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This week’s Roku Channel Review is a short one. There were only 8 new channels released. My favororite out of this batch is Newsy. It is well designed and lives up to its name. The new Study Gateway may be a real favorite for bible study fans too. Lots of information available for an affordable price. If you want to add a channel just click on the picture to the left of the description. Check it all out bellow. Stream on my friends.

Great collection of short clips produced for the Internet to catch you up on the latest current events and entertainment news. The reports pull from solid reputable websites and video sources. Reminds me a great deal of The AOL ON News Service.


Fifties TVFifties TV
Collection of grainy black and white TV shows from the 1950s. While the 1950 did give us clasicks like I Love Lucy it also gave us a lot of others. Want to see the others, you can for only .99 per month, ehhhh. Too much of this content can be found elsewhere.
TikiliveTiki Live
This is a channel with some potential though it has not yet been met. The channel allows users to check out multiple categories of video content but the only drawback is that the quality is inconsistent. Users also must register an account with the service to use the Roku Channel. Registration is free though. There is an option to start your own channel. I have not explored that but it bears further study.

Study GatewayStudy Gateway
Collection of Bible Study and Christian educational resorce videos backed by Thomas Nelson a leading religious book and Bible publisher. For 7.95 per month the service provides a decently extensive amount of content that those looking for resources in this field could really take advantage of.


Collection of beautiful screen savers for Roku. Don’t know if it is worth a monthly charge of $2.00. There are a lot of these sort of nickle and dime priced channels for Roku. The screen savers are cool though. Bright colors multiple categories. I just think a reoccurring charge is a bit much to ask when users can use Instagram and so many other sources for pretty screen savers already even great ones for one time fees.


Centenary UMCCentenary UMC
5 on demand services from Centenary United Methodist church complete with announcements. Hate to have missed that fellowship dinner. I bet they had Chicken and good pies.

Proclaiming JusticePJTN
Offers on demand and live options though there was never any live content when I checked. The programming was a bit conspiratorial and accusatory. Sort of feels like type of things you hear when you travel through the mountains. 9 on demand videos offered.
SOGR RadioSOGR Radio

This is exactly what it advertises as. It is a Gospel readio station streaming thoruhg the Roku. It plays Christian themed music live all day and night. If this is yout choice of music you will like. If this is not you will not.

This was a big week for streaming with the roll out of Sling Television on multiple devices. To see our YouTube review of Sling Television click here or check out the video here or at the bottom of the screen. We did not feature it in the weekly channel list due to the extensive coverage we already dedicated to it on the site. To see our take on the rest of the the new channels take a look. Stream on my friends.

Rooster TeethRooster Teeth
A grouping of multiple YouTube channels in one package. Features Rooster Teeth (news on video games and fun randomness, Slow Mo Guys (People who film activities in slow motion for effect, Let’s Play (people playing vs games against each other, The Know (a fun facts video blog)


UntitledIndie Wrestling Channel
Large collection of matches from various independent wrestling promotions. Not the WWE Network but it is not trying to be. Could be a real favorite. The videos take viewers in to the smaller venues like high school gyms and rec centers where wrestlers go to get their start and sadly fade away. The video is often a bit choppy and appears to be filmed by people who happen to be at the venues.


interactive collection of video streams shot in full HD at beautiful locations. The idea is to create a custom library of relaxing scenes like waterfalls, ponds valleys etc. All feature natural sound like birds chirping, crickets and whatever else is in the area. This would be very nice to have going while trying to fall asleep and the creators even build in a sleep timer. Channel charges based on Bundled hours. This channel will make you say Ahhhhhhhh.


Think Cloud TV. This is a subscription based channel that gathers a number of Roku pay channels and live sports streams into packages and allows users to pay one far lower price for all of them. We have all seen one note channels with $2.00-$3.00 monthly charges. KLOWD TV organizes things so that you pay say $4.00 for 8 channels. It’s a mini bundle. Some of the content is right strong. For more info check their website.


Cricket 2015ESPN Cricket
Provides live streaming and replays of Cricket from the top teams in the world. Serves as a home for the ICC Cricket World Cup. Appears to be built on the same engine that ESPN utilizes for Watch ESPN but is not part of the package/free for cable subscribers. In fact it costs $99.00 to watch the Cricket World Cup. This is definitely one for enthusiasts not casual observers.


Short videos for centered around private aviation. I took a look at a number of them and it appears that the are all musical in nature. High quality video. The only weakness of this channel is that while it is set up in a grid there are no labels or categories.


Sport FishingSport Fishing
Tips and demonstrations centered around fishing for sport. There are demos of knot tying, professional high tech fishing equipment and music video compilations featuring short clips from various events.


Field and streamField & Stream
Channel from Field & and Stream a highly reputable outdoor life publication. The Roku channel features information on hunting equipment including riffle demonstrations, tips and just general clips from the field. Could use some organization and polish but I could see it growing over time.


Nice collection of mostly how to videos. How to chop an onion, prepare meat for smoking etc. Not a recipe video blog like many of the cooking channels we see in the channel store. Also features a few shorts of colorful locals. The channel is actually quite helpful if you would like to learn new preparation methods. Graphics and art are spot on but it needs organization.


Cycle WorldCycle World
No Lance Armstrong here. This is a channel full of information about motorcycles with clips from conventions, videos of bikes in action and more. Again the channel could be far better organized but it does provide exactly what you would expect to see based on the title of the channel.


Popular sciencePopular Science
Roku channel branded by the highly recognizable Popular Science publication and Website. Considering the immense library of content that this organization has the rights to I would have expected a little more from this channel. The channel does not have labeled categories so it is not easy to find some of the very cool and educational content. The rows are actually themed just poorly labeled.



Outdoor LifeOutdoor Life
See field and stream description, same publisher almost the same content.

Video Review Sling TV

This week’s Roku Channel List is an excellent group of new entries. It features a new live TV stream, something for cult movie fans a wonderful new DVR utility and some great campy martial arts films. We will take quality over quantity any day.

Tablo is a channel that is set up to interface with the Tablo over the air DVR. Tablo is a separate piece of hardware that must be purchased and registered on a users home network ahead of time. The channel will display over the air channels pulled in from an antenna. For more on Tablo see our story here.


PokemonPokemon TV
Collection of 67 different Pokemon episodes from multiple series. Unfortunately there is no obvious pattern to the episodes outside of being organised based on the specific Pok’emon series the episode originated from. A great find of fans of the toys, cards and shows.


Bonko TVBonko TV
This channel is a bit unfinished but I think it may have a great deal of potential. Its website lists channels like Movies, Sports Family and News along with live music and talk radio streaming. At the moment there is a Live TV feed with multiple original shows. More info about Bonko can be found on their official website.


Life TelevisionLife TV Network
On demand sermons and seminars from a church in Alabama. This is one of those which are a resource for community members but may not translate well to anybody else.



Miss Misery

Miss Misery’s Movie Massacre
Collection of Midnight movie fare from the folks behind the Suds channels. The movies are part of a series hosted by Miss Misery, a San Francisco based horror host who introduces each feature and pops in from time to time with fun commentary. The film selection is such fun campy stuff. The first feature is the original Little Shop of Horrors Add supported content. Over all this is a lot of fun.

Spouds Chop SockySpuds Chock Socky
Spuds is back to share a collection of older martial arts films. Martial arts films the way they were meant to be with poorly dubbed audio and fight scenes with the additional sounds of swishing sound effects. Great camp fun.




Prohetic Reality TVProphetic Reality TV
Small collection of on-demand music and clips from the ministry of Reeni Mederos. Channel provides instructions on how to get in touch with the ministry a link to its weekly live worship, 6 previous events and other promotional information about its organisation.

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This week’s Roku Channel Reviews story is short. After unloading 40 new channels last week, which was more than most can digest we get a bite sized update this week. The winner of the week as far as I am concerned is Bloomberg news a 24-7 live feed with a close second being Dance Party TV, an interactive game. Check out our reviews. If you like what you read click the icons to add the channel to your own Roku.

Golf Channel
No this is not the Golf Channel as in the NBC owned cable channel with live golf and commentary, It is information about Golf. It features golfing tips,  info on PGA events and tours of glamorous golf courses from across the US. Definitely an enthusiast channel but I wonder how they have the rights to use the name. Maybe I should launch a Roku Channel called HBO for Roku.

BloombergBloomerg TV+
I like this channel allot. It defaults to a live stream from Bloomberg TV, which is an Internet based financial network along the lines of CNBC. It has business and stock market news 24-7 which should be a real hit especially for those in the cord cutting community who miss that kind of thing. There are also curated on-demand clips about the movers and shakers in the news at the moment. Bloomberg had previously been available on Roku as a private channel.

Blood MoonBlood Moon Theater
If you are looking for a big collection of top of the line Horror films you won’t find anywhere else… than this is not the channel for you. Like many before it Blood Moon Theatre( how European) features 106 older science fiction films from the 1950s-through the early 1970s. Not that there is not some fun ktch content but the channel feels like too many others. Like other collections there are some recognizable performers to be found including Yul Bryner and Chrsistopher Lee but the majority of this content is B grade.

CurrentCurrent FM
Listed as Positive Music, this is a christian radio stations that features music from across the plane of the genre. While you would typaically expect to hear country and even pop music with a Christian theme this live radio channel plays rap, Hip Hop Metal Music and more all wrapped in shroud of Christian music. Channel also features collection of themed pod-casts.

Dance PartyDance Party
Quite possibly the most innovative game to come along on the Roku 3 since its debut. Games have been available for Roku since the Roku XS but this is the first that takes advantage of the Roku’s motion tracking remote using what the game creators call Rolomotion™ technology. You can get a workout and have a good time with this one. Users can try the game out on IOS devices too.

Live Church Services

Teach All Nations Ministries
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Last week was a busy week for Roku. There were over 40 channels added. You may notice something different about our guide today. We have decided to remove the Add channel link. You can still add the channel from our site. All you have to do is click on the icon for the selected channel. Enjoy.

-Ryan Downey

Trophy PursuitTrophy Pursuit
This is a channel for hunting enthusiast. It features a collection of decently produced webisodes that take viewers out into the great wide open. Would not recommend the channel to Peta people, but it is a good resource for those who want to learn more about deer hunting.



Silent NightSilent Night
This is part of what appears to be a new trend on Roku, which has long been a place to find public domain movies. This is a collection of silent movies complete with music and captions. It is a real time capsule. I would hardly go see a silent movie version of the Avengers but from a historical perspective its kind of fascinating to see the old film making style in action. Features a section of who else Charlie Chaplin.


Movie ClubMovie Club
Decent collection of public domain movies. I ran across some old science fiction stuff I had never noticed. Maybe I just missed it on other channels of the same sort but the layout is simple to navigate and selection is strong for this type of channel. Plan 9 from Outer Space included of course. It’s the Netflix of public domain films.


Trauma Recovery UniversityTrauma Recovery University
This is a collection of videos meant to help victims of abuse from home. They appear to be done via skype or another video chat program. Some of the information looks very practical. Though it is not not a substitute for outright counseling.



Christian Movie ChannelChristian Movie Channel
This channel did not have any actual Christian movies. There is a collection of Movie trailers, Interviews with Christian movie actors but no films. I don’t know if there is some sort of intention to start including them at a later date. Rolling out a channel like this is a big mistake. There is an audience for Christian movies and TV shows but companies need to stop over promising and under delivering.


Clayton ShepherdClayton Shepherd Ministries
Channel features 82 sermons by Shepherd as well as a collection of prayers to address various subjects. The channel is organized by sermon subject and is easy to navigate. Wondered why the Weekly Sermon Archive stops in November. With a little updating this could be a decent channel for its genre.



Word HookWord Hook
Word game like hangman except missing the work gets fish caught. Bad if you are a fish good if you are hungry. Typical simple Roku game. Most of them make the special remote seem like overkill.



Dam Its GoodDam Its Good
Collection of comedy videos including a number of musical parodies. There are a number or celebrity impersonations. A lot of the content reminds of the stuff on the YouTube channel Epic Rap Battles of History. Good fun for a slow day.



Pranksters ModelModel Pranksters
This channel sounds like it would be better than it is. Pretty women funny pranks. How could it go wrong. The problem is the reaction of the audience. Most people just don’t seem to get it. They are not scared enough, shocked enough and so on. To me the reaction is the fun part of the joke.



DM PranksDM Pranks
Small collection of scare and social experiment pranks based on the YouTube channel of the same name. I have a weakness for the scary pranks. I hope that does not make me a bad person. I don’t know how these guys don’t get hurt in these situations. See clowns jump out of dark corners and terrorize random victims.


LA Dodgers centric channel chocked full of player interviews along with baseball tips from pro tips for you. Kind of an uneven channel that should really be branded as a Dodgers channel more so than a general subject channel.



The Platoon of PowerThe Platoon of Power Squadron
This is a bit different. It is a collection of episodes from a web series featuring a poor man’s justice league. There are 8 episodes overall and each is broken up in to multiple segments of about 5 minutes.



Bhaynas KitchenBhavna’s Kitchen
nice collection of Indian recipes with Bhavna taking us step by step through the preparation of a number of scrumptious recipes. What you lose in YouTube styled cooking shows often is the preparation steps. She adds chopped potatoes but you don’t see how to cut them etc. So unfortunately you can not turn on the TV and follow along.


Message Of ChangeMessage of Change
Message of change is like a one on one at home Bible Study. Each verse is broken down in detail with commentary and relevant information about meaning and context. Could be a tool for personal education or even act as a guide for a group. Appears to be a work in progress not all books of the Bible are represented.


Love IsraelLove Israel
A-verse-by-verse breakdown of the Bible but only the book of Zacharia and the Book of Mark. This channel obviously has a lot of growing to do. Will it be fruitful and multiply. If you add it I guess you will find out.



Shout Factory TVShout Factory TV
This channel has a lot to offer including a large collection of MSTK3 movies 32, Classic TV Shows like Dennis the Menace and a wide selection of rather lesser known movies including some apparent late-night fare.



MTMT Movie Trailers
A collection of old movie trailers. I guess they felt the need to make up for not having YouTube, Flixter and others. The clips are clear and restored. You will have a chance to relive a bit of your childhood and maybe even your parents childhood.



Full ScreenFull Screen Selects
This channel collects curated YouTube clips from some of the more humorous independent creators on the web. It is nicely organized in to categories. Popular, Entertainment, Comedy, Series, Screw Attack (all game humor) and Prank videos. It is a great place to check out trending amusements.



There are two channels called babes this week. They have almost identical content. I flipped a coin and chose to share a review of this one. This is pretty much a celeb gossip clip collection. Watch out though it could develop in to guilty pleasure.



Universal NewsreelUniversal Newsreel
This is neat stuff for historians. It is a large collection of newsreels, the current events news information shorts that used to play before full features at the movie theaters before TV News was king. Combine this with one of the old movies on movie club and you can imagine you travelled through time, until you realize you are watching it on an HD TV and getting the video from a computer the size of your fist.


Barak TVBaraK TV
Nope not that Barak. He can be on TV whenever he wants. This is a Christian educational channel of sorts. There is a stunningly uneven collection of videos from a variety of sources along with a live feed of Barak TV that I never managed to see in action.



The Gardening ChannelThe Gardening Channel
This is a channel with some very practical information on you guessed it gardening. Some of us have green thumbs and some of us have fumble hands. Checking out these videos may help change the shade of skin on those hands a bit. My only criticism is that there could and should be a lot more.



Arts & Crafts ChannelArts and Crafts Channel
15 videos that help teach origami and Jewelry making. The channels designers share where to get the materials used in the designs which is a nice touch. Not very much content here though.
Roku did not provide a link for this channel



Travel Tourism Channels
These channels are blocked together because each is essentially the same concept with different locales. There is a lot of info about what to do in each country. They are well produced and well shot for an on the road blog. If you are looking to travel to any of these places check these channels out. It may help you map out your next big adventure.

The Reunion ChannelSpain Travel










Italy TravelHawaii





California TravelThe Cuba Channel



Cuba (that was fast)



Paid Movie Collections
There was a slew of paid movie collections last week. Like the Travel stations each movie selection is interchangeable. The majority of the content in each and every channel consists of grainy old TV shows and public domain films. You can call it golden age all you want its just old. The worst thing is that there is far too much overlap between each channel. Each costs 99 cents per month.

Robin Hood HeavenRobin Hood Heaven
Collection of the Adventures of Robin Hood series.


Mystery Movie NightMystery Movie Night
Small Collection of public domain mystery features. Features early depictions of Sherlock Holmes, dick Tracy and more. Need I mention that this is a pay channel with public domain movies again?

War Movie ChannelWar Movie Channel
Nope no Patton.Get ready for the movies that used to play on Sunday afternoon before they invented football on TV. Thank you NFL. If you recognize any of these films congratulations on hanging in that long.




Sherlock Holmes HeavenSherlock Holmes
Did you know that Sherlock Holmes was not always based in modern times. Take a trip back through time where Watson was fat and bumbling and they wore hats. Collection of Sherlock Holmes television programs along with a collection of Sherlock Holmes movies. No Robert Downey Jr unfortunately. No HD quality either.


Spies PIsSpies Pi’s and Bounty Hunters
This is Mystery movie night again with the order changed. I’m sorry I call them like I see them. Nearly identical cast of characters.




Live Church Channels

Celebration Church!details/52305/celebration-church

Calvary Christian Fellowship!details/49074/calvary-christian-fellowship


Bethany Baptist Church!details/52253/at-bethany-live-service

Philadelphia Romanian!details/52129/philadelphia-rom.-pent.-church

 Assumption Catholic Church Seattle!details/49875/assumption-catholic-church

John Lee DumasJohn Lee Dumas- Entrepreneur On Fire
Posdcast with stories and interviews from people who have gotten rich from investments and of course a little luck. Will it work for you. I don’t know. There are not exactly new billionaires every day. If they tell you to send money give it some pause.



Empowerment TVEmpowerment TV
Channel based around the teachings of the Empowerment Center of Arlington Texas. It features a small selection of on demand programming, a live feed which is a continuous stream of archived programming, mostly sermons and teaching sessions as well as a radio/podcast section. I find the presenter’s accent tough to understand and that the videos are very poor quality.


The Fizzle ShowThe Fizzle Show
Business advice about entrepreneurship with practical advice. How to file reports, how to reach a new audience etc. Not a bad tool box to add to your collection. Each topic is labeled. To be an audio podcast if it quite lively.




Be Wealthy and SmartBe Wealthy Healthy and Smart
Marketed to women and (smart men) this podcast is another that interviews numerous successful people to share success  strategies for business. One problem about formats like this is you begin to hear too many conflicting ideas, Stand out, Blend in, Be brash, Walk softly etc. But all of this stuff is good for brainstorming.



Truth For LifeTruth For Life
Either This church held a number of sermons at one time or most of its videos were uploaded on October, 28 2014. My guess is the latter. Either way this is a church channel with weekly Sunday Sermons in an on demand format. It is current for January but appears to be missing all of December.



Juicing RadioJuicing Radio
No it is not hosted by Mark McGwire. Was your New Years resolution to loose weight through making your own juices and exercising. Then you have a new favorite Roku channel. This sort of would be a good match with Green Smoothie Habit  seen here 



Earn Your SpursEarn Your Spurs
This is a podcast about Western Lifestyle and culture featuring host Alyssa Barnes and her guests as they educate listeners and entertain by sharing stories from colorful personalities. Reminds me of an NPR feel.




Coach TVCoach TV
Stories and advise from coaches concerning high school and middle school football. The podcast features motivational techniques and wisdom for coaches and anyone who is interested in getting a more behind the scenes view of a football team in general. Its a fun listen for a sports fan, but has not been updated recently.



90 days to Abundance90 Days to abundance
Josh Elledge presents very practical everyday advice for saving money. Things like how to know the difference between a trus discount and when a price has been marked down from a ripoff in the first place, or how to cook in a  way that saves money. The tips he gives are going to make an impact immediately. Pretty cool.



East Valdese ChurchEast Valdese baptist Church 
Channel with live feeds of the weekly service at the tittle church as well as one video featuring the previous sermon.





RootsThe Roots Channel
For $9.00 a month you get hand-picked concerts from performers from across a large swath of music. The performers are not household names but are very good at the form of music they perform. Also features free music videos, and instructional videos on certain instruments. In an odd twist there are sustainable living and documentary videos as well. This is sort of a strange mix of information but shows potential. Seems like Vevo for Indies.


You get what you pay for unless you pay for the Vincon Channel. There is little to no current information on this channel to a point where I regret plopping down the 6 dollars for it. Would have rather had a hamburger. around 30 poorly produced videos strewn about multiple catagories. Want to learn more about the Caribbean? Find a free news source.








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Well this is the last channel review of the year, and it is a short one. There were three new entries this week. Time is by far the most interesting one. Check the review out and use our links anything that stands out to your collection and make sure to check us out every week Roku Channel Reviews.

Short informational videos typically about 3 minutes long. Some contain commentary and others contain captions that tell the story. This is a nice way to better understand important issues in the world. The video content is exceedingly well produced.

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Crime and DramaCrime and Drama
There is nothing new here friends. This is another one of many many public domain movie channel like so many others with a focus on crime movies. The logo is one of the best I have seen from this type of channel. Might be a good channel to put on if you want to fall asleep in front of the TV.
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Casino SlotsCasino Slots
Would you like to experience the excitement of a slot machine from home? Well you can’t because you don’t win money or see it pouring in to a bucket or even have the excitement you get from one of those “business centers” around town. Save your money for a real slot machine somewhere.
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Roku Channel Reviews 12/19/2014
Art StreamArt Stream
A channel that pans over individual pieces of art for just a little less than a minute. Could be nice if you could view it as a slide show but as it is and with only 12 selections this is not a very worthwhile entry.


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Extreme SportsExtreme Sports

Two collections of short films one paid and one free. The free and pay section differ a lot with the premium section containing more current and on topic content while the free section is built around older films and are decidedly less “extreme” much more documentary like. Can be used as a screen saver.

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Bako TubeBako Tube
Localized high school sports channel for Bakersfield California. One of those channels far far more interesting to those who live in the area that it serves than anyone else. Has video segmentst about High School sports Local racing, local minor league Hockey as well as college and local news. Looks goof for the folks it serves but totally unhelpful for the rest of us.

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Party TriviaParty Trivia
I love this idea. If you are a trivia person like me this is a wonderful conept to try. Users can use their wireless devices to compete in trivia games through the Roku. This is a great example of interactive television and is one of the more innovative games on Roku by far.
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