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Last week we took advantage of the chance to sign up for a month-long preview of Seeso, the new streaming comedy option from NBC Universal. We added the new Roku channel and dove in to see what its offerings are like and how well the app works in general. Also, see our Seeso Review video below.

Overall I think it offers a great deal of content for a low price, $3.99. It has a colorful interface that is easy to navigate. All of its content is broken down into logical categories and playlists and there is a large variety of options for comedy fans from older British content right up to the most current episodes of Saturday Night live.

Truncated SNL
One major negative for me about Seeso is that even though this is NBC universal and they should have very little trouble securing the rights to the episodes the shows omit a good chunk of sketches as well as the musical performances. I’m sure in many cases the lack of musical performers does not bother most viewers though it does mean that we can’t relive some of the more memorable moments in the show’s history like the music dubbing problems that have exposed various artists as well as the controversial Sinead O’Conner appearance where she ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul II. This is a reverse of many versions of SNL syndication the included both musical performances in an hour-long format that also included commercials meaning that there was less time for the actual sketch comedy.  So for those looking to see Michael Jordan as the “First Black Harlem Globetrotter, or Alec Baldwin as “The Mimic” I am afraid you are out of luck. I am not familiar enough with some of the other content to be able to say whether the same thing occurs with other sketch-based shows. They better not have taken the “Eradicator” from The Kids in the Hall.

Potential for Growth
There is obvious room for this service to grow. As it secures the rights to more programming and expands on a small collection of original shows and features Seeso will have the potential to become a dynamic offering. With the kind of content it has I feel the app should offer a “live stream”. When I say live I don’t mean filmed live, as much as I mean a curated scheduled stream that would give users a lean back experience.

When Sling TV launched with the best of live TV package and more the service only allowed users to access the service on one device at a time. The company is experimenting with a beta program that will allow users to access the service on more than one device. At the moment, the selections are a little different for the beta product and the regular Sling Best Of live TV option. Check out our video to learn more.

Sling TV Multi Device Streaming Option Demo

Since the G-Box Q 2.0 update rolled out we have been getting a lot of emails as to how to update the G-box Q. Unfortunately I can’t answer every email I get no matter how much I appreciate hearing from our supporters (thank you btw). So I did the next best thing. I blanked my own G-Box Q and made a video to show everyone how to do the update starting from the computer to the reset. Check it out bellow. See a written guide here.

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The YouTube Gaming Channel could be a big hit

We had a chance to take a good look at the YouTube game channel today and I must say it feels like a hit. Right now it is not available through the set-top box versions of the app but the computer based one is solid. It gives users a number of options from live game streaming, to information on games, previews, commentary, and the ability to follow given players. Users can also look up information on their favorite games and see videos and other information. The interface is very nice. video gaming has matured tremendously in the past 3 years and is becoming a major media force. Competitions are beginning to be televised, the purses for winning a given contest are getting huge and with the money and attention there is even drug testing. While YouTube may seem a little late to the party it is certainly positioned to make a major impact on this space. Take a look at our YouTube Gaming Channel Video Review Video to see it in action.

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Amazon recently updated its firmware to allow for mirroring with a Windows 8.1 computer. Here we provide step by step instructions to do so with your own computer. See our video at the bottom of the screen for a demonstration.

Step 1. Press the home button on the Fire TV remote

Start by holding down the home button and selecting mirroring
Start by holding down the home button and selecting mirroring

Step 2. Select Mirroring
Step 3. On your Windows 8.1 Laptop move your cursor to the upper right hand corner and select devices.

Move the courser to the upper right hand corner of the computer screen and select devices.
Move the courser to the upper right hand corner of the computer screen and select devices.

Step 4. Select the option Project
Fire TV Mirroring 3
Step 5. Select Add wireless display

Select add Wireless display.
Select add Wireless display.

Step 6. Allow your computer to find your Fire TV device or add it by clicking the (+)

Your computer will find the Fire TV on your network.
Your computer will find the Fire TV on your network.

Step 7. Select your Fire TV
Step 8. Your Fire TV should begin mirroring your PC

Your Fire TV should begin to display your computer shortly.
Your Fire TV should begin to display your computer shortly.

How to Mirror a Windows 8.1 computer on Amazon Fire TV


HBO is the name for premium as far as most viewers go.

What is Better HBO Now or HBO on Sling TV? Because of a combination of second hand dissemination as well as outright poor reporting the two completely separate services have become entangled and in some cases both have been labeled as HBO-Go. Let’s explain what is really offered with these two services.


HBO Now is a free-standing service owned and operated by HBO. It is currently available on the IOS family of devices including the Apple TV, iPad’s, Apple computers and the iPod touch. The service is almost a carbon copy of HBO-Go. The difference of course is that HBO-Go is an outgrowth of an HBO cable subscription while HBO Now does not require a subscription.  It offers on-demand programming including a full catalog of HBO’s original series from the last 20 years, a large collection of Hollywood hit movies, as well as HBO’s comedy specials and sports programming. There is no live feed. Think of it like a Netflix for HBO fans. It costs $15.00 with no strings attached.

Sling TV HBO

Sling Television offers its customers HBO as part of the Internet TV service. In order to access HBO on Sling TV, customers must purchase the Best of Live TV package ($20.00) which is the most basic introductory package offered by Sling. The “Best of Live TV” package offers a collection of pay TV channels including AMC, TBS, ESPN, ESPN 2, TNT among others. The HBO addon costs $15.00.

The HBO addon works more like a traditional channel. It has a live feed of HBO so that viewers can see HBO programming as it airs to HBO subscribers on other platforms. The difference is that there is only one feed of HBO vs the multiple HBO channels (HBO 2, HBO Family etc) found on a cable package. The service offers on demand content including HBO’s blockbuster movies, and selections from HBO’s original series. At the time of this writing not every episode of every HBO series is available. I have been told by representatives from Sling that the service will be able offer full access to HBO’s series in the future. As of right now the company has made sure that all episodes of the popular Game of Thrones are available.

Full Cost
Cost $35.00 = ($20.00 Best of Live TV) + ($15.00 for HBO)

Which service is better?

Which offering is best is according to ones needs? At the moment HBO Now is only available on IOS devices. This is only going to be the case through the first three months of the service. So by July the service will almost definitely be available on other platforms. It is not at all unreasonable to expect to find it on Roku and the Fire TV as well as Android devices. HBO has yet to say which platforms will carry the service but I just can’t imagine HBO is going to leave out major players like the ones mentioned above.

HBO Now is very easy and straightforward. Its interface is easy to navigate. Access to the huge library of programming including current shows like Game of Thrones and Real Time is very convenient.

Sling is able to offer the Live feed which means that one does not have to wait until the next day to see their favorite programming. There is an advantage in this for those who favor event television. The debut of a series like Game of Thrones is big new and Sling users get to be in the middle of the discussion. Once the service is able to offer a more complete catalog of series the service will be quite compelling.

For the moment the choices are very clear. If you do not have an IOS device HBO Now is unavailable. Sling offers its service across IOS (but not Apple TV) Mac, Android and PC’s along with Roku and the Fire TV. If you are a cord cutter without Apple products who wants to watch HBO content than your choice is Sling. If you are an Apple user who does not care whether there is access to live programming HBO Now is a natural choice. After the three month exclusive ends and the service becomes available on more devices and as Sling is able to offer the full catalog of HBO series the difference will come down to whether the customer wants HBO programming in conjunction with other channels or whether they want it on its own.

HBO On Sling TV Video

HBO Now Video Demo

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New device makes XBMC as easy as a Roku

We had a chance to work with the Mach 8 Pure Linux set top box recently and it is quite a product. We put together this

The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux and remote.
The Armada Mach 8 Pure Linux and remote.

demonstration video and video review for your viewing pleasure. Take a look at the Total Installer and Cloudword which could really separate this product from the pack. It is fast, it is easy to find new applications and has an elegant branded XBMC Interface.

To purchase the Mach 8 Pure Linux from Theater in a box Click here.
To Purchase the Mach 8 Pure Linux from Amazon click here

YouTube Video Review Mach 8 Pure Linux

The latest G-Box MX2 Firmware 1.2.2 is said to be more stable than previous builds. The design is colorful and a bit more basic than what has been seen on past builds. The hope on this build is that it will load correctly instead of locking up on the G-Box splash screen or the blue glowing G logo. The newest versions of the G-Box Firmware do not include XBMC. In order to add XBMC to a G-Box you must download it to an SD card from You will also have to add G-Apps. All of the links needed to set up the 1.2.2 firmware are available via the Matricom Wiki by clicking here.

Save all of the files directly to your SD card from the downloads folder of your browser. To do this go to your downloads folder and right chose the show in folder option. From there copy the file and paste it into the SD card. Use the same method for XBMC.

Follow the directions as listed on the Wiki and you should be all set. Happy streaming and check out our video bellow.

 Latest G-Box MX2 Firmware 1.2.2 Demo Video

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With Net Neutrality still up for grabs during the public comment period media members and and concerned citizens are educating the public on how the upcoming decision. Here we have two interesting takes. The first video is brought to you by CGP Grey, a talented educator and internet communicator. The second is the a video that has gone viral, Jon Oliver’s more comedic take on the matter.

CGP Grey on Net Neutrality

John Oliver On Net Neutrality

To Join the Conversation with the FCC click here!