. That just means you will have more space than you did before.

How is this different than Plex on Roku or Fire TV?
Plex has been a mainstay on a number of devices for some time and has been a very popular option for the Roku.  But the significant thing about Plex on the NVIDIA Shield is that on other devices like the Roku family of products, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TV’s and numerous wireless devices Plex requires a separate computer to be running in order to access media, Plex channels and other features. While users have been able to access information from shared servers online the bulk of other Plex features depended on access to at least one other item. Once the firmware update is out that will no longer be the case. 

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Plex has announced a major update to its Roku app through the Plex forum. The update does not include older Roku models such as the LT and Roku HD. The new version of Plex includes a more powerful video player and a number of functions unique to the Roku 4. The new features add a lot more options to the otherwise very clean interface that Plex put in place with its most recent Roku app.

For a complete list of changes and additions check out the full list below.

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New look brings a totally new feel to the media center

Users can search their music collection according to genre and other factors.

Plex is now available on the new Apple TV. Only days after it launched Apple’s latest foray into the living room is beginning to reveal the true power of its fully functioning App Store (December can’t get here fast enough for me). On Apple TV the quickly growing media center app has a home on possibly its glitziest platform yet. Plex for Apple TV like other apps on the device has been branded to

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Plex recently made it’s app for Android TV and numerous smart TV’s available for all to access for free. Until the change the app was only available to Plex Pass members as the company worked through feature sets and other issues. This has been the pattern for the company whose media server apps are becoming standard on streaming devices and Smart TVs.

Plex allows users to access media from network connected devices in the home, via shared servers over the Internet, via web based TV addons and even bookmarked webpages through it “plexit” browser feature.

Once simply a port of XBMC (now Kodi) for Mac the app ecosystem has grown to include homes on Roku, Android TV, The Fire TV, Smart TV’s PlayStation, Xbox, and many more platforms.

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The New Plex interface is a total departure from its original Roku channel

How do you get the new Roku Plex Channel? It is very easy. Until now the new Plex channel with it’s updated interface was only available for Plex pass members but the good folks at Plex sent out those registered with Plex an email informing them of the good news. Updating is very simple. For a video demo click here or the video at the top of the page.

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Check out our video guide on how to install Channel PEAR on Plex. It is a multi step process but relatively simple when you see it in action. Let us walk you through and you will be streaming in no time.

For a written guide see Here

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Channel PEAR, the IP Stream sharing app that has caught the imagination of thousands on Roku is now available as an application on Plex. By adding the app to Plex it means that Channel PEAR users can now access their streams on any platform that utilizes Plex. We have put together a guide to help you understand how to set it all up. See our linked video for a full demonstration.

What do you need

The Plex App lads great on the New Roku Streaming Stick.

Plex, which has long been one of the most popular channels on Roku is rolling out an update for Plex Pass members that spruces up the look of the channel. The new channel look features an interface with an emphasis on visual layout that takes advantage of your TV screen replacing the more blocky look of the current interface. Other features include:

Movie Trailers

Media hubs make your media easier to access.
Media hubs make your media easier to access.

Do you have an extensive collection of movies uploaded to your home Network? Plex’s new Roku app will now match those movies with their film trailers. This provides a more Blu-ray like experience for viewers.

More Parental Control
Users can restrict what content can be viewed and by whom by using multiple accounts. This should be a welcome addition.

Will my Roku be able to get it?
The New channel is currently supported by 1/2/3, Roku Stick, and Roku TV.

For more info check out the Plex Blog here