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Finding new ways to add Kodi to the Fire TV is a popular past time. The CetusPlay app might be the most clever way to add Kodi and a number of apps to the Fire TV I have ever seen. The app for Android devices is both a remote control app and side loading app in one.  In order to get the app you can download it from the Google Play store. You will need a phone or tablet.

How to add Kodi to the Fire TV with the CetusPlay app

Start by downloading The CetusPlay app to your Android device Here

CetusPlay is a very easy app to use for sideloading new apps to the Fire TV.
CetusPlay is a very easy app to use for sideloading new apps to the Fire TV.



  1. Go to the settings section
  2. Navigate to System
  3. Navigate to Developer Options
  4. Open Developer Options and turn on ADB Debugging and Allow Apps from unknown sources
  5. Sign on to the same network as the Fire TV
    Launch the CetusPlay App
  6. Click on the app Center
  7. Click on install Kodi


The app will install and you are ready to go. For those without Android devices, there are still plenty of other ways to install Kodi on the Fire TV and Fire TV stick including the ES File Explorer.


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Most Popular Apps For Kodi in England are 3rd party apps. A story published in the Mirror, one of the UK’s top papers centers on the growing popularity of Kodi with Brittish users, The story though is focussing not on how users utilize its originally stated purpose of playing legally owned digital media but instead pointing out that researchers have discovered that as many as 20 million Brits a month look for tutorials on how to get add-ons meant to grab copyrighted content and deliver it to the users for free. 

Is This What Kodi Wants?

Kodi or (The XBMC Foundation) has been struggling to tear itself away from the perception that it is a platform meant for easily pirating movies, TV shows, Live sports events and music including movies that are currently playing on the big screen. The people behind the software bristle at the notion in fact and have attempted to shut down YouTube and websites that promote the use of the software for that reason. The controversy has caused Kodi to be removed from Amazon’s App Store Though it is part of the Google Play Store interestingly it is still perfectly easy to add Kodi to Amazon’s Fire TV devices. The available on the Google Play Store.

There are many people who think that Kodi has been a major part of the popularity of the Fire TV. Amazon of course, has never advertised as a Kodi compatible device yet according to accounts from numerous sales associates at big box stores who spoke with The Streaming Advisor people regularly purchase the Fire TV stick for this stated purpose. Amazon has also done little to keep the program from being able to be loaded onto the Fire TV despite the capability to do so.

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Are the XBMC foundations attacks on YouTubers and others hypocritical?

Amid the constant controversy surrounding the free open source media center known as Kodi, The group behind the program, The XBMC foundation has regularly maintained that it is not responsible for sharing copyrighted material such as movie and TV shows without permission. Through statements on its official blog see an example here Kodi essentially denies any culpability for users accessing copyrighted content illegally.

Kodi’s PR defense
Kodi attempts to defend accusations of piracy. In a blog post by  Nathan Betzen on Feb 14 2016, Betzen addressed the issue of users and illegal content saying it was up to the user as to what is accessed using the software. I call this the DVD defense because it is like saying DVD players are not meant for piracy but could be used for it. 

“Team Kodi maintains an officially neutral stance on what users do with their own software. Kodi is open source software, and as long as the GPL is followed, you are welcome to do with it as you like. So while we don’t love this use of Kodi, as long as you know what illegal and potentially dangerous things you are getting yourself into and accept the fact that the Team will not be providing you with any support, then you are welcome to do what you like.”- Nathan Betzen Feb 14, 2016. see the whole blog post here. 

Kodi has also fought back with posts from independent writers (Which Kodi heavily promoted on their own social media for maximum distribution) parroting its viewpoint. In an article by Engadget Senior HD editor Richard Lawler here, Lawler explains the fight between Kodi and YouTubers who promote third party addons heavily sourcing the same Kodi blog. In this excerpt from the story that appeared 2/14/16 Lawler sums up the controversy surrounding Kodi succinctly.
“One look around YouTube reveals setups touting “The Beast,” “Genesis” and others that promise access to current movies, cable TV and more without the issue of actually paying for any of them.

Kodi’s Official addons do allow users to access copyrighted content without paying for it

Kodi says that their media center is meant to provide users access to legally digitized copies of a user’s own legitimately purchased media library be it Hollywood, blockbusters, music or personal movies and pictures. For the record, Kodi does perform this function beautifully.

Betzen’s claims that Kodi has a hands-off approach when it comes to how users interact with Kodi as far as third party addons that provide access to copyrighted material is fair enough. After all, I can use my Toshiba Satelite computer to access any number of things thatToshiba does not have anything to do with including torrents, pornography and more. But given such a stance on Kodi’s official blog then we should certainly expect that Kodi’s official addons would not provide access to copyrighted material without up front logins and legitimate portals to the content right? Well, my friends, this is not the case at the moment.

Included with any install of the media center available on Kodi’s official website here users have access to a large number of what the foundation would refer to as legit addons that do not violate any copyright laws. But the fact is that Kodi’s official addon repository contains access to a number of addons based on the US and international TV stations that provide direct access to programming which in any other case would require an authentication from a cable provider in order to access the information.

Want evidence of this, we got it.

The NBC Sports Extra add-on for Kodi contains a live section seen in the picture bellow
Kodi Stealing 4

When users click the Golf Channel Live link they are immediately connected to a live stream of the Golf Channel. See the screen shot bellow and note the Kodi Media center UI at the bottom of the screen.

Kodi Stealing Golf Channel

Now here is what happens if you try to access the same info via the NBC Sports website by clicking the Watch Live arrow in the center of the screen.

Kodi Stealing Golf NBC

Users are asked to sign in with a cable provider. This is because the Golf Channel is part of a TV everywhere option meant for those who are paying for participating cable services. See pic bellow and note the NBC logo. Try this yourself here on the website http://www.golfchannel.com/

Kodi Stealing 5

SyFy Content Without Authentification 

Another example is the SyFy App, also available on Kodi’s official collection of addons.

We opened the SyFy app and chose to look at 12 Monkeys,  chose episode 12 of the current season.

Kodi Stealing Syfy Kodi App 1

Here we choose to select 12 Monkees.

kodi Stealing SyFy Kodi App 2

We choose episode 7 of 12 Monkeys Meltdown”.

Kodi Stealing SyFy 3 episode 7

Just like the NBC Sports Golf channel, 12 Monkees episode 7 was available, no login required. Again note the Kodi UI.

Kodi Stealing SyFy Meltdown

Again when we went to the SyFy channel website in order to test the same episode and see if it is available for free viewing, take a look at what happens.

Kodi Stealing 7 Syfy Website

We were again prompted to enter a cable login.

Kodi Stealing 8 Syfy Login

Is Kodi truly working to prevent its software from being used for Piracy? No
Both of these networks have apps for other platforms. The Roku App for SyFy also requires a cable log in to access full slates of programming. These two blatant examples show that Kodi does, in fact, deliver copyrighted content to users even when accessing official add-ons. They are not simply scraping content from a website and providing access to content available for free. They are somehow instead skirting the basic rules in place for using the content in the first place. If Kodi feels they are being unfairly targeted by companies like Amazon or that their reputation has been tarnished by unofficial addons like 1 Channel, the XBMC foundation had better give an explanation of that evidence. I feel that there is undeniable evidence that Kodi can be used to steal cable content and movies and that the XBMC foundation knows it. Those are after all their add-ons. So are pirates and hackers ruining the reputation of Kodi? Or are they expanding on it? For the record, I reached out numerous times to two representatives from The XBMC foundation for a period of over a month before choosing to publish this story. My contacts never returned my phone calls, text messages or skype messages.

Why are the creators of Kodi called the XBMC Foundation?

On a side note, if you are wondering why I keep referring to the XBMC foundation versus say vs say the Kodi Foundation or Corporation it is because the official name of the group of developers who started Kodi is the XBMC foundation. The term XBMC was a shortened version of the software’s original name The Xbox Media Center which was developed as a modification for the Xbox. Kodi was actually called XBMC for years before it put forth a name change meant to empower Kodi to be able to control how its software was referred to and marketed.

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We had a chance to take a look at the newest Pure Linux device from ARNU Box. It has some major specs and speed. While it looks exactly like the last version its the insides that have changed. With more power and anHDMI 2.0 video port and included cable the device zooms through all of its functions. Take a look at out video below for a full walkthrough.

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The Ares Wizard is getting more and more popular with Kodi fans but sometimes new users have trouble navigating the menus needed to install it. There is a new way to install the Ares Wizard that does not take any technical know-how or knowledge and can be done in about 30 seconds. Take a look at this video demonstrating Cloudword, a utility from ARNU Box that allows users to confugure devices in minutes or less.

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Is Kodi Trying to Prevent Other Sources

During recent testing of Kodi on the Fire TV we discovered something that may be troubling to some users of Kodi. When trying to install some addon wizards and options via the zip files as has been traditionally simple to do I Kodi displayed a message informing me I could not do so. We have a video to show what happened.

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What is the best Box for Kodi on the market? People ask that question often on various message boards, Facebook groups and other forums. Often people will point to a specific box that has been preloaded or “fully loaded” with 3rd party add-ons as the most sought after box on the market. Some companies charge as much as $400.00 for Android-based boxes with not much more than Android 4.4 or 5.1 along with a program that can be added to the box for free in minutes. Why? Because they have been configured with nice artwork and coveted add-ons.

The appeal of preconfigured boxes is the ease of use, especially for new users. But here is the thing that a number of people do not know. It is possible to set up Kodi with a great many options and customize it to your liking without overpaying for a box. This article will provide a few resources that can help you turn any pedestrian Android box or mini PC box into a versatile media center.

The Super Repo

Add via source url: www.http://srp.nu
The Super Repo is a huge collection of programs, configuration wizards, addon’s, programs and even skins that can completely change the look of a system. Once the SuperRepo has been loaded to any Kodi configuration users can pick and choose their favorite add-ons without much more than scrolling to them.

Addon Installer

Addon Installer is the creation of a group of developers that essentially gifted Kodi users with a tool that is essentially an app store for the program. It is available via the SuperRepo in its programs section and will allow users to not only access new add-ons but update them in the future.

The Ares Wizard

The Ares Wizard is a program that allows users to access hundreds of customized builds that included extensive fan art, custom intros and unique setups that could take even a veteran user days to put together by themselves. But with the Ares Wizard users can browse multiple builds, install them, uninstall them and start over without much more effort than it takes to browse through their Netflix account. Learn more about the Ares Wizard here.

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Classic Skins For Kodi is a Nugget of great creativity. I like Kodi because of how easy it is to customize the look and feel of it. From wizards to just changing up the skins that are included with a standard download. A designer named Classic Nancy has put together a number of excellent skins that willWinter Wonderland brighten any configuration without adding anything else allowing you to keep all of your addons in place without anything extra. See our Video To see how to load Classic Skins on our YouTube.

My favorite thing about the skins is the little touch of adding animations. Andry Birds Skin moves in the background, the winter wonderland skin features snow etc. These skins are well thought out and we appreciate that. See our Video To see how to load Classic Skins bellow.

Repo For Classic Skins


How To Install Classic Skins For Kodi

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ARNU Box is launching a new quad-core powered dongle that will allow users to run the most efficient version of

The ARNU Box remote is a big bonus because of its mapped buttons and playback controls.
The ARNU Box remote is a big bonus because of its mapped buttons and playback controls.

Kodi from a small pocket sized mini PC. The item fast and easy to set up and features the companies Cloud word technology and “Blue Skin” Kodi build that is built around quick access to features. The dongle will sell for $79.00. The streangth of the device is that it is built from the ground up around Linux and not Android like so many others. This allows all of the power to be dedicated to the Kodi experience to provide more stable performance and speed. We had a chance to get an early look recently which you can see in the video bellow. Overall we were impressed. The item tentatively called the Mach Mini features a fully mapped remote and is also compatible with the company’s Rii Remote, which features a touchpad and keyboard. Both remotes work without the need to plug in an extra USB dongle. The mapped buttons and dedicated playback buttons allow users to easily bounce in and out of menus as well as provide the type of control needed for an optimal viewing experience when accessing either ones own media via a network connected device or the unlimited streaming apps that are included with Kodi. Check out our video bellow for more info.

Key Info
Mini SD card Slot
Micro USB
Antenna For increased Wifi
IR Reciever
Fully Mapped Remote
Quad Core

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Kodi fans beware of the latest Apple TV software update. If you have sideloaded Kodi on to your Apple TV using the instructions from our video you may want to unselect automatic updates from your new Apple TV’s settings. The update that adds dictation for Siri, folders and more to the Apple TV will delete Kodi from the Apple TV. This is not to say that the program can not be re-added but it could mean this. It all depends on whether the developer is regularly submitting apps for evaluation. Keep this in mind when looking at upgrading your Apple TV. I have been in touch with some fans of our YouTube site who purchased an Apple TV simply because we showed how to add Kodi. It might be very disappointing to see all that work go up in smoke.