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Kodi is a very popular application for a number of platforms and this has led to a number of YouTubers releasing countless videos with titles like Best Kodi Build ever!, Best Kodi app Ever! etc. Anybody with a brain knows that every single build can’t be the “the best” and every single app can’t be “the best”. This for the most part, is a marketing ploy, as is the use of attractive women in the thumbnails for the videos. That being said I wanted to point out to you a tool that I truly believe is a one stop shop for Kodi users. It is called the Community Portal. It was developed by a the same group that put together the program that used to be called Total XBMC.

The Community Installer does so many things that make using Kodi and its many forks, (alternate builds like SPMC),  easy to set up and update in the future.

A Kodi App Store
First and foremost the Community Installer is an amazing way to get made apps, skins programs and repositorys for Kodi. This includes hundreds of set up wizards. Apps are set up into multiple categories like Genre, Country etc so that you can zero in on what you are looking for.

APK Installer
Besides installing apps for Kodi, The Community Portal also has an APK store of sorts that allows users who have kodi set up on an Android device to add apps to their boxor phones without the need to even open a browser or application outside of Kodi. There are a vast number of applications available in this section including multiple versions of Kodi and SPMC. There are also some very helpful programs that expand the capabilities of your device whether using a standard Android device or a Fire TV. Fire TV users, for instance, may enjoy the ability to install alternative launchers. install Netflix and Hulu shortcuts to their programs section and set up their remotes to work as a mouse for side loaded Android applications.

Keyword Installer
The Keyword Installer is more potential than it is productive. The concept behind it is based on a feature found in a past product called “The Little Black Box” or TLBB. The idea is that users can enter a word of phrase that will allow the program to install a custom build. Unfortunately finding such keywords is more difficult than I would wish it to be.

Community Builds
this is another example of customization. In order to access community builds users will need to sign up for a free account with Noobs and Nerds.

How do you get the Community portal?
go to your file manager and type in the URL: http://noobsandnerds.com/portal

See full setup video bellow