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Online Streaming of sports gives fans far more options

Watch The SEC Network On Roku should be a popular addition.

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This season Fans with access the right cable companies will be able to watch college football online with Watch ESPN and the SEC Network. The new venture with the SEC means fans will see more college football with streaming than ever before. With the season nearly upon us and the new streaming option is going to take it by storm. The SEC Network is picking up major cable partners almost daily right now. In the past 10 days both Comcast and Time Warner Cable agreed to carry the network. This opens up major

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The UT2 set top box from Ugoos is a quad core set-top box running Android 4.2. The box provides access to the Google Play store and all of the apps that come along with it and is pre-installed with a customized version of XBMC known as Beyond XBMC or XBMC 12.4 “FLUMP”, much more on that later. The box can offer users a full Android experience with both a tablet based and set top based UI along with the most complete custom build of XBMC we have run across. Click here for a FAQ based user guide for the UT2

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Hulu Plus for Roku had a major update that changed how users search for topics as well as some interesting visual differences. Our video shows how these changes will affect current and future Hulu Plus customers like you going forward. Will the changes be difficult to adjust to  or make for a better experience? Continue to view the video.

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The Roku app for IOS has been updated making the app both easier to use as well as give it a more native feel. The app holds on to the popular picture and video sharing capabilities Play On Roku and added a new way to find and add channels and more. Many Roku owners prefer using the smart phone app instead of the physical remote due to the convenience and the mere fact that most people always have their phone nearby or even because the remote found its way to safety between some cushions. The changes simplify finding content

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There are 15 more channels on Roku this week. The new entries include martial arts, outdoor adventure and an exciting new fantasy sports channel. There are some great additions and some that need a little more content. Take a look at our quick hits and add the ones that strike you.

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Never miss a swing
Tiger Woods showed his stripes Thursday shooting 3 under 69 in a great first day at the British Open. This year fans watching on ESPN 3 will not have to wait for the TV producers to find Tiger on the course because fans watching on the Internet based offering will be able to see Tiger hit the long ball, put and dig out of the rough swing by swing. From the grousing to the fist pumping Golf fans will be able to experience it all. Woods is pretty much the beginning and end of golf ratings and ESPN is trying to cash in. At the same time ESPN may boost use of the service and show its true potential.

How Do you Watch ESPN 3
ESPN 3 can be accessed via numerous streaming platforms including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, Google TV and via computers all through the watch ESPN app and website. In order to access the service customers must be able to provide a cable password. FOUR!

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Ryan Michael Downey

Are you looking for something good to watch on TV this summer? With the fall season still months away and the summer movie offerings underwhelming, viewers may be looking for some forms of escapism.  Now that summer TV has become the realm of reality TV and competitions it means there is little scripted TV with a few exceptions like TNT’s Falling Skies, CBS’s Under The Dome and Extant. Today we are going to give you a list of shows you might not have discovered yet because of their absence on traditional networks. In between beach trips and cookouts binge on some entertainment from the online networks.

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Does Roku have the best channel selection on set-top box market. It certainly has the biggest and it has it by leaps and bounds over its competitors. Roku regularly advertises that it has over 1000 + channels. We counted and in fact there are 1,702 at the moment. That is an impressive number no doubt. But inside those numbers are some tough realities. The not so well hidden secret about Roku’s massive library is that there are a number of poorly conceived channels that make it in to the channel store. There are even channels that have little to no content at all.

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The Amazon Fire TV is a top notch streaming box on many levels. Its quad core processor is an industry leader in speed and performance. Its graphics capabilities for casual and even more involved gaming is notable and its interface both visually and function wise are sharp. Having owned and used a Fire TV since its debut I have noticed some deficiencies that Amazon may want to address in order to broaden its appeal.

New apps section
The Fire TV pushes out new apps fairly often, but not on an apparent regular schedule. More problematic for users is there is not an obvious place to check for new apps. Roku has a section of its app store just for new channels.

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If you have not experienced XBMC for yourself you may be missing out on something. HTPCS were once the only way to view online content andxbmc-logo-grey view digital media to a television set and XBMC was and still is one of the most popular ways to utilize such a set up. These days there are so many ways to access XBMC including HTPC’s from tablets, phones, rooted Apple TV’s all the way to boxes built around the program. A number of companies are producing high quality media boxes designed with XBMC and more in mind that do not require any hacking or unlocking. Today we are going to compare two products from The Jynxbox line, the Jynxbox M1V2 Pure Linux and the Jynxbox M6.