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What is wrong with the total installer? Nothing that can’t be fixed with a little quick editing and entering a new URL. The Total Installer, which used to be housed at the website totalxbmc.tv now has a new home called noobsandnerds. At the moment users attempting to access the original site totalxbmc.tv will be redirected to noobsandnerds where they will find a collorful new site that is essentially linked to a new forum, the Community thenoobsandnerds forum. Gone is the black and green dominated site that became a familiar landing spot for Kodi enthusiast looking to add an app store for Kodi or XBMC,

Why the new Address?
The owner of totalxbmc.tv sold the website and its properties to a Chinese company which has moved the information to Chinese servers and rebranded it.

Is there still a Total Installer?
No. There is still a functional way to add addons but it has been rebranded as The Community Portal.

How Do You Add The Community Portal

  1. To add the Community Portal go to systems -> File Manager -> Add source and type in the URL http://noobsandnerds.com/portal
  2. Name the source Community Portal
  3. Back out of the file manager and select settings
  4. Scroll to Add-ons
  5. Install from zip file
  6. Select The File
  7. Select Community_Portal_Repo.zip press ok/enter
  8. select noobsandnerds_repo.zip and press ok
  9. Back out of settings and scroll to Programs
  10. Select Program add-ons
  11. Select Get more
  12. Select Community portal and press ok


I was a member of the Total XBMC Site Do I have to register again?
No. Your original login will allow you to access the features. Just be sure to differentiate between Your registration email and your actual user name.





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Kodi has officially updated its software to 15.0. The new update contains a number of tweaks as usual. Good news for those not ready to jump in with something new. Users can still download Helix 14.2 to their various devices. Keep in mind that new versions of Kodi may well drop support for features that you enjoyed in a previous builds. I would suggest trying Isengard on an alternate device if you have one.

For a full breakdown of the new build check out Kodi’s home page here

The Metro Launcher is the preferred interface for the Minix line.

The MiniX Neo X 8 Plus is a substantial Android set top box/mini computer. Packed with ports and power to match along with its simple Metro Launcher the device offers users a an easy to navigate device with XBMC included. The device has some major strengths and a few weaknesses. Check out the story and well will tell you all about it. And check out our Minix Neo X8 Plus Review video at the bottom of the story.

The Mini X Neo 8 Plus ships loaded with 2 interfaces.

Launcher is a basic Android launcher set up for a touch screen device environment. It features multiple screens, swiping and the like. This is a usable format especially if you are using the box as a desktop Android computer but not

The Metro Launcher is the preferred interface for this device.
The Metro Launcher is the preferred interface for this device.

helpful on a TV.

Metro Launcher

For the best user experience on a set top box for TV we recommend the Metro Launcher. It is a stylized black, green, white and grey look that organizes prefab folders into multi sized blocks. The blocks are a bit misleading because they appear to be launch buttons when they are really folders. They have icons implying their use like a music note, or gamepad, but they are for the most part empty. They do though serve as a place to keep entertainment apps organized. It is set up for ease of use on a TV.


Easy Access to Main Controls
The Right side of the home screen has a simple to navigate menu where users can access the most important features and commands needed for an Android environment without a lot of scrolling or the need to swipe. That is very important for a device being used primarily as a TV Video delivery system.

All Tasks Killer
Android phone and tablet users should always have a kill switch of sort for their apps. Nothing slows things down like multiple apps running in the background of a device. The All Tasks killer which is included and accessible via the devices main home screen menu is a great way to make sure you are not running redundant apps and wasting resources and memory.

Adding apps to the launch bar is simple just llok for the big green plus box.
Adding apps to the launch bar is simple just llok for the big green plus box.

Apps launch bar
While users can access any app on the device through the All Apps quick launch button The apps launch section located at the bottom of the screen is the best way to put your most used apps in an easy to access location. In order to add an app users click on a large Green square with a plus sign which opens accesses all installed apps. From there users can add as many apps as they choose but the screen only has room to display seven at a time. Users can scroll left to right in order to access any app that is not already displayed.

Users can easily access the Network, display appearance, Advanced features like Miracast and Controller settings as well as the main Android settings interface in this case labeled “other” settings for the box. Once in this menu select more settings to find Android settings. This is easy to find right from the home page. Sometimes this screen can get buried in other configurations.

Users can adjust screen sizze, access Networking options and main Android setting from this interface.
Users can adjust screen sizze, access Networking options and main Android setting from this interface.

By designing the interface with what appears to be icons a user might expect each of the buttons to launch an app or a program. But instead as stated earlier the boxes on the left side of the screen are really folders. In the folders are apps that will lead users down the path to what they might be looking for as long as they stored their info correctly. A movies folder for instance has the app 4kMedia Player. This is really just a file manager which accesses the hard drive, the XBMC button opens a folder with the MIniX XBMC app. Music contains the android music interface app, games is empty, the globe has the standard Android browser, a video icon is meant for streaming apps but is empty, a screen casting folder contains Miracast, a comic balloon folder indicates social apps it is empty.


The device comes loaded ahead of time with the Google Play store. This means that users will have access to the full range of games, media and productivity apps found in the Google Play store. A majority of the apps are not compatible with the basic remote provided. If wish wish to use Android apps like Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vudu and others they will need to use an air mouse. In general I consider Android apps a major bonus on a player like this. Android devices are the only ones that put things like CBS All access on a TV Screen and provide so many games that it setsMINIX XBMC up a device as a full entertainment system. XBMC is the king of all apps on a device like this and of course provides access to any number of apps from the community of developers as well as a great interface for any media available on a networked device.

This device has the power to handle all 4k decoding. Unfortunately I don’t have a 4K TV to test this on but as for true HD the box performs well. Its XBMC performance did not lag or stutter when running on a hard wired connection. Wi-Fi may present problems depending on where the device is set up and the strength of the connection. Video and audio played smoothly. The processor has all the heft it needs to handle the functions it is designed to perform. The device ran a number of apps and did not crash. Its video and audio playback was sharp and clear.

The MINIX Standard controller works just fine when navigating the Metro Launcher and XBMC. Unfortunately it is not capable off controlling most Android apps. This is because not only is it not an Air Mouse, which give users the ability

An Air mouse like The Neo A2 Lite is needed if you want to use Android apps on the MINIX X8 Plus
An Air mouse like The Neo A2 Lite is needed if you want to use Android apps on the MINIX X8 Plus

to select using an on  screen curser, it also does not have a curser button to allow users to select content with the arrow button. Any number of wireless keyboards and air mouses will work with the device but it does not ship with one.

Little to no Instructions
The manual that ships with this device provides very little in the way of instructions. This could be a barrier to new users.

Fun Bonus
I was able to use Miracast, Android’s mirroring technology to share my computer screen with the MINIX essentially turning the TV into my computer’s monitor. That presents a lot of possibilities for users from using the box as a presentation device light gaming. Android users can also mirror their devices depending on which version of Android they have. It requires at least Android 4.2.


Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9r4 processor
The Octo-Core Mali-450 GPU

Network  Connections
Gigabit Ethernet Port
Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Input Ports (aside from the Power cord port

1. HDMI out

3. USB 2.o

1. Optical Audio

1 Headphone jack

1. Microphone Jack

1 SD/MMC Card Slot

1 OTG port (connecting smart phones)

Supported Video Formats
Supported Audio Format

Want to watch the Superbowl online? NBC will be streaming the game via its website this year along with hours of pregame coverage as well as the latest episode of its breakout hit, The Black List. The game will be available to all viewers regardless of their affiliation with pay TV providers. This is becoming an almost expected convenience as these networks are fully aware of the incredible marketing opportunities presented by the big game.

Can I watch The Super Bowl on a mobile device?

If you are a Verizon customer yes. Otherwise no. Verizon has exclusive rights to stream the Super Bowl via mobile devices.

Can I stream the Superbowl to my TV?

Yes. There are a couple of ways to do this. The most simple but clunky way is to attache a computer to your television using an HDMI cord and navigate to the NBC’s website or open the Sports Extra App. Another option would be to use a Chromecast and laptop. By casting a Google tab of the game or using the full screen mirroring option you can easily accomplish this.

Can I watch The Super Bowl on XBMC

Yes. And while there may be a number of illicit ways to pull this off there is a simple and legal one also. The NBC Sports Extra app is available for XBMC/Kodi. Just set up the app and you will have full access to the game on whichever connected device you are utilizing.

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There are a number of quad core Android boxes on the market including the Armada Mach 8.

Armada rolled out a new remote for its Mach 8 Pure Linux media Player. The remote is mapped and customized to allow users to zip in and out of XBMC’s settings and configurations with the push of a button instead of navigating through programs. Take a look at the video bellow

Ok admit it. You said you were not going to do it again this year but you waited until the last second to go Christmas shopping, it seemed so far away when they first put up the decoration ins October.  But now it’s December 19. So this weekend as you scramble to find the perfect stocking stuffer here is our guide by price.

Under $100.00

Armada Android Quad Core set top Box (With Code Red)

Roku 3     $84.99 (3 free months of Hulu Plus) adds a further $24.00 value.
Best Buy, Amazon.com

Under      $80.00
Amazon Fire TV  $79
Best Buy and Radio Shack Online and In Store

Under $60
Roku 1 $59.99  with 3 free months of Hulu Plus (makes the price essentially 35.99 Anywhere Roku Is sold, Walmart, Best Buy, Target etc.

Under $50
Fire TV Stick 39.99  (Best Overall Value)

Best Buy and Amazon.com

Under $30
Chromecast $29.00 2 free months of hulu Plus (a $16.00 value), 3 free months of Google Play Music, and 20 dollars worth of Google play credits


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If youare having problems withthe new Gbox Q one of the easiest way to repair them is with a firmware update. Lucklily this is easily done. With the OTA updater or System Updater. We have a video to show you the process here.

Android box offers a mix of XBMC and Andriod

There are a number of Android devices on the market meant to provide users with access to the popular media center program, XBMC. One of the latest to emerge is the Rippl-TV. The system which is built on Android features a quad core processor, Android 4.4 and a number of features including the Google Play

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Total installer, which has functioned as an unofficial app store for XBMC for some time  is working to become a quick configuration wizard as well.

Users will notice a new section of the Total Installer called Install Popular Packs
Users will notice a new section of the Total Installer called Install Popular Packs

Configuration wizards like the Fusion XBMC Hub/TV Addons wizard ,  and the Xunity talk wizard have helped users add new addons with just a few quick clicks, once the needed repositories were in place.

At the moment the configuration packs are a work in progress, but the categories include sports, music movies, adult, Asian and country specific packages for the US and UK along with the fully loaded pack. At the time of this writing none of the configurations are inactive and to keep from causing confusion they are labeled “coming soon.” But once they are in place users will be able to add groups based on interests without having to add on multiple apps that have to be removed later to streamline the experience.

The Total Installer will deliver multiple configuration options to users.
The Total Installer will deliver multiple configuration options to users.

Ease of use key for adoption
There are two types of consumers in this world. Those who purchase products because they love to tinker and experiment and those who just want things to work when they turn them on and don’t care what’s in the guts.  Pleasing that second group of people is what makes a product popularly accepted. In the case of XBMC we are not talking about a product as much as a platform. Through the continued innovation of developers like the team at Armada with their cloud word configuration installer, Total XBMC, Fusion and Xunity talk XBMC is slowly becoming as easy to understand other more widely known platforms like Roku. And as it becomes more popular it could very well become more accessible on more platforms.