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KlowdTV, the curated Internet content provider has added Apple TV to a list of streaming platforms that includes Roku, Fire TV IOS, Android, PC’s MACs and numerous smart TV’s. The service combines multiple Internet-based channels into a comprehensive grid offering streamers access to sports, news Kids programming, foreign language programming from Mexico and Columbia as well as entertainment channels. One channel that really stands out is FNTSY Sports Network. It is a sports channel dedicated to fantasy sports. It features a great deal of content from who to start, what’s hot and more to help fantasy sports fans keep on top of the games and leagues they love.

KlowdTV provides users with Live News, Sports and entertainment along with children's programming.
KlowdTV provides users with Live News, Sports and entertainment along with children’s programming. Click here for 7 day preview.

It’s sort of like ESPN for Fantasy Sports. Sky News is another standout channel featureing 24 hour international coverage based out of Britain. For those with young children kids ducktv serves as a source of calm soothing imagery. Js tthe kind of thing you might use to help a baby fall asleep for that much needed nap in the swing or vibrating chair.

DVR Included
Klowd TV gives users a chance to record shows for later viewing with a cloud based DVR service that can be used to record anything available on KlowdTV. It is very easy to use. Simply select the desired programming and press record and the service will snag it for later viewing allowing you to pause and fast forward.  

To try Klowd TV for a week Click Here

Video Demo KlowdTV

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Target Ticket launched with high hopes of competing with Amazon, iTunes and other services by growing an audience based on brand recognition from its many retail outlets. But unfortunately the Reverse Amazon game did not work out for the company. Did Target do anything wrong to fail? Maybe not. Check out our video bellow for more perspective.

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Service will shut down as another on-demand company folds

Another supposed Netflix killer has given up. Target is ending its attempt to enter the on demand movie business. That’s two on-demand services up in smoke in less than 12 months, the other of course being Red Box Instant. If you do not recall, Redbox Instant was going to “kill” Netflix by letting people drive to their kiosks for 4 movies a month and offering a tiny group streaming tittles most of which were also found on Netflix. But this is not really about Netflix. No on-demand service can compete with Netflix for eyes because Netflix operates as a channel while on-demand PPV services are stores. It is really no different than expecting Red Box to beat NBC. It would cost someone 4 times as much as a monthly Netflix account to watch the last season of Breaking Bad by purchasing each episode separately. And the market for on demand TV shows also includes Hulu and Hulu Plus, which allow users to see a majority of the most popular shows on television one day later. Even with Target on the way out there are too many on-demand video stores but there is probably enough room for the big three.

The Big Three of On Demand
There are a couple of big players in the on-demand video market and a bunch of others trying to fight for relevancy. But the truth is the Apple, Amazon and Google Play suck most of the air out of the room when it comes to on-demand attention. Their platforms are integrated in to their own branded screens. Unfortunately for almost everyone else besides Netflix people are not looking to add an extra video app that has essentially the same movie or TV show selection, especially if it means taking up more memory on a limited tablet or phone, having to register, get more junk mail /spam, navigating a new pay structure and so on. And these upstarts give new users very little incentive to do so. Target ticket advertised free movie rentals for new customers and then proceeded to try to entice people with titles like Cocoon 2 or Big Trouble in Little China. Target was fishing with rubber worms with that offer and consumers did not bite. Wal-Mart is desperately trying to get people to use Vudu to the point of releasing its own dongle with just Vudu included on it.

Let the Countdown Begin
Time is running out for the rest of the services. And the clock will likely strike midnight when Showtime and HBO establish streaming only channels. If they are priced well people will use one service or another to access their fill of new releases and likely continue to turn to the services they already have at their fingertips for the rest.

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One of the easiest ways to watch American TV stations online is a service called USTV Now. The service, which is available via its home page as well as through apps for XBMC and a private channel

US TV Now Provides US TV Channels Online
US TV Now Provides US TV Channels Online

for Roku allows users to watch an American based cable package overseas. Viewers using the service via a browser can access the basic networks; CBS, NBC, ABC, CW, Fox and PBS for free. Apple TV users can access the service via mirroring and a compatible laptop or IOS device.

So you got a new Roku. Now you are probably saying “What Roku Channels should I add?” The company advertises nearly 2000 channels. You can’t watch that many and a number of them may not appeal to the average buyer. Some are more like apps, some are games etc. Today we are going to present a list of channels/apps that no Roku should be without.

You can’t start a list like this and leave off Netflix. If you have not used Netflix before here it is in a nutshell. The largest collection of movies and television shows that can be found legally on the Internet. Roku started as a platform for Netflix streaming and has grown from there. From critically acclaimed original

Netflix is the standard bearer for streaming.
Netflix is the standard bearer for streaming.

series, cheesy sci-fi like Sharknado 2 to blockbusters like

Adult Empire Pic
Adult Empire Unlimited offers 2 day trial packages for 2.99.

While Roku does not have an adult section in their expansive channel store it allows developers to develop private channels and that is exactly what Adult Empire Unlimited has done. The channel which adds new videos 7 days a week is available to members of its monthly “Unlimited” subscription based service. For as little as $0.50 a day (for year long subscribers) the company offers over 27,000 full movies and discounts on merchandise available on the company’s website. Because of the way it is organized some have called Adult Empire unlimited a Netflix for porn. So the question of is there adult content on Roku is yes and no. It is certainly not in the public channel store, but the company appears to condone it through unofficial channels.

Adult channels on Roku continue track record of the adult industry in mass media

The adult industry has been present in the mass media since there has been a mass media and as video delivery has evolved from the movie screen to TVAdult Empire Dani screens adult entertainment has evolved with it. According to many it has heavily influenced the home video industry by picking favorites effectively ending the debate between Betamax and VHS as well as HD DVD’s and Bluray. Now that the trend is rocketing towards online on demand instant content, companies like Adult Empire Unlimited have begun positioning themselves to be a landing place for those searching for adult content on Roku which has been quietly mainstreaming viewing Internet content on TV screens since 2008.

Adult Empire Signup page here


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Streaming media is giving many people a voice who would otherwise would not have had one. One voice that is determined to be heard is that ofRHN Logo The Real Hip Hop Network (RHN). RHN, which recently launched a Roku channel see our update here, is one part entertainment vehicle one part mission. The company has been in operation since 2004 working to dispel negative stereotypes about black America and provide an authentic balanced message to both a US and world audience. It’s CEO Atonn Muhammad feels that Hip Hop has an important place in the cultural landscape not just as an entertainment vehicle but because of its potential to educate it audience about the world at large. “Hiphop was where I learned about Steven Biko, Nelson Mandela, and Marcus Garvey,” said Muhammad. “I didn’t learn about them in school I learned about them in the classroom of hip hop. It made me go back and study these gentlemen.” Muhammad and RHN aim to teach future generations more about their experience.

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CalenderVery few parents look at the calendar as school is wrapping up and say “I plan to sit my kids in front of the TV for two straight months.  Those with the time, money and availability plan getaways, museum days, trips to the movies , day camps and other activities but even the most open parents are going to have days where running back and forth to the pool or park or mall is just not in the cards. On those days a good source of family friendly entertainment is worth its weight gold and the good news is that not much of the treasury has to be spent to supply it. In our household we found that cable is not the answer. Disney and Nick have too many teenybopper soap opera shows on to keep the attention of our child who is 7 and a bit passed the Handy Manny’s and Thomas the Trains of the world. This is why we use streaming channels to pass the time when needed.

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NetflixSummer is fast arriving and that means the kids will be back in the house and most scripted TV will be out of commissionAmazon Instant Video Logo. So
unless your family plans to sidle up to the TV and watch reality shows and people running through obstacle courses finding content to watch could be challenging. An option that many people turn to this time of year is streaming. Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant are two of the most popular services available for online video viewing. For new users it can be difficult to tell the differences and a few years ago there were very few. While there is still some definite overlap Over the past year or so the two services have been moving in different directions providing some distinctive differences between the two. Both have strengths and weaknesses.

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FilmOn, the controversial and popular app found on XBMC and other media server programs is again available for Roku set-top boxes as a private channel. This is not the first instance of FilmOn that has been available for Roku and we do not know if its addition will be a permanent one. But until we are informed otherwise we can report that the channel is in fact active. Learn more about it and how to get it bellow.