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Netflix is the king of video channels. The app is on nearly every video steaming platform and was the first channel available on Roku. The app features thousands of movies, TV shows and documentaries. For less than $8.00 a month Netflix adds a days of entertainment and power/binge watching

Hulu Plus
Hulu Plus has the largest collection of legal first run TV Show content on the net and this app brings the service to Roku. Hulu Plus also offers an extensive collection of movies from multiple studios. Important note, while Hulu has a free Internet based service available via computers Hulu Plus is the only version available for Roku users without using a separate server. For an article on how to add access to the free version of Hulu click here.

Amazon Instant Video
Amazon Instant video is a strong entry for Roku owners especially those who are Amazon Prime members. Prime membership which costs $79.00 offers numerous perks for members including free shipping, use of the Amazon E-Book lending library and in the case of connected device users access to thousands of movies, TV Shows and documentaries. The channel also offers on demand viewing options for access to more first run content.

Plex is a channel that utilizes a separate server that must be downloaded on to a computer in order to run in concert with the Roku channel. The Plex channel offers a separate menu of audio and visual apps in that some cases mirrors channels from the official Roku channel store. Other stations available for Plex cannot be found anywhere else. Plex is also one of few channels that will allow users to play their own digital content on the streaming box. 

Watch ESPN
Watch ESPN is the official app from the most well-known sports network in the United States. In order to utilize the channel you must have access to an ESPN account through a participating provider. The channel features live feeds from all of ESPN’s channels but in order to view them the user must have access via subscription. Also included is ESPN 3 the Internet based service from ESPN which features major college football and basketball along with a selection of international sports from Olympic style sports to soccer, international basketball, and others.  A great addition that can make any Roku connected TV in to an outright sports hub.

Roku users can use Flixter to see movie trailers from upcoming movies as well as movies no longer in the theater. For years people have said that the previews were their favorite part of the movie theater experience along with popcorn of course. Flixter brings that experience to your home theater.

The official Roku Channel from The Public Broadcasting System features  full length feature programming from TV shows airing on PBS and a large collection of classic PBS shows such as The Woodwright. Current programming is not available long term but the app is a great way to catch up on all of the top shows within a week or two of their air date. Don’t wait too long though to tune in for Downton Abbey or you will be stuck waiting till it is available on Amazon further down the line. The channel can also be linked to the local PBS station for a given area in order to access programming tailored for a given region.

HBO-Go is a digital offering from the Time Warner owned movie and television network that brings a huge library of its original television from Arliss to Oz as well as its original movies from throughout the years along with a large rotation of feature films from HBO’s studio partners. In order to access HBO-Go, users must have access to a cable subscription password.  

Crackle is a free service owned by Sony Pictures that provides access to many well-known feature films, TV shows and original content. The selections are broken down by category and easy to search. Like a number of major free services the features are add supported.

Snag Films
If mainstream films and television shows begin to feel too predictable or stayed Snag Films may be just the solution. This free channel is graced by a large collection of independent and art house movies. It is a great alternative to the many louder Hollywood style movies available on other services.

Ryan Michael Downey

The Developers behind My Video Buzz have released a new installer for easy setup of the popular My Video Buzz Image cropped editedYouTube option for Roku. Myvideobuzz is a private open source channel that can be side loaded on to a Roku which allows users to access their YouTube accounts via a Roku in lieu of an official YouTube app being available to all of the Roku Models available.

What Is The Installer?
The installer is a compressed or zipped file that can be downloaded from the My Video Buzz page on the github website. Simply click the link and you will be brought to the page to begin. the devs have made this quick and easy with step by step on screen instructions.

Requirements To Use The Installer
In order to access the My Video Buzz installer you must have a windows laptop or desktop computer on the same network as your Roku device. The computer is essentially the launch pad for the program and the side loading action. This action can not be performed on a windows tablet, a smart phone, Ipad or an Apple computer.

How Do You Install The Installer
In order to install the installer click the green button labeled Download MyVideoBuzz installer. The file will quickly download on to your computer.  After the zipped file has finished downloading  click on the file and it will open where you should see an icon called Myvideobuzzinstaller.exe. Click the icon labeled “Extract” and chose a folder for the program to be sent to, I recommend a desktop folder so that it is easy to find. Once the program is in the folder of choice open the folder and double click the icon labeled MyVideoBuzz Installer. It will open the instillation program. Click next and agree to the terms given.

My Video Buzz Installer Button

Entering Developer Mode
In order to install MyVideoBuzz on to a Roku you must access the developer screen for the Roku. This will not harm your device. In order to access this you must press the buttons on the remote in a specific sequence. The Installer will prompt you as to which buttons to press. This is simpler then it sounds. Once in developer mode agree and let the Roku Reset. Once this process is over you are almost done.  

Finish Instillation
The program will then automatically scan for Roku devices on your wireless network. Once it finds a Roku or multiple Rokus depending on your setup click on the dropdown menu that says “Please select a device and click next” choose the Roku you wish My Video Buzz install screento install myvideobuzz on. Select said Roku and the process will complete. My Video Buzz will open on your system and you will be able to enjoy your favorite videos right on the Roku. In order to learn how to get the most from a YouTube Account see our guide here. Once you have My Video Buzz installed on your Roku device you can use the installer to put the program on any other Roku device that is on the same network as your computer by allowing the program to scan for Roku devices again. The installer can also be used in order to install My Video Buzz on to other Roku devices on other networks provided your laptop has access to the network. Use this method any time in order to enjoy the wonderful YouTube Channel for Roku.