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DC Shows on CW

Boasting nearly a full week of superhero programming Starting Monday with Supergirl and finishing with the time travelling Legends of Tomorrow, The CW App, which is a free ad-supported outlet to the network’s broadcast network, has quickly risen the ranks on Roku’s Movies & TV Section. Where a Roku channel sits in its respective section is a major indicator of an offerings popularity and is based on factors like user ratings and rate of subscriptions. For instance, looking at the top of the TV and Movies section the very first app on the top left corner is predictably Netflix with 1,479,197 ratings next in line is Hulu at 284,645 and behind it Amazon Video with 291,503.

More Roku Numerology 
The top 3 are followed by Sling Television, TWC and HBO Go. In just a few months the CW channel has 4,562 ratings and has a 4 1/2 star average user rating. By this estimation based on its place in the lineup, CW may currently be in the top 10-13 or at least trending in popularity. For some perspective, the channel is one out of 666 in Movies and TV. (Roku might want to approve another TV channel soon…just saying) It’s digital spinoff, CW Seed it should be noted is in slot 58. As a comparison, the bottom 3 selection are “War Movies”, with 4 ratings and 11 film selections, du View, a TV everywhere app based out of the United Arab Emirates and Victory Westerns on demand, a channel with a monthly charge of $2.99 that specializes in films from the 1930s 40s and 50s according to Roku Guide. So you can see how placement can be a judge of popularity. Furthermore, CW is listed in Roku’s most popular section along with other you might expect including again Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video along with 24 other household names like Pandora, Watch ESPN and PBS. It should be noted that there is a healthy mix of TV everywhere channels and free offerings.

Where does it rank on Fire TV and Apple TV
At this point we do not know a similar way to track an app’s popularity on Apple TV or Fire TV, but if it shows this kind of popularity on Roku’s platform it is at least a safe bet that the programming is popular on others too. This should come as no surprise at all. CW is the first network to offer all of its top shows via an online app that does not require a monthly fee like say CBS All Access (CBS owns CW), Hulu, which is home to many network favorites or the numerous Network TV apps like ABC, NBC and Fox Now. The last three mentioned do not require a monthly fee but the majority of the programming on the channels is only accessible for those who have a cable login from a participating provider.

When will other networks get with the program?
We have expressed hope that if the CW app were to be successful, that ABC, NBC and Fox may one day eschew the TV everywhere model or at least provide a free version of their TV apps. We may be aways from this happening, if ever, but streaming is still a baby when it comes to the legacy TV space. Till then its up, up and away for the CW as fans count down to the heavily promoted crossover between Arrow, Supergirl, Flash and Legends of Tomorow.