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Streaming and retail service jumps to a new genre live sports

Is 50 million worth it for Amazon Thursday Night Football package? It is definitely something to take notice of. But it is not exclusive access. Apparently the water got too hot for Twitter, who paid 10 million for the rights last year. The biggest online retailer in the US may be trying to make the kind of move that Fox made when it grabbed the NFC broadcast rights from CBS back in the 1990’s. Let me tell you something, Amazon better not miss the chance to sign Deion Sanders s the perfect spokesmen.

Will it be worth more to Amazon than it was to Twitter?

It better be. Amazon has paid 40 million more than Twitter did. But it could prove to be a much more worthwhile

Amazon recently announced branded TV’s NFL fans will be able to use them for games next season.

investment. Why? Because it is a very good marriage of need and capability. There is a market for premium sports streaming options and Twitter was an awkward fit. While it could have been a hugely successful pickup the capability was almost forgotten about by the end of the season. I expected to see trending hashtags like “#TDonTwitter or #CanyoubelievethatBSCALL!. Instead, fans had to learn how to properly search for the game on the short burst style platform. Even more, Twitter had to create TV styled apps for people to watch on connected devices.  Amazon, on the other hand, has the platform. All It has to do is add a row of categories to the home screen of its apps or the Fire OS. The addition of NFL football as a Prime benefit vastly expands the appeal of the program. With the NFL Amazon can now offer free shipping (sometimes same day), Free Movies and TV Shows, a music service, sports eBooks and audio books. People already associate Amazon with television and the living room so they should not have a hard time getting their heads around the idea of watching sports through the service.